A few tidbits on Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

A few tidbits on Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

Yeast can create hunger. Yeast and food creates alcohol. Many people have a distillery going on in their stomach. Alcohol can cause a B vitamin deficiency. Other nutritional deficiencies as well. When we don’t have what we need, we get hungry. Many Americans are starving even though they are eating plenty of food. Well supposed food. All the antibiotics in our foods predispose us to yeast. The antibiotics kill our good flora in our gut and then yeast has the opportunity to take over. Yeast can disrupt many different systems in our bodies and therefore is a great mimicker of disease, which Syphilis and Lyme’s are also famous for accomplishing. Yeast exacerbates autoimmune symptoms. Weight struggles can be the result of autoimmune disease. Stress causes inflammation which also causes hunger. Cortisol does many things when we produce it because of stress. One is that it puts our bodies into protection mode. Survival mode. If we lose too much weight we can’t survive. When in survival mode you are not going to lose weight.

The common thread throughout many varied conditions is inflammation. The same thing that can be creating obesity can create Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and all the other forms of autoimmune disease. In order to become obese, your blood sugar mechanisms have to be malfunctioning. Sugar is fuel and if your body does not utilize that fuel correctly, it becomes stored fuel, which is fat. If the insulin receptor sites are not working correctly, are not allowing that sugar to get into the cell to be used then we are constantly storing fuel in areas that have adipose tissue and that tissue expands and that is usually around your waist line. Sugar gets converted to triglycerides and gets stored into fat cells. Insulin resistance is typically associated with obesity. The new theory is that insulin resistance in the brain cells is creating Alzheimer’s. There is a connection to obesity and Alzheimer’s. You can be skinny and lose your mind as well, but being Obese increases your odds. Alzheimer’s and Dementia is now considered as Type 3 Diabetes. The brain breaks down when sugar metabolism goes bad. While Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune they are discovering that certain toxins are destroying our insulin receptors and that triggers an autoimmune response. Type 2 diabetes may not just be from eating too much sugar, but the way to get better from this and everything else is to eat less sugar. People with cancer have gone into remission simply by not feeding the fast growing cancer cells and cancer cells need sugar to replicate rapidly. It’s there favorite source of energy.

Our bodies try and protect us from all the toxins we are exposed to. The body does this by wrapping them up in fat. Many people can’t get rid of their fat because it is saving them from being poisoned. People do better losing weight by detoxing first. Counting calories is probably the worst method to weight loss because your subconscious, that thing that keeps us working has much stronger will power than you, your conscious mind. If I’m not mistaken there are much more brain cells that make up our subconscious centers than our volitional ones. In any case, they are going to win out.

All of our cells run off of one of two energy systems. They are either breaking down sugar called glycolysis or they are breaking down fatty acids which become ketones. Ketones are water soluble and can get across the cell membrane right into the mitochondria. Sugar is a dirty fuel. It produces limited amounts of energy, but large amounts of free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Sugar produces a lot of pollution in the cell and it doesn’t give us much gas mileage. The benefit of glycolysis is that it happens rapidly and we don’t need oxygen to do it.

Ketones produce 16 times more energy than sugar and they produce much less waste. Better gas mileage and less pollution, but it requires oxygen. It occurs slower than glycolysis. It is superior to use ketones as our energy source. Ketones are not practical when we are running. We need the oxygen for the increased work load, but when we are just going about ordinary activities it is a great way to flourish. We want to use glucose for our energy source for the shortest periods of time for example when working out. We want metabolic flexibility.

Ketones reduce the amount of oxidative stress and inflammation and they are a more efficient fuel source. Not eating in more than a 6 hour window per day switches on ketone production. It’s not the low carb diet. The Ketogenic Diet was the next step after the low carb fad. The ketogenic diet is not just for epilepsy, which is an inflammatory condition. You can have lots of vegetables and around 4 ounces of protein. You can eat lots of good fats.

Blue zones are where people live the longest. What they have in common is they all eat real food, not the stuff in American grocery stores. The human body was designed to live off of fats. That is from the Paleo age. Hence the Paleogenic diet. Eating in the ketogenic style awakens our ancient DNA and can reset the body.

Weight loss is not just about cutting calories or it would work. Drinking diet sodas to cut down on calories has the reverse effect, these people gain weight. Food addiction is the obesity problem, not just cutting calories. Why are people gaining more weight with diet sodas that have no calories in them than people drinking the sugared ones? This may be because the sweet taste is tricking the brain and causes the body to react as if it was sugar. This causes food cravings. Our grocery food store is designed to be addictive. The manufacturers work hard at addicting you.

100 years ago the low carb diet was used to treat diabetes but it was forgotten about. Today, the medication prescribed lowers the sugar and then you start eating carbohydrates. We spend over 100 billion dollars a year on the weight loss industry. Nowhere else in the world are people having this much trouble losing weight. Less than 1% of weight loss diets succeed long term. People do have willpower and determination, but they do not have knowledge of how this weight accumulated in the first place. There is a neuroscience to food addiction. People do not have control over their food lives. Cravings are triggered at a deep neurological level. Some part of our brain is hooked on bad food. The most common food that drives these addictions is sugar and flour products. Just like alcoholics can’t have one drink, we need to draw a sharp line between what we can’t eat. Fat has more calories than sugar, but it is a better source of energy.

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