Allowing yourself to be lied to can be hazardous to your health and bank account.

Allowing yourself to be lied to can be hazardous to your health and bank account.

Our gross national product does not allow for us to be healthy. If someone was to point that out they would do some fake studies to insure that you never pointed out anything ever again. For example:
If a patient doesn’t get better with two chiropractic adjustments the guideline reviewers will insist that the patient should be referred to an MD. Why? What they do has been proven to be ineffective, expensive, and dangerous.

Manger discovered that there is no evidence for medicine being good for low back pain, but that there was evidence that they were not good for your health. He said that chiropractors should be at every hospital. That we should be the gait keepers for all people with spinal injuries.

In 1993 he said that the government would save 3.5 billion dollars a year in medical care in Canada if they implemented chiropractic care. So they decided to defund chiropractic. Chiropractors are not in addition to type practitioners like Physical Therapists that tell their patients to take all the drugs and then come in for some therapy that doesn’t work.

Chiropractors are stand alone practitioners, they help patients without medicine and the people that run the world don’t like that. When we say see us instead of them we become a huge threat. When we say our thing works better, is cheaper and not dangerous it makes us their target. Chiropractors are not perfect, we’re just better than anybody else when it comes to treating Low Back Pain and that is according to their studies. We are better for a lot of other conditions than just low back pain, but no one will allow that into the conversation, so everything here is just in reference to low back pain.

The Medical Associations have realized that they can’t beat chiropractic with evidence vs evidence. They can’t win that debate anymore so the only hope they have is to diminish the level of evidence for chiropractic. They have an absolute, diabolical campaign to do that. The way they do it is through a method called systematic reviews because they can edit out data.

In 1993 when the Manga report came out, which was an independent government paid for study to assess available evidence for all forms of treatment for low back pain, it concluded that Chiropractors should be the gatekeepers. What has medicine come up with since 1993 that is more evidence based? It turns out that they knew Vioxx would kill 60,000 people. Opioids, 70,000 dead in 2017. Why are they prescribing Heroin for back pain if everything else worked?

If surgery worked, physical therapy worked, NSAIDS worked, cortisone injections worked, if all these things worked, why would they have to end up prescribing heroin for back pain? They’ll argue that back pain is self limiting. That is not true. What they considered was resolved were simply people that gave up going to the medical doctors. They called that resolution. It’s not self limiting. If it was why would the rates of surgery be going up, prescriptions going up, cortisone injections going up? The evidence is clear that it is not self limiting. There are many commercials for Laser surgeries, but no evidence that they work. Tylenol is the gold standard of care for low back pain. It’s been in all the studies for decades. In 2008 researchers decided to look at that. They discovered that there was not one randomized placebo controlled study for Acetaminophen. There was not a shred of evidence for it, but it was the gold standard of care in every guideline around the world. NSAIDS take the pain down for a few days and then have little benefit.
In the Hancock study the control group consisted of taking 4 Tylenols a day. There were no chiropractors involved in the Hancock study, they were all physical therapists. They didn’t do manipulations. They did mobilizations and they are not the same. So they use that study to diminish real spinal manipulation studies. Most studies about chiropractic are performed without chiropractors or chiropractic being performed. Then they’ll use this bogus information as guidelines and these guidelines are meaningless and corrupt.

The medical authorities will say that chiropractic didn’t work after 3 visits so I’m going to refer you out for medical care that has been proven not to work after dozens of visits. Again, their own evidence based research proves that what they are offering is ineffective, expensive, and dangerous. It doesn’t make any scientific sense to condemn chiropractic because someone didn’t have a miraculous result after 3 visits.
The Manga report not only discovered that Chiropractic was superior, but that medicine was lacking evidence for their own profession. They have evidence that they are dangerous and ineffective, but they don’t have any evidence that what they do works. Remember, they picked Manga because he was a good researcher and they thought for sure he would destroy Chiropractic. Well, they weren’t too happy with him after his report came out.
Manga said that Chiropractic was so superior that they need to be in the university system, not their own schools. They need to be in every hospital. No wonder why they defunded chiropractic. This is not about that chiropractic doesn’t have enough evidence, it is about owning a monopoly on your health.

In 1979 New Zealand recognized that Chiropractic was terrific. In 1983 Chiropractic wins the world’s largest antitrust lawsuit against the AMA. In 1993 the Manga report is released and the medical profession goes into a deep panic. They can’t beat chiropractic in the debate about evidence so what they do is hide the amount of evidence there is for chiropractic.
They accomplish this by the methodology of a systematic review where they obliterate the real data. Studies now include chiropractic care with medication. This way, if the patient gets better they associate the success on the medicine. They have many diabolical ways to keep the public from realizing how great chiropractic care is. The people writing these fake reports have a deliberate agenda. They are not stupid. The people that read their reports and blindly accept them, do not question their methods, they are stupid. If a study says that their is no difference between manipulation and mobilization it is because in the study, they didn’t do any manipulation. The footnote for that fact was a reference to a study about NSAIDs and had nothing to do with manipulation at all. This is criminal and they get away with it all the time.

The news will report everyone of their fake studies as if it is etched in stone truth. They do this because Chiropractic could take the place of drugs. One time 3 different researchers reviewed the same study and one concluded that chiropractic was worthless, the other one said it might be good for something, and one said it was moderately effective. This was 3 different scientists reviewing the same literature. The average consumer would have no idea about any of this. Dozens of studies concluded that Spinal manipulation was superior to any other known treatment and then the review of these studies say that the evidence is inconsistent.
What is consistent is medicine’s mega monopoly over keeping the public confused about their health care and ignorant of their choices. Health information on T.V. is meant to take advantage of you by confusing you or deliberately lying to you as they point to fake studies that allow them to do much harm to you that they took an oath to not do any harm.

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