A little simple biophysics to understand why your posture is literally killing you.

A little simple biophysics to understand why your posture is literally killing you.

The formula from my high school physics book that is appropriate for this topic is T= FxD.

In English that means Torque equals force times distance.  What does this mean for you, just standing there.

Well chances are if you are standing upright against gravity your neck is not in the ideal position.  The ideal position would be neutral or a mathematical value of zero.

What if that zero was a 4?  4 is often the number I’m seeing when I look at someone’s profile.  That 4 means that your neck is 4 centimeters forward of the gravity line, which is no longer a neutral position to resist gravity.

Let’s to the math.  Torque = FxD  The force is the weight of your head.  An average head could weigh about 12 pounds.  In an ideal situation the distance would be a value of zero which represents your head in a neutral position to resist gravity.  12 times 0 is 0 which means you have no additional stresses on the mechanics of your neck.

Chances are you are not a zero, more likely you are a value of 4.  4 centimeters forward of the neutral gravity line.  Now what do you have going on.  Torque equals 12 x 4 = 48.  Your 12 pound head is now actually behaving like a 48 pound head.  That means your neck and back muscles have to work 4 times harder to support your 12 pound head which has morphed into a giant 48 pound head.

This is why so many people will suddenly for no reason develop crippling neck pain.  After years of that extra wear and tear you are now worn and torn.  Maybe you are not good with physics and math.  Think of it this way.  Is it easier to hold a bowling ball close to your chest or with your arm totally outstretched away from your body?  Yes, I’m calling your head a bowling ball and some of my patients seem to be outwitted by their bowling ball.

How is all that affecting your overall health.  Most of us have a brain in our head and 20% of it is coming out of your skull and down your neck and back.  That extra Torque on your neck that is constant, well as long as you live in Earth’s gravitational field, remember Force in the equation is not just the weight of your head, it is weighting that because of the gravitational force exerting itself down on your head, and that extra force is interfering with your central nervous system’s communication with every cell in your body.

They say stress kills and you are being stressed just standing there doing nothing.  While you are standing there minding your own business. gravity is beating the hell out of you. While I can’t magically change your posture in one visit, I can magically change your stress level with just one adjustment.  Stress results in an increase of the hormone cortisol.  It is controlled by the part of our brain that takes thoughts and converts them into hormones, the hypothalamus.  The nerves in your spinal joints when activated by a chiropractic adjustment fire strongly in a good way onto different parts of your brain and your hypothalamus one of the most important brain structures is one of them.   The hormone cortisol is not good for us when it is high all day.  It slowly kills us.  Research has shown cortisol levels to decrease immediately after a well delivered chiropractic adjustment.




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