A quick lesson in values, economics, and health.

A quick lesson in values, economics, and health.

People will pay for what they value and people value what they are willing to pay for.  The average woman over the age of 25 spends approximately $100 every month getting their hair done, which does not include the hundreds of dollars spent each year on hair products.  Guys will spend money on guy stuff.  People will spend money on things they value, whether those things are a necessity or not.  Society needs chiropractic care and chiropractic care brings great value to humans.

If there was a commercial on television for a product that can be rubbed on the skin that would reverse Neuro-degeneration, increase immunity, decrease bone degeneration, increase genetic activity relating to longevity, reduce chronic disease physiology, and helped express good genes while suppressing bad ones, and that it required using it every few days for months and then weekly for the rest of their lives I suspect people would buy it.  How much would everyone spend if the pharmaceutical industry was advertising it?  Let me assure you it would be a lot more than what the neighborhood chiropractor is charging for his services.

While there is no such product from the drug companies, there certainly is this product available on the market only sold at a chiropractors office.  It is the chiropractic adjustment, the one the pharmaceutical and medical industry have told you repeatedly on television to never dare buy.  Most  Doctors of Chiropractic hold the patent to the life changing benefits stored in the power of an adjustment.  There are less than 100,000 chiropractors in the world that possess this knowledge, skill, and capability to deliver a precise adjustment that brings health to a society of millions of people badly in need of this product.

When I see people spending $1000 on a cell phone I think two things.  People have money for what they want and they need to change their priorities.  I never thought I would have a hard job 34 years ago after graduating chiropractic school convincing people to transform their health.  Boy was I wrong.  No matter what it is that you enjoy doing in life, that activity improves greatly when you’re in good health.  I found during the past few decades that the average person does not relate anything that I just wrote to chiropractic.  I have just eliminated one of the greatest objections that all chiropractor’s face in their practice and people face overcoming health challenges.  People can afford chiropractic care.  The problem is they don’t value it.  Maybe because the only chiropractor on television is Charlie Sheen’s bumbling idiot brother on Two and a Half Men.  You may want to reconsider just how valuable chiropractic is to your entire health.

Fixing a backache is the least valuable and least impressive aspect to what we do.  We improve every facet of your health.  That is a lot better than just not having low back pain.  Life is much more than just not having a back ache.  Health has nothing to do with experiencing pain.  I can hit your finger with a hammer and it will hurt, but that doesn’t really make you unhealthy.  Maybe if I did it a lot?  The guy on the golf course at the 15th hole is feeling great just seconds before he dies of a heart attack.  Society has taught you wrong and now would be a good time to reassess your values.  Being afraid of the chiropractor is not in your best interests even if so called experts tell you to be very afraid although, some of my colleagues do scare me.  To receive the benefits of chiropractic you need to go to a chiropractor that has the skill to be able to perform it.  A pharmaceutical pill has much quality control to make sure it is exactly the same dosage. Not all chiropractors were created equal.



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