Some actual Nazism being sponsored by the state of California.

Some actual Nazism being sponsored by the state of California.

I know, hard to believe, but it is nothing to believe in, it’s actually happening.  In fact, we might be a little worse off when you consider that at the famous Nuremberg trials after WWII informed consent was considered a human right.  The Nazi doctors on trial were afforded that right, but not citizens of California.  How does that happen?

Informed consent, the form you sign at every doctors office means you are entitled to know what could possibly go wrong with whatever it is you are about to get done.  You are allowed to make a decision if you want to have those possible bad things happen to you or not.  You are taking the risk and you should be allowed to have some say in that.  But California says if you say something bad about vaccines they are going to do some very terrible things to you besides just the medical treatment.   This is one area, where rational thought is not going to be tolerated.

We are not free to make choices even though we salute our military for providing us freedom.  We should be free to opt out of a vaccine since it can take a healthy person and kill them or just ruin them for life.  We all have different genes and it is not possible at this time to know with certainty which one of us will not be adversely affected by the people that took an oath not to adversely affect us.

They not only carry risks, but they offer no guarantee of protection.  The chemicals, metals, foreign RNA and DNA, and many other strange things artificially stimulate our bodies into an inflammatory reaction that stimulates artificial immunity.  However, just because you’ve been immunized with these things, doesn’t mean that you’ve been afforded true immunity as if you were to just get the disease and then be free of it.

Doctors are not able to predict who is going to react badly to their bad medicine.  Clinical trials of experimental vaccines do not provide any information about the deleterious reactions because of the very small amount of subjects observed.  It is an experimental procedure each time it is given.

What do you do when you have a lousy product?  You lobby lawmakers to make it illegal not to have the inferior and sometimes murderous product.  We use to be allowed to be exempt from the medical executioner, but in 2015 in California, the government decided that they could destroy your child’s chance at an education, their parent’s employment, and other civil rights.  If this sounds a little harsh, the Nazis in WWII Germany didn’t think so at all.  Their doctrine was that if it benefits the majority it doesn’t matter how many of the minority get squashed.  This roulette table may not be in your favor.  I don’t know and either do they.

The vaccine manufacturers got Congress to make them immune from all the damage they do to children.  Many things may be causing the epidemic in learning disabilities, ADHD, Asthma, Autism, Diabetes, Depression, Immune Dysfunction, etc. but it is more likely than not, vaccination is one of the contributors.  We hear a lot of talk about science and how pure scientists are.  If you watch T.V. you might realize that is not true when so many law firms are asking you to help them sue your doctors over the treatment that they gave you that turned out to be not as scientific as they advertised it to be.

Science is bought and paid for and if you paid me, I’d prove to you that I have a product that can wash and wax your car while you sit on the toilet.  I haven’t done the study yet, but I’m positive I can get a lot of volunteers.  Unlike the Teflon pan advertised on T.V. that is guaranteed as long as you pay more for the return of the item than it cost you, you are not going to be able to get your or your child’s health back if they happen to be the unfortunate statistic that is becoming exponentially larger.



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