A back problem is a brain problem.

A back problem is a brain problem.

A chiropractor’s adjustments not only change pain, they change your brain, for the better. What would you rather have? A back problem or a brain problem. Said another way, which one would you be more concerned about? A phone call from the emergency room saying your significant other had a broken leg or a broken neck? A bone in the leg is different than a bone in the spine. People know this, yet they don’t think about the pain in their back as affecting their brain.

Christopher Reeves was superman, a perfect specimen of humanity. He injured his neck. The injury was the size of the tip of a thumb. It was a small injury, but created catastrophic damage. For that matter so is a blood clot. I’m attaching the spine to your brain, to your central nervous system so that you will have a better understanding of the true benefits of chiropractic.
When you think about your spine you need to think this is part of my brain. An altered spine is altering your brain function and not in a good way as opposed to all the miraculous benefits you receive when the chiropractor specifically adjusts your spine and alters your brain function.

Your health potential is reduced when your spine is not working properly. There are scientific studies that reveal measurable changes in the neuro-endocrinal mechanism following spinal manipulation. The autonomic nervous system and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis have been shown to be dysfunctional in a number of chronic pain disorders. Spinal manipulation is a therapeutic technique used by chiropractors which has widespread neurophysiological effects. The autonomic nervous system is modulating these effects. If you look at any high school biology text you can see for yourself the nerve connections that chiropractors are using to affect your entire health. Below are just a few studies that validate chiropractic.

“The role of spinal manipulation in addressing disordered sensorimotor integration and altered motor control.” Results show a significant change in the amplitude of parietal (sensory) and frontal (motor) SEP (Somatosensory Evoked Potentials) components following the single session of cervical spine manipulation. No SEP changes were observed in the passive head movement control condition. What this means is you are not changing your brain a whole lot just because you turn your head. However, when a chiropractor turns your head, he is turning on many different areas of your brain that have different functions.

“Changes in capital H-reflex and V-waves following spinal manipulation.” Analyzing nerve conduction studies, we can say based on this study that when we adjust your spine, we improve strength, we prevent fatigue and we change the way the brain drives our muscles.” We are changing the way the brain processes what’s going on in our bodies. The better we process all that sensory information from throughout the body, the better control we have over our bodies.

“Cerebral metabolic changes in men after chiropractic spinal manipulation for neck pain.” In this study, increased glucose metabolism was observed in the inferior prefrontal cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, and middle temporal gyrus, and decreased glucose metabolism was found in the cerebellar vermis and visual association cortex. What does all that mean? Comparisons of questionnaires indicated a lower stress level and better quality of life in the patients treated. A significantly lower visual analog pain scale was noted after cervical spinal manipulation. Cervical muscle tone and salivary amylase was decreased after cervical spinal manipulation. I guess they decided to check saliva production as a measurement of your autonomic nervous system function. Keep in mind, that the way our autonomic nervous system function is wired causes one stimulus to affect the entire chain.
In a nutshell chiropractic treatment is affecting your entire neurology and your neurology is what makes you human. You are a better human when your nervous system is working optimally. That includes better if not optimal health.

I think you are going to like this study. Comparing patients that had intractable chronic low back pain to the way they received treatment revealed that the patients that received care from a chiropractor versus acupuncturist, versus traditional NSAID therapy revealed some fantastic results, well if you are a chiropractor the results were fantastic. Keep in mind, the most severe patients were given to the chiropractors. Severity was determined by the amount of years that they had very high chronic pain levels. The study performed in 2003 revealed that the patient’s that received chiropractic care had five times better results than NSAIDs and three times better results compared to acupuncture. However, I feel that the most impressive result was that the patients that received chiropractic treatment noted a 47% overall general improvement in their general health that was not related to their back pain.

Let’s finish with a little psychology, some insight into the human condition. Let’s discuss Loss Aversion. Human beings are two times more likely to take an action that helps avoid a loss (avoid pain) than seek a pleasure. Chiropractors can help you avoid what you are two times more likely designed to want to avoid, which is pain, but again the real benefit is better overall function. So while you are two times more likely wired to want to avoid pain, by going to the chiropractor you getting two benefits in one.

Did you just ask, what will happen if nothing is done for your spinal dysfunction? Subluxation, which is what chiropractors call the condition that they treat, which is faulty spinal joint function affecting the central nervous system is degenerative by nature. When spinal joints don’t move correctly they break down, you know it as arthritis. But part of your brain breaks down because the joints are not working correctly. The hippocampal portion of your brain associated with memory breaks down from lack of proper spinal movement. This is one good reason for why people need chiropractic care for their lifetime. Or is it too late and you already forgot what this article was about?

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