A few tips on how to survive the medical experts selling their books on Television.

It seems every doctor has a book these days, especially those who jump on the bandwagon of preventive health. Not stemming from concern for the physical well-being of others, mind you, but for pure economic reasons. Their previous bigoted and narrow-minded hegemony of the health field has created mortality that rivals wars, plagues, and genocide.

Needless to say, they also have unhappy customers who no longer seek their advice, giving rise for them to seek other revenue streams. I’m use to them cozying up to make extra money with the drug companies, but I get a little concerned when they set their sights on preventive health.

Let’s start off with full disclosure of a dirty secret. Preventive medicine doesn’t exist since medicine is based on a diagnosis. Once a patient is properly diagnosed, then they have what they have. Once you have it, you can’t prevent it, you got it. Got it? Good, so let’s delve deeper. Some of the advice these gurus of medicine now spout under the pretense of ending illness is insanely dangerous. For CYA reasons, not all medical doctors fit this description, and I certainly support medical care. This article addresses in general terms the overall track record.

The latest guy on TV, who nobody’s questioning, insists you should take an aspirin every day with statins. Statin drugs lower cholesterol. Statin drugs are also one of the most destructive popular money-making drugs with many side effects that cause additional conditions. People take statins because they’re afraid of having a heart attack. Yet, ironically, there’s a higher incidence of heart failure amongst those who take this medication than those who don’t. Statins stop the liver from producing Co-Enzyme Q10, which is vital for life, resulting in muscular pain and heart attacks.

While we agree that chronic inflammation is the root cause of disease, this TV doctor’s idea that an aspirin a day will solve the problem is simply ridiculous. In a similar context, he feels not wearing high heels will reduce inflammation. Well, even though high heels aren’t good for you, tossing those stilettos won’t solve the chronic inflammatory states we eat ourselves into.

My intention is not to review all the physiology in my previous articles as well as others found in internet searches: instead I want to point out how you’re being manipulated and conned into being a victim of medical experiments gone wrong.

The medical profession with its adherence to medieval practices such as bloodletting and leaching probably would have gone extinct by 1920 if not for the pharmaceutical industry coming to their rescue. If you think I’m exaggerating, remember they thought in the 1950’s that sticking an ice pick into your brain was very good modern treatment for behavioral health issues. Nicotine and heroin were great all around tonics for good health. Let’s face it, they were backward in their methods and resolute in their conviction that they were infallible; a perfect storm of ignorance and arrogance.

The AMA was formed with the goal of a monopoly and paradoxically, its advanced thinkers were the most persecuted for challenging sacred dogma. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry dominates how health care is delivered. They have turned even good caring doctors into nothing more than drug salesman. Mind you, I didn’t say all doctors. This system of megalomania, political corruption, and media manipulation is not designed for your well-being. It’s all about making as much money off of your misfortune as possible.

While that doctor I was referring to earlier was on T.V., extolling the virtue of taking drugs that cause an incredible amount of harm with little benefit, he also warned people not to take vitamin E because the latest study proved that it killed people. Let’s look at how easy it is to lie to the public with statistics while pretending to be an authority. I say pretending to be an authority because if he didn’t know how recklessly stupid that study was he was reciting; then he is incompetent. Since he is a widely heralded physician, then obviously he has an agenda, which is to help sell drugs.

Let’s have some fun with statistics. 50% of politicians in NY are either corrupt or know one that is. What the heck does that mean? Maybe that means only one politician is corrupt but 50% of the others know him? O.K., I’ll get serious. The World Health Organization ranks the U.S. 19th out of 29 countries regarding life expectancy. This figure included immediate deaths from auto accidents and murder. Remove these two causes of death from the statistical analysis, and voila – the U.S. has the longest life expectancy. That really is quite a difference in meaning and would lead any rational person to wonder just what is going on here. Does anything have a true meaning today that can’t be tarnished?

Let’s look at what’s acceptable by drug companies. A study of a drug reveals that it decreases heart attacks by 31%. Well that sounds pretty good. On closer examination we see that the incidence of heart attacks dropped from 7.5% to 5.3%; hmmm, not as impressive as 31%. Some drugs are forced upon the public with almost no testing at all, as in maybe 100 people were studied for a few weeks.

In April of 2011, the headlines were, “Adverse events in hospitals may be ten times greater than previously measured.” In a nutshell, it depends upon how the math is done. There are all kinds of books out there that prove statistics can be worthless and worse, strongly manipulative. Often, some authority with an agenda will make the wildest insane conclusions based on statistics that have nothing to do with their opinion.

For example, a study revealed that some patients experienced discomfort after a chiropractic office visit. Of course they had discomfort when they came in, but the author concluded that chiropractic wasn’t effective due to this deliberately spiteful way of assessing data. This erroneous conclusion goes against thousands of studies and millions of successfully treated patients. Magnify this type of manipulation with constant polling, commercials aimed at children, etc. and you’ll realize that every aspect of our lives is being exploited.

Back to Vitamin E, the study concluded it was bad for you. There was no discussion about the source of the Vitamin E, which is what I like to call a gasoline derivative. Many vitamins are made from petroleum distillates. I wouldn’t expect Vitamin E made from gasoline to be very good for you. Yet, I’ve never seen a study on vitamins ever performed with actual real vitamins being used. Vitamin C studies are always done with what they sell as Vitamin C, which is ascorbic acid, and that is only 1/9th of the molecule.

The other 8/9ths of the ingredients, the ones that actually do the healing, aren’t included in the studies, or most often, in the vitamins you purchase in 15 gallon jars from Wal-Mart. By the way, alpha tocopherol is sold as Vitamin E, it is only one component of the compound. When you take it, your body now has to rob other cells to try and complete the fake Vitamin E you paid for. High quality wheat germ oil contains actual Vitamin E, but I don’t think they’re going to do any studies with that because they won’t like the results.

Keep in mind, the FDA, besides being run by the drug companies they’re supposed to regulate, depends upon the drug companies to do the research required to put the drug out to market. Years later, when the drug kills tens of thousands of people, a proven fact, the drug company will be fined with a very small percentage of what they made in profits.

So just who were the people involved in this study of Vitamin E?; the morbidly obese. They tend to have metabolic syndrome, which is a very unhealthy state. The only way to control overweight patients with metabolic syndrome is to eat a proper diet and exercise. As much as I do like to take them, this is not going to be fixed with a magic supplement. Being overweight and having metabolic syndrome means you’re in a chronic inflammatory state. Adding iron and antioxidants could very well increase oxidative stress. It would not be expected for these people in the study to live longer.

The raw data regarding heart disease with 12,769 women taking multivitamins over 20 years reveals that non-users of the supplements died sooner than the users. This is a complete contradiction of what’s on the news lately. Who are you going to trust?

I know watching the dozens of shows on television about doctors may lead you to think that they have only one patient, and that patient is you, and they have nothing better to do all day than sit around in the lunch room with their colleagues, discussing your case. I could see why you would tend to trust them and I hate to break it to you, but that is just not possible. The average doctor is allowed to spend 5 minutes with you.

I think it is more probable that those friendly smiling faces you see in white lab coats on drug commercials, you know, those ones telling you to take a pill that will kill you in hundreds of different ways, are just actors that are very convincing at getting you to ask for poison. How could they really have your best interests at heart when the stuff they are selling you has more side effects than the Super Bowl has commercials?

Back to the beginning of this article, the M.D. on television is on television because he is selling drugs and scaring people away from healthier strategies. Notice I didn’t say alternative strategies. Drugs should be the alternative when all else has failed.

On a parting note, the majority of media advertising revenue is from drug companies. You’re being manipulated and controlled without your realization through highly sophisticated tactics some of which are skewing statistics and glossing over the facts. In this way, drug companies reap their rewards from increased sales of their products, all the while knowing they are placing your health at risk.

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