A short tirade on a big problem

When I read the other day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 63 million Americans are obese or stated another way, more than one of every 4 U.S. adults is going to have trouble sitting next to you on an airplane, my very first thought was, this would be something really good to rant about on my blog.  I am not obese so that means it might be you encroaching on my seat.  I’m just trying to lighten this up a little because the rest of this is not going to be so pleasant.

Certainly the medical solutions are a lot meaner than my flippant introduction above.  In late 2010 the French government banned the drug Mediator prescribed for diabetes and obesity because it had killed hundreds of people and had no benefit unless of course your intention was to get rid of the overweight person in your life.  This medication was sold in the United States and you probably heard of it, Redux.  Surprisingly, we had a head start on this and banned it in 1997.  Its manufacturer paid $12 billion in a class-action lawsuit.

I could be wrong here, I take that back I am not, without a doubt, a wellness lifestyle will combat obesity.  This mostly self-inflicted malady does respond well to healthy living.  I gave a nasty lecture once on the subject and I titled it “Everything we know is wrong.”  If you could stomach my New York accent, you could hear it on my website www.gregmalakoff.com.  Go to the videos tab at the top of the page and it’s under my movie titled “Everything We Know Is Wrong.”

As I like to say, there is a different way, there is a better way, it’s called chiropractic.  I think it beats having half your stomach cut out, but that certainly would be a lousy slogan.   Come on, I just have to, “Chiropractic…because it beats having half your stomach cut out”  I guess we won’t be seeing that on any billboards soon.   We have not always enjoyed good press, but we have always been light years ahead of the curve when it comes to wellness and prevention as strategies for maintaining good health.

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