The Big One, part 5

The Big One, part 5

So far if you’ve read the first 4 parts you might think this is very bleak.  It’s about to get bleaker.  We are not free citizens.  We are wage slaves that are supposed to get cancer so that the cancer industry can get richer.  This is no accident.  Our sickness is what keeps our economy going.  The scheme requires us to suffer.  The government then pays these companies through medicare.  It is money laundering through our biology.  Oh but the stock market is up.  How is it good for us that the pharmaceutical companies are making more money?  That means we have to be sick.  Sick care is not health care.  This is evil on a scale that most people will not believe.  MonSatan: The most evil corporation in the world.

There are 165 genetically engineered crops in the U.S.  Our tax dollars go to subsidizing farmers that grow GMO crops.  We pay a few different ways for our poisoning.  The majority of the crops are corn and soy.  That is what is used in all junk food that destroys our health.  It is used because the government pays the manufacturer to make it.  The people that made Hitler’s gas chambers eventually worked their way into our food supply.  That means that at the end of WWII, those people that were making the nerve gas got jobs in the agriculture industry.  Now they are in agriculture and pharmaceuticals.  They work hand in hand to destroy our health.

Glyphosate destroys the food chain of its Tryptophan.  Tryptophan interacts with melatonin pathways that regulate our sleep.  The number one complaint today in a doctor’s office, which took the place of back pain, is fatigue.  We can’t sleep so of course we are fatigued.  We have robbed our bodies of the essential components necessary for sleep.  There are only 26 building blocks and Glyphosate has taken out one of the essential ones, tryptophan.  But it has taken out 3 others.  So if we were to take out 4 letters in our dictionary, we would have a lot of problems with the previously existing vocabulary.

Glycine is another key component to many of our protein structures and that one is also being interfered with by Glyphosate.  The Shikimate Pathway which is blocked by Glyphosate makes alkaloids in plants, the medicinal part of the plant that humans have benefited from for centuries.  Food is no longer our medicine.  It used to be.  Thousands of years before Hippocrates showed up, food was our medicine.  Monsanto has stolen the medicinal qualities out of our foods, qualities such as anti cancer properties, anti asthma properties, anti fungal properties, anti parasitic properties, anti diabetic properties, and mood stabilizer affects.

Google alkaloids and you will see dozens of common ones and hundreds of others that we are not too familiar with.  Without alkaloids you would expect to see a rapid increase in cancer, asthma, mental health disorders, sleep disorders, diabetes, allergies, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, autoimmune disease.  We started this epidemic of chronic diseases in the 1980’s with the advent of more chemical intervention in our food chain.  The more acres of wheat sprayed with Round Up the more disease.  It is a perfect correlation.  Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in stealing the medicinal qualities out of our food.  Now they sell another chemical to be your solution and it just makes you sicker.  Eventually a law firm with ask you to use them to sue the pharmaceutical companies.  Alkaloids have medicinal qualities without the side effects that big Pharma is selling.

They can’t patent alkaloids so they just decided to genetically eliminate their production so they could sell you their poison.  Patented chemicals have a positive charged metabolite.  The plant alkaloids have a negative charge.  The positive charge makes you acidic.  The negative charge creates alkalinity.  The alkaloids had the ability to absorb the damage from acidic metabolites.

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a bacteria that produces proteins which are toxic to insects. Bt’s extreme toxicity comes at no surprise. It’s in the same family of bacteria as B. anthracis, which causes anthrax, and B. cereus, which causes food poisoning.  Scientists have modified this poison to make it stronger and they have now concentrated into our food supply.  Corn and soy is injected with a gene that makes it create its own BT so that it will kill the critters eating at the crop.  That corn is fed to animals.  We eat the animals.  We eat the corn syrup.  It causes disease in humans.  A study discovered that some of this mutated gene has integrated with our DNA.  Our normal bacteria in our gut are creating BT toxin.  This is why so many people are testing positive for BT toxin in their blood.  The FDA never evaluated this.  The BT corn and soy share their DNA with our gut biome and makes them produce the pesticide that makes pests stomachs explode when exposed to it.  It now punches wholes in our intestines and we develop leaky gut syndrome.  When proteins leak out of our gut it causes allergies and autoimmune diseases.  We have been genetically reprogrammed to become pesticide factories.  A leaky gut is inflamed and it allows things to get across into our bloodstream that are not meant to be there.  It makes us feel crappy.  It creates general aches and pains.  This is good, if you sell aspirin and Tylenol.

Glyposate was originally patented to clean boilers because it could strip minerals away from the metal that were corroding it.  Rats given less that 400,000 times the amount the EPA allows for humans developed birth defects.

Round Up can be hundreds of times more toxic than just Glyphosate since it has many other components that just Glyphosate.  The EPA works for Monsanto and ignores all simple evidence.  They only investigate the active ingredient in Round Up and they excuse that one as well.  GMO’s have nothing to offer with regard to their selling point, that they can feed the world.  It does not increase yield.

Glyphosate is the 800 pound gorilla in the room for why people are getting so sick.  Our parents started to get sick in their 6th decade of life.  We now see teenagers with these problems.   By 2032 one in two kids will have some form of autism.  By 2050 one in three people over the age of 60 will have Alzheimer’s.

The perfect storm of disease is happening every day in America, not like a weather condition that happens every 100 years.  The number of amalgam fillings in a mother’s mouth is proportional to how much mercury can be found in her children.  Mothers need calcium.  When they are pregnant they take it from their bones, which set the lead that collected there into the blood stream and to the baby.  Glyphosate allows aluminum, mercury, and lead to easier penetrate the blood brain barrier.  While the authorities are quick to tell us that mercury doesn’t cause autism, it can, but it can with a higher probability when you factor in all these other toxins that help it penetrate our defenses.



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