The Big One Part 3

The Big One Part 3

The agricultural industry does not want studies performed about the poisons that they use.  However, they do spend a lot of money suppressing studies and destroying careers of anyone that speaks out against them.  Studies done by the doctors that have been mysteriously dying demonstrate that when you eat their foods you get sick and when you stop eating them you get better.  That means nothing at all to our government’s scientists that are in charge of our health that either worked for Monsanto or will work for them in the near future.  The lay person realizes that when we produce weak plants that can’t survive without being sprayed with all kinds of chemicals, it can’t be good for the planet yet our scientists pretend to not have a clue.  All this would be considered evil when people used to have brains.

Our DNA produces about 19,000 genes.  Our biome, the bacteria that help make us human have over 5 to 10 million genes.  That makes us just a nice place for all this bacteria and other lower life forms to hang out in.  From that ratio of 19,000 to 10,000,000 we are obviously more bacteria than human.  Our microbes digest our fiber, not us.  These organisms are vital for us to live.  Our health care system and agriculture system have declared war on them.  Our bacteria know how to digest wheat; they do not know how to digest GMO wheat.

Biocides kill life and GMO food requires that the entire field they are growing in be sprayed with them.  While you may have sensitivity to a GMO created protein, no one is immune to the poisons that they require to be grown.  You might want to know that food was raised with this method.  Round Up Glyphosate is in everything, but Monsanto and the biotech industry lobby congress to not let you know that it is contaminating us, they do not want us to have the right to read a label that would state that Glyphosate is in the food that we are eating.

The U.S. government goes by a principal of an acceptable level of harm.  It is based on the LD 50, the lethal dose that will kill 50 percent of the test subjects.  They then calculate out the weight of the lab animal and compare it to a human’s weight and arbitrarily say it is safe to consume under that amount.  Our government doesn’t make the manufacturer prove that their product is safe for humans.  We don’t poison half the people in the study for double blind studies because that would be unethical and since that is what they demand and they are not performed; the government lets anything go if you are Monsanto.  The manufacturer is always going to say that their product is safe.  They are not going to say their product causes cancer.

The fallacy of dosage is harmful.  A little bit of Glyphosate could cause an endocrine disruptor reaction like estrogen to cause cancer.  A lot of Glyphosate could trigger apoptosis, which means the cell knows it is poisoned beyond repair and decides to kill itself to protect the other cells.  The dose does not make the poison.  The LD in mice does not even consider if the product causes disease, only death.  Breathing, drinking water, getting touched by rain is no longer safe.  Eating organic can’t save you.

A Trans mutated gene released into the atmosphere, biosphere cannot be recalled and Monsanto has been carpet bombing us.  2.3 pounds of botulin toxin can kill every human on the planet.  Our method of farming and health care where everything is focused on killing off the good bacteria allows clostridium the bacteria that create botulism to thrive.  Our species is being threatened with catastrophe.  Monsanto and Dow Chemical are now making a product that will have RNA gene interfering molecules for pest control, but the side effect is it will mutate with our genes.  The consequences are unpredictable, but it has been released into our environment. This was discovered in 2008, and is referred to as  Epigenetic engineering.  Manipulating the RNA’s is more powerful that manipulating DNA.  This new method is not going to alter only one gene.  We’ll have to fight a more lethal set of risks.  98% of our DNA is not junk as we were told when the human genome project finished, it is useful information.

What they are doing now is transcribing information into a type of RNA.  This means they don’t have to get inside the nucleus to change the DNA.  They can accomplish this now by manipulating the RNA and interfering with the transcription of protein.  That is what our DNA does, it tells a part of our cell to make proteins because that is what we are, protein.  Am I saying a leg is going to grow out of your cheek from eating a carrot?  Well not yet.

Rice has a 100% complimentary sequence of RNA and genes in humans.  The RNA rice genes are now used to silence gene expression.  The new rice can change the LDL receptor in your liver and your cardiovascular system can suffer because of that.  We are massively being experimented on.  Food effects our genetic expression.  We have no choice in whether we want to participate in this experiment.

Genetically modified organisms are not going to help us survive.  It makes no sense to kill everything but one plant such as a corn crop or soy crop.  GMO’s confer no benefit.  Our biodiversity is taken away.  When they realize that they have gotten it wrong it will be too late.  We are letting corporations kill everything on the surface of our planet with the false idea that they are going to save us.  We are being forced fed poison.  They are not safe, they are not effective.  Evidenced based methods are no longer required.

O.K. of course we have choices.  We have Coke or Pepsi.  Democrats or Republicans.  You’re right, not much of a choice.  Politicians are not going to go against the money.  We have outsourced authority to external institutions.  The FDA is helping companies make us sick.  That is real collusion.  Our food regulatory agencies have failed us on every level.  The vast majority of foods and food products have retroviruses inserted into them and it not only alters the plants DNA but ours.  Our agencies state that this is not a problem.

They are now making a GMO type of Insulin.  This has 3 amino acid substitutions so it is not exactly human insulin.  Its structure is different and so is its function.  Type 1 diabetes happens because Pancreas cells are destroyed.  We are seeing more type 1 diabetes because our immune systems are attacking the islet cells in the pancreas and that is probably due to the gene splicing.  Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance and the treatment is to give more genetically modified insulin that was created by modified E. Coli to cells that are going to resist it.  No point in changing your diet, so they say.  Within 7.7 months the participants in a study developed type 1 diabetes from the treatment they were receiving for type 2 diabetes.  This indicates that their beta cells were further being destroyed.  One patient developed type 1 diabetes within one month after receiving the modified insulin.  There is a doubling in heart attacks in people that take insulin for type 2 diabetes.  They have a name for this.  Insulin induced cardio toxicity.   It makes no sense to give insulin to type 2 diabetics, but that doesn’t seem to make any sense to those in charge.

A drug without a side effect is not a drug at all.  But if you go natural you will be called a nut job.  Food is information and it can target our organs on a molecular level.  These are very specific processes that no drug can approximate.  The food that we eat can orchestrate our DNA into producing the wrong things.  Our food is corrupted and we are eating corrupted information.  It crashes our system.  Food is not just energy calories and building blocks.  Food is full of gene regulating information.   Well it used to be.


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