Another accident waiting to be profited from.

January 17, 2011, this just in.  The most commonly prescribed antibiotics in conjunction with the most commonly prescribed high blood pressure medication can cause you to suffer a dangerous drop in blood pressure.  I guess that means it could kill you.  I’m experiencing an increase in pressure just knowing this can happen.  Researchers found that patients on calcium channel blockers who were given the antibiotics erythromycin (brands like E-Mycin) or clarithromycin (Biaxin) were at increased risk of being hospitalized for dangerously low blood pressure. 

I’m thinking that this will soon become a treatment for very high blood pressure.  Seriously, it’s probably better than taking clonidine for episodes of very high blood pressure, 170/120 and above.  At least it will be easier on your bladder and kidneys.  Wouldn’t it be better if food companies and restaurants would just let us decide how much salt we wanted on our food?

I’m visualizing the episode where Homer Simpson was a guinea pig at a pharmaceutical testing agency.  They would give him an unknown drug and observe what side affect he would develop.  I can’t remember the specifics but it went something like this.  If the drug caused his teeth to fall out even though they were trying to eliminate his desire for beer, it was considered a smashing success.  Now the rest of the world would be convinced to extract their teeth even if there were nothing wrong with them.  I guess you could call it prevention to a perverse degree.  You’ll have to trust me, it was funny at the time even though I realize I just made most of that up.

Heavy promotion of drugs under the guise of medical science seems to be taking over all aspects of our lives.  I’m sure a lot of people’s legs twitch at night, but do you need to take a medication for it?  Many of the new designer medications are not being used for their original purpose and are considered a leading cause of emergency room visits.  I’m almost positive that very soon; people not getting their blood pressure down will be offered the Calcium Channel blockers along with the antibiotics.  What could possibly go wrong, a mutated bug that can calcify our organs? Probably not, but I’ve said dumber stuff that turned out to come true.

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