Chiropractic, some people get it.

What seems like decades ago, I wrote an article about Tiger Woods and the neurological advantage he had over the old guys on the golf course.

Now it is Jordan Spieth that is looking good out on the links.  Instead of talking about joint mechanoreceptors that disappear as we get older as I did when I referenced Tiger I’m just going to reference what Jordan says.

He has stated at one of his victory speeches that his chiropractor was one out of three of the most important people responsible for his success.

Chiropractic care is not just making his back loose and mobile so that his golf swing stays strong and steady.  Regular adjustments benefit so much more than just the musculoskeletal aspects of his game.

Chiropractors remove the interference that harmfully impacts the central nervous system. Science has proved that an adjustment reduces stress hormones in the body by decreasing hyper-tonicity in the nervous system.

Subsequent benefits  are improved such as focus, concentration, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, muscle strength and recovery.

In addition, when stress hormones are decreased through a chiropractic adjustment, visceral organ improvements occur.  This means that immunity, heart function, blood flow, breathing, digestion, and sleep are improved.

The power of a Chiropractic adjustment produces health benefits that cannot always be immediately seen or felt.  Jordan Spieth is probably not even aware of the range of benefits he is experiencing  with Chiropractic care, but he recognizes that regular adjustments are part of a method that helped him accomplish more than most professional golfers ever will.


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