Benefits, get your benefits here.

Benefits, get your benefits here.

The last blog had some complicated science for why everyone should be wanting regular chiropractic care. I tried to persuade the majority of people that associate Chiropractic with alleviating back and neck pain that it is the safest and most powerful form of healing known to medical science. I’m going to try it a different way today.

It’s hard to get people to fully understand the impact of vertebral subluxation and the power of an adjustment when even many chiropractors don’t know. I could be accused as one of them since I specialize in emergency care, but after 34 years of practice, I thought I would make it easy on myself and work with patients that didn’t need to be convinced that they needed me. Since I started going to a chiropractor when I was two years old, and I certainly didn’t have a bad back, back then, I can safely say, that I’m one of those chiropractors that does understand the benefits of what we provide. Well that and an additional 7 years in the neurology program besides the 5 years post grad required to get a license.

Chiropractic is associated with back and neck pain. Much of the public does not consider chiropractors as health care professionals, we are viewed as pain relievers and my professor used to say, buy an aspirin, it’s cheaper.

Our society is full of sick and suffering people who have no idea that chiropractic is the solution to so many of their health care issues. As society begins to become skeptical of drugs and surgery, they are not aware that Chiropractic is more effective in improving visceral physiology than relieving musculoskeletal pain. By now there must be tens of millions of anecdotal stories about how a person with some kind of health issue, other than back pain finally got relief after visiting a chiropractor, but you are not going to hear too many stories like that on television.

While our society has been trained by television advertisements to take something for when we are in pain, the beauty of what chiropractic does is we can help you when you don’t have pain. Imagine with me for a moment, you go to your doctor and you tell him you are feeling great. He checks you out and you don’t have a temperature and your blood pressure is normal. You say to him, I’ve never felt better, what do you have for me? Chances are you’ll get a pill that will eventually make you sick. What chiropractors treat is called a subluxation and it is an interference in your central nervous system and it often is not detectable by experiencing pain. That is because of the way we are wired up. Most of our nerves in our bodies are not pain nerves and those nerves do only one thing, transmit pain signals. Chiropractors work with the nerves in the body that power your brain, not make it hurt.

Maybe I was too subtle with that one. What can your doctor do for you if you tell him you don’t feel any problems and your vital signs are normal? Nothing, the practice of medicine is based on a diagnosis and if you don’t have something, what is there to treat? They will gladly treat you, but you have to have a big problem first. A chiropractor is always going to treat you because we don’t treat anything, except the interference in your central nervous system that will lead to you eventually having a lot of things that they can give pills for.

A study from Johns Hopkins University in 2009 explained that an increase in Noradrenaline, the stress hormone that a chiropractic adjustment reduces has a direct relationship with, cancer, bipolar disorder, excessive body weight, hypertension, type 1 autoimmune diabetes, type 2 diabetes, glaucoma, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and immune system function. Because of television, people believe that they should just take an aspirin than go to a chiropractor. You may want to pause here and review all those diseases listed above, that a simple chiropractic adjustment can help reduce your chances of getting.

Now how much would you pay? Don’t answer yet, there is more. From anti-aging and reversing neuro-degeneration to improving immunity and life-long epigenetic expression, science is slowly discovering the real benefit of chiropractic and it is not the treatment of low back pain without radiation into the leg. That was me being sarcastic. Apparently I never recovered from reading that in a medical journal. Before you have to recover from a chronic illness, you might want to think about the benefits of chiropractic care.

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