The case for why you have been lied to for decades from the Dairy Association and some other various tidbits.

The case for why you have been lied to for decades from the Dairy Association and some other various tidbits.

Cows had a mutation in their beta casein protein. While milk might have been good for us decades ago, and it wasn’t, it is now worse because of that mutation. Before we get there, lets go to the common sense corner first. No animal drinks milk from another animal under normal circumstances. No adult animal drinks milk when they become something between newborn and adult. The specific animal known as human has been told to drink the milk of a cow after all other animals ween off of their own milk.

The A1 gene for beta casein protein is bad for us and the A2 isn’t as much. The mutation mentioned above occurred a long time ago. For some reason the cows with the A1 mutation produced more milk so the farmers kept breeding those cows and today we have mostly cows that produce Beta Casein A1 milk that most people have a health issue with. Jersey cows and Daisy cows have less of that mutation. Goat and Sheep don’t have this mutation, their milk only contains the A2 beta casein. The by product in A1 Beta Casein is BCN7 and it is 23 times more reactive than gluten is in our body. People with allergies do much better when they remove dairy and wheat from their diets. If you have a health issue and that is code for just about anything you have, milk is going to make you worse. If you suffer from any of hundreds of forms of autoimmune disease or disorders you might want to pay attention to what comes in the next paragraph.

Digestive enzymes in large quantities can help autoimmune patients. They break the food down into the smallest size particle possible. Less of these particles floating through your leaky gut will trigger less of an autoimmune response. If we rotate our diets, something different with every meal it can help. Turmeric, bioflavonoids, and Probiotics help combat the inflammatory responses generated by foods that we eat. You should also not eat High Fructose Corn Syrup and processed foods because they too, attack your gut and your gut has most of your immune system in it. The reason for an abundance of autoimmune disease is because our poor food supply has caught up with us and our poor guts.

Alcohol consumption weakens the lining of the gut further still. Aloe Vera and Chlorophyll is very good for healing the gut. Stress is excess cortisol and it weakens our immunity in the gut. Getting to sleep on time reduces stress. A commitment to a healthy life change is vital to getting well and there is no short cut with a drug. Also you might want to consider avoiding pork products. You may want to think about that bottom dwelling fish are full of poison. So while those shrimp tacos are delicious, they contain a lot of stuff that you would probably not order off the menu.

Intermittent fasting allows your gut to heal. A block fast can be up to 17 days and I strongly suggest you do something like that under supervision. Avoid GMOs, you need to eat organic. A vitamin D deficiency can create Rheumatoid Arthritis, but what else is vitamin D good for? Our cells have thousands of receptors for vitamin D. Everyday we are told to make sure that we do not get any Vitamin D by staying out of the sun and if we dare go into it, to use large amounts of toxic goop called sunscreen. This means that vitamin D offers 10,000 benefits, a few too many to list.

All this information can make you nervous, but no worries, Lavender oil can replace Valium and Xanax. DHA and EPA from fish oil is important as well to having a healthy nervous system. Real citrus oils can create positive stress free feelings. Air fresheners and house hold chemicals that have fake citrus smells are toxic. Methylation is how our bodies detoxify. Glutathione is important to methylation. Selenium is vital to make glutathione. You might want to take some.

Waste in our bodies is pro inflammatory. It is like a fish bowl that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. You can’t see the fish. The immune system has trouble seeing what is in your body when you are toxic. We need to clean our fish bowls, to detoxify. Beets help keep your bile duct open, which is important since you are trying to lose toxins and toxins get stored in fat. That is one reason why people can’t lose weight. Your body knows that if you let go of that fat, you are going to get hit with a storm of junk. Silymarin also known as Milk Thistle is excellent for helping your liver that has to help you to detoxify. However, many companies don’t put a whole lot of it in their bottle. Another reason to consider beets and Milk Thistle is if your bile system is clogged up then your lymph system is as well, and that can create brain fog. Without a doubt, the worst cases of brain fog I have witnessed is from Lyme’s disease. It is a disease that is being classified in the autoimmune category. Some people seem to downplay the seriousness of autoimmune so keep in mind that, Muscular Dystrophy, MS, and ALS are fatal autoimmune diseases. I’ve seen patient’s with Lyme’s that wish they were dead. It can be devastating. Everything you do to create health in your body, is a step towards getting over your symptoms, but in cases of Lyme’s it has to be treated medically and it is very rarely treated successfully. I think one reason for that is because you are being treated for a disease and your health is not a consideration. I don’t know of too many doctors that would place any importance on any of the things that I have mentioned.

Again autoimmune disease is not a disease where your immune system has gone haywire. It is a disease of inflammation and that does make it go haywire. The medical treatment for it is corticosteroids, which brings down inflammation. If it didn’t help, then inflammation would not be the culprit. However, most medical treatment is not concerned with all the factors that cause us to be chronically inflamed. That is going to have to be your concern.

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