2nd part of Diet and Exercise Longevity Part 8

2nd part of Diet and Exercise   Longevity Part 8

When fast food is introduced into indigenous cultures their body weight rapidly increases.  If you travel out further to the more rural areas the same people are not gaining weight.  People that live in a traditional culture do not have any ideologies about diet.  They eat what their ancestors ate, not a box of cocoa puffs.  Modern society loses out on nutrient density.  All foods are picked before they are ripe for shipping purposes.  We have lost our connection to the environment.  We eat foods that are out of season and that affects our microbiota.   Micro RNAs are present in large quantities in vegetables.  They produce important epigenetic reactions within our genome.  They modulate our genetic response, which at the end is affecting our phenotype.  Phenotype is defined as the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

Our bodies have adapted to eat natural food over the eons.  When we processed food we’re either taking away something that was in it or adding something to it that is not good for us.  The great military strategists,  General Mills does not know more than nature.  If we do not have the right microbes in the soil then the food being grown is not going to be very therapeutic to us.  Also consider that the soil is so depleted that there are basically no minerals in it.  Selenium is a vital mineral for our health.  It helps to combat oxygen reactive species.  It is no longer in our soil so when you eat broccoli it does not contain not only our microbiota that we need, but also it is void of the minerals that we require.

The average consumer has no way of knowing what they are buying in the supermarket.  You may not like eating vegetables because they do not taste good and that is because vegetables do not want to be eaten.  They produce noxious chemicals to repel pests in the fields.  At the same time we are using chemicals to kill the pests.  The pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and miticides are removing immunologically vital components in the soil that we require.

GMO’s are not just adding a particular trait to an organism as manufacturers claim.  They’re changing the DNA of the organism and at the very least the new DNA can create proteins that we are allergic to.  This should ring true when you consider how many more people have allergies these days.  If you do not see the non-GMO label on food that you are buying it is safe to assume that it contains GMO’s.  Animals that were given GMO food developed cancer and when they were given non-GMO food the cancers began to reverse.  A study of 3256 people revealed improvement in 28 different conditions when taken off GMO foods.  The number one symptom that improved were digestive disorders.  Going to your doctor and getting Prilosec is not going to help you although you may feel less pain, you’re actually destroying your health because the proton pump inhibitors do not allow your body to create the it acid it needs to digest food.  It is important not to just not eat GMO food.  It is vital to not eat round up, which is now used as a drying agent.  It is actually in higher concentrations in our food such as oats even though it says non GMO, that is if it is even labeled because the labeling laws in America are not like the rest of the world where they are concerned about GMO.  If the food is labeled organic then that labeling requires it to not have any pesticides such as roundup touching it anywhere in the process.

Rats were given small amounts of Roundup in the drinking water and developed fatty liver disease.  The amount given was 437,000 times lower than what our EPA lets humans consume after being adjusted for their body weight.   There is no such thing as a safe dose no matter how much the experts that sell it say it is safe.  Patients that are allergic to wheat in America can go to Europe and eat all kinds of food like pizza and not be bothered by it.

Bread is a easy food to demonize, but the vast majority of the world eats it.  But they don’t eat our processed bread.  Grains can feed various microbes in our gut.  Barley has high levels of beta glucan and this is a specific prebiotic that feeds specific types of microbes in our gut.  Eating healthy grain that was made into bread is a normal part of how humans evolved.  Eating substitutes for bread is not good.  Now we have grain free breads.  This messes up our microbiome.  Due to our modern food supply the amount of gluten in our processed wheat is much higher than past generations and this can create allergies.  In more primitive cultures the grain was fermented before made into bread and that lowered the gluten level as well.  Today the amount of gluten is 10 to 20 times more than what we should be consuming.  This is not really a problem of adaptation or mutation, but more that we’re are just eating too much of it.  High-quality wheat is much tastier.  We have a high amount of people allergic to gluten now and it may be because the GMO’s cause our gut to leak and when these gluten protein molecules bypass the digestive track and go directly into a blood supply it can create autoimmune responses.

It is not only what we eat, but when we eat it.  Today we are eating 24/7 because food is available.  This reduces our metabolic flexibility.  Our ability to switch from burning sugar as our primary fuel to fat or ketones as our primary source of energy.  When we continue to eat we lose our metabolic flexibility.  This makes us very energy inefficient.  Our bodies did not evolve from eating nonstop.  Our ancestors were not able to get food everyday.  We evolved in feast or famine conditions.  This is how we have been through the majority of our evolution.  Giving our immune system a break by giving our digestive system a break through fasting is quite beneficial.  We have mechanisms in our body that deal with not having the ability to eat.  We were meant to go hungry.  Caloric restriction induces a semi-stressful state on the body just like exercise creates stress on the body.  This is how we gain benefits.  We go to the gym and stress our body and the result is we get stronger.  Protective enzymes are upregulated in a fasting state.

When we are eating the same foods we are favoring certain species in our gut.  This imbalance creates inflammatory states and inflammation is a key denominator in disease.  When we are in an inflamed state we have lower levels of micronutrient absorption and higher levels of endotoxins.  Leaving our microbiome alone for periods of time creates less stress in our body and less toxins and gives us a chance to heal and repair.  Caloric restriction improves the health of our mitochondria, which is our source of energy.  The mitochondria that can’t survive us not eating for 18 hours will give way to stronger mitochondria.  When the mitochondria are not busy processing food can turn their chemical processes into making enzymes and proteins for repair and the more repaired we are the longer we live.  When we do not have to constantly digest food strong antiaging benefits occur.  Some people will spend a lot of money at antiaging clinics and we can get the biggest antiaging effect by intermittent fasting.  Of course eating high quality food will make us less hungry.

Patients complain about not feeling healthy and when I discuss their eating habits they get more stressed out.  These are difficult times indeed.  Our ancestors prepared themselves to eat by simply thinking about their food, smelling it, and this stimulated the vagal nerve to send signals to the bacteria in the gut to get ready for a meal to work on.  Keep in mind that is our bacteria that we incorporated through our evolution that digest our food, that is if we have any left after consuming antibiotics and commercial food that also contains antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc..  If you are eating the healthiest food, but are under stress you will not be able to digest your food and undigested food creates all the conditions that drive people to see their doctor.  He may blame your food, but it may be the conditions that you ate your food under.  Just taking a number of deep breaths before we eat will shift your nervous system, which will lower your cortisol, which is the stress hormone and by lowering it you can digest your food better.

Staying healthy also requires moving.  Being sedentary which is defined as getting less than 7000 steps per day is the equivalent to having a two pack a day cigarette habit.  You activate your entire brain not just your circulatory system by moving.  By moving you change your neuroendocrine response.  Moving is critical for healthy aging and for most people as they age they want to move less.  We evolved with movement not escalators and elevators.  A chronic sedentary lifestyle is pervasive in modern culture.  In the West we feel we have to exercise because it is a substitute for lack of normal activity.  We get from one box in our home for another box in the office by a box with wheels.  So now we go to the gym and try to do everything we can in 45 minutes.  This is a misnomer.  Going to the gym is good, but you’ll never make up for all that lack of daily movement that used to be necessary to survive.  We are in an era of sick people.  You can look healthy in the mirror, but your lab work may reveal something quite different.  People from ancient cultures do not have a term for leisure.  They mixed the word work with leisure because for them they are the same.

Exercise activates recovery mechanisms within our mitochondria.  Exercise acts as a reset button and without it we age prematurely.  Mitochondrial biogenesis is defined as a process inside the cell in which new mitochondria are formed via self replication in order to increase cellular energy or improve cellular efficiency.  When we exercise we create chemical conditions that help promote mitochondrial reproduction and that produces health.  Mitochondria are dynamic, you can lose them, but we can also make more of them.  The more we do, the more mitochondria we make.  Moving our body is turning on and off thousands of genes at any moment.  Whether we are deep breathing or lifting heavy weights our gene expression is changing within seconds.  It is a key factor for whether we will be in a health or disease state.  Moving effects every system in our body.  It releases powerful opioids that reside in our brain.  Instead of turning to medicine or a narcotics,  just moving can release our own natural medicines.

We do not have to age in the manner that we’re told to expect.  Exercise has to be fun.  I don’t like a treadmill or a StairMaster, but put me on the tennis court and two hours go by in a few minutes.  Find something that you enjoy.  This way it becomes something that you don’t have to do or do to prove to others your self-worth, but just something that you like to do.




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