Beware: Chiropractors can get you pregnant.

Beware: Chiropractors can get you pregnant.

It’s time once again to tell the story from 1983 when I walked into a bar after work near my office that had some kind of ladies night thing going on. I noticed one woman sitting at a table with 5 friends pointing at me. I walked over and asked why she was pointing at me. I thought maybe I had some lettuce in my teeth?

She said to all her friends, this is the man that got me pregnant. I blurted out that I never touched her. She reminded me that she came to my office once for a headache. A week later she was pregnant. No, the cure for a headache is not sex and I stand by my statement that I never touched her, except of course for her neck. She told me that she was told for many years that she was infertile and that the doctors said that she could never get pregnant. She didn’t tell me any of this when it would have been useful, which was during my exam at the office and I certainly didn’t do anything special for infertility. So before I tell you how that happened, let’s go over some stats that are from this century, as in 2015. Apparently the situation has gotten worse.

There is a rising epidemic of fertility. 35 year old women are having trouble conceiving. Fertility treatment has a 63% failure rate. Couples can take out a 2nd mortgage just to try and get pregnant. Many people don’t realize that their life style choices and exposure to toxins can affect the uterine lining or create a low sperm count.

So what on earth could a crazy back cracking, back doctor, chiropractor do for this you ask.

A single moment of understanding can flood a whole life with meaning so pay attention. I know you have heard all kinds of stuff about chiropractors and it is a mixed up world when normal can make people skeptical. Keep in mind what is normal for a spider is chaos for the fly. Or I could say, facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. You’ll see why I wrote all that in the next paragraph.

In other words, if you are going to a medical doctor for infertility they might never get at the problem. The problem often has to do with hormones. The endocrine system is very tricky and that is why they charge such high prices for these services. Doctors have forgotten their anatomy books and don’t seem to realize that the nervous system controls the endocrine system.

The hypothalamus is a part of the brain, or more exactly brain stem, where electrical signals from your body get converted into chemicals also known as hormones. The hypothalamus is the nucleus at the top of the autonomic nervous system that controls all the organs and glands in your body.

By some amazing coincidence, the joints in your spine, especially the ones in your upper neck have 200 times more specialized nerves that send electricity and connect to your hypothalamus than from even your largest muscle groups. That means chiropractors have a 200 times better chance of affecting your nervous system, in a good way, than any other therapy.

If you were paying attention to that story I told above, you will realize that I had no idea that the patient was infertile nor do I make any claims to specifically treat infertility. She never thought of telling me that she could not have a baby because who would think, “Gee I’m infertile I better tell my chiropractor.” What average person knows anatomy that well? Apparently, most doctors don’t even understand the connection and will be quick to tell you that we could never help you for anything except low back pain that doesn’t radiate into your leg and they even got that part wrong. We are your best bet for sciatica unless of course you have a 9 mm bulged disc or a tumor. Both are rare causes of sciatica. But now back to what I wanted to talk about.

There can be many factors causing infertility. A nervous system that is not signalling the endocrine system correctly leads to hormones not synchronizing optimally to make the uterus a friendly place to raise an egg up.

Sometimes it is that simple. Sometimes bad posture is all that is creating the infertility. Again, if the spinal joints are not working properly, the brain does not get the correct sensory input and the output of the hypothalamus can be of low quality as to effect not only your chances of having a baby, but just about any other problem that you would never in a million years associate with your spine.

I once heard that chiropractors have been called to a promise God has for the sick. Well everyone is sick at this point in human history. I’m not a religious person, but if I was always sick, I’d start looking for a different answer. There is a better way, there is a different way, and it is called Chiropractic.

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