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For Your Back and Neck Pain, No Doctor Can be Closer. The Treatment is Performed at Your Home or Business.

Before heading to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care center for musculo-skeletal neck and back pain, you should consider calling me first. Nothing can be nearer and more convenient than being treated in your own home. Please be aware that due to federal regulations I am not allowed to help people 65 years of age or over.

Please be aware that due to federal regulations regarding patients over 65 and other Medicare eligible patients you will have to sign a form agreeing to not bill medicare.  That means you cannot request a bill for reimbursement.  If you don’t agree to sign that form then I am not allowed to help you.  Additionally, I am not allowed to bill Medicare.

If you are near me and need a chiropractic adjustment, consider the following benefits of a mobile chiropractor:

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24/7 Service

I’m generally available 24/7 and as I’ve said before, you’re near me because I’m mobile.


Looking for a chiropractic adjustment at home, but the pain isn’t debilitating yet?

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After a few decades in practice and working in hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent care centers I want you to know that I have developed a number of specialty skills and lately my practice is focused on emergency mobile chiropractic treatment.  That is also known as a house call.  I spend as much time as necessary for you to obtain the maximum amount of results as possible.   I perform the typical procedures found in a well equipped chiropractic office, but only in the convenience of your home, office, hotel, etc.   The goal is to manage and reduce your pain, while helping to restore normal function to your spine.  It is fair to say that more likely than not, your pain may be the result of many years of neglect not just that strenuous activity you performed before calling me.  Restoring normal function is key to reducing the chances of a repeat episode.  Whether you choose to have me return or want to go to your usual chiropractor in Los Angeles, more often than not, patient’s require follow up treatment just to significantly get out of pain.  Return visits are eligible for discounts.

Regarding receiving treatment at an Emergency Room setting you should keep in mind that while back pain can be a disabling and frightening experience, it is statistically almost never life threatening.  This means that you could experience long delays before receiving care at an urgent treatment facility . Yes, while a back attack can be as painful as a heart attack, it is not going to get you to the front of the line. When you are finally seen by a doctor, or their Physician’s assistant, or nurse, they may have little to no experience in back and neck pain and that limits the treatment you are likely to receive and not the treatment you require, which is most often the care that a chiropractor in Los Angeles delivers and if you are near me it will be typically delivered sooner than you expected. Remember I’m mobile so “near me” can be a relative term and I’m open late (on call 24 hours a day).

Los Angeles Mobile Chiropractor Pricing

Patients can easily view my fee schedule posted under it’s own title in the main menu “Pricing.” Nothing is etched in stone.  My mobile chiropractic fee varies upon the time of day, the distance and time traveled, and the type of treatments required.  If you are near me, it is less expensive.  If you are easy to treat you save money by saving me time.  Many patients don’t factor in that their convenience is an expense absorbed on my end with regards to time.  So if you need me doing rush hour there is a good chance it would cost a little more than when traffic in Los Angeles is just the usual horror.

Most patients fall into two basic types of cases.  The patient that just wants a mobile chiropractic adjustment/tune up and the patient that is experiencing significant pain that can require much more time.  For the difficult cases there are no additional charges for the different physiotherapy modalities that I incorporate for the goal of getting you out of pain as quickly as possible.  If you are in this category the fee is usually $250, however, there are many factors that can effect the total fee. After speaking with a patient and if they have answered my questions honestly, I have found that I have almost always been able to deliver the mobile services at the quoted price and I am proud of that.

Another factor is what I did not anticipate.  Sometimes I arrive and I discover that I’ll have to walk a very far distance to get to where you are.  Or there are numerous flights of stairs.  So, many things can happen that will affect the price, but almost all of my calls in my standard radius of coverage area wind up being $250.  There are times when I charge less than $250 if the situation turns out to not be as complex as anticipated.  I do travel outside my normal distance range so best to speak with me before assuming I will not accept the case.  Sometimes I could already be in your area by coincidence. I’m frequently in and around Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

I strive to make our time together incredibly easy to arrange.  Just call me.  Sometimes Verizon doesn’t like me giving me phone messages so I highly recommend texting me if I don’t pick up the call on your first try.  I’ll call you back in usually under a half an hour.

If I believe that you will benefit from what I do and accept your case. after a few cursory questions,  you’ll need to text me your address and send me a deposit so that I can place you in my schedule.  Most people find using Zell the easiest way to place a deposit and second easiest is Venmo.  If you make a mistake on Venmo you more likely than not can’t get your money back so make sure you receive my text for my Venmo address.

Not to be confused with Spectrum, UPS, FedX, etc.  I may actually show up earlier than anticipated.  For example if I provide a ballpark time of arrival as 1 PM to 1:30 I ask that you keep in mind that L.A. is a very big area and usually with horrendous traffic.  If I arrive 15 minutes earlier I hope that you would be ready.  I call or text to let you know when I’m about 15 minutes away.   If I’m going to arrive late, contrary to the above mentioned corporations, I will call and let you know what my status is.

For the patients that are requesting just a basic chiropractic adjustment the fee can be as low as $125. See chiropractor home visit pricing. This type of home visit is usually requested by patients that are experienced with chiropractic and know what they want.  They understand that the benefits are huge and are an important part of their health regimen/strategies.

If you are pregnant and experiencing back pains, chiropractic care is not only one of the best things you can do but may be the only thing you can do since you can’t take medications.   I deliver this type of care to your home as well. Read more on chiropractic home visits during pregnancy.”

I want you to know, that I will deliver a great experience, and you will have it in the privacy of your own home or office if you are in the Los Angeles region.



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What My Patients Say

Take a moment to read through some of the testimonials, thank you notes, and stories I’ve received over the years from my patients.

Dr. Greg Malakoff Mobile Chiropractor in Los Angeles


Mobile Emergency Chiropractor – I’ve been delivering on-site quality chiropractic care since 1998 and have 28 years of clinical experience helping people get out of pain and well without drugs or surgery.


Over the years, I realized that many patients found it too difficult to keep their appointments due to their busy lifestyle despite the benefit they derived from chiropractic care. That is one of the many reasons I’ve decided to step out of the box, and be on-site in the corporate world. I travel to Movie Studios, Tech Firms, general offices and make chiropractic house calls near me (and not so near me). One thing is certain: that everyone appreciates that there is never anyone ahead of them in the waiting room and I’m on call 24 hours a day.

The Doctor is in. Please contact me to make an appointment. Click to view open hours/days.


The benefits to you are convenience and privacy without having to wait.  My vast experience working across the world provides you with superior treatment.
I have worked in practically every situation imaginable:

  • First chiropractor to be part of a chronic pain clinic in an Israeli hospital;
  • Treated many famous musicians right before they performed;
  • Working on celebrities in their hotel rooms to be pain free prior award show appearances and events;
  • Called to studio lots for emergency chiropractic services;
  • Part of Emergency care medical center trauma team;
  • Israeli Ballet performance injury Physician;
  • Treated villagers in remote 3rd world war zones.

I’m quite confident about what I do, which is helping people eliminate their pain. Of course I’m good at preventative care as well, but usually I meet patients because they are in a significant amount of discomfort and look for “emergency chiropractor near me” and realize they just need a chiropractor that comes to them.

My many years of additional training in a prestigious neurology program, as well as other additional methods taught and utilized in the field, gives me competence to deliver care immediately without having to wait for X-rays.

Because I do not have an office, you don’t have to wait for me to finish up with my regularly scheduled patients. As the emergency chiropractor near you, I bring a comprehensive suite of therapy equipment to your location to handle difficult cases. I am confident that you will feel the difference. For more information, read So, You Think You’re Having a Back Attack.

Click here to learn more about your first appointment or just call (310) 663-9975 to speak with the doctor. I’m open late so it’s never too late to call.

Online Forms

Help me give you more time by downloading my initial intake form and having it completed for me when I arrive.


It’s Working
I was injured in an auto accident. I have been seeing Dr. Malakoff since then. I recently had an EMG done because of my injuries. I went for the neurological reading and my doctor said, and I quote, “to continue to see the chiropractor, because whatever he is doing, it’s working”…

Dr. Greg Malakoff Gave Me My Life Back
My first experience with Dr. Malakoff was incredible. Where the adjustments from other chiropractors barely produced a single pop in my neck, Greg’s adjustments had my neck going off like a machine gun – and the difference in the way I felt was dramatic, and the results were lasting…

The Results Have Been Fantastic
Dr. Malakoff and future patients, After suffering for a number of years with stiff neck problems, back pains and shoulder stiffness, I decided to try chiropractic. In just a short time of treatment the results have been fantastic. Not only have the above problems been relieved..