The Big One Part 6, which also happens to be a big article

The Big One Part 6, which also happens to be a big article

If you have been reading the previous 5 installments you might think that you know more than you need to about this subject, but there is so much more.

Glyphosate shuts down the cytochrome P450 pathway which is our livers way of detoxifying poisons.  So we accumulate toxins.  They get shoved into our fat cells.  But some of it does not get stored and since it also opens up the blood brain barrier behold a damaged brain.

Unexplained illness can be explained with this information.  Real detox is not a colon cleanse.  It has to be addressed at the cellular level.  Methyl donors turn on and off genes.  If you are stressed, methyl groups will regulate the cortisol.  But after the stress you need them to turn off the genes otherwise you are under constant stress.  Methylation is vital to cellular health, but we re in an epidemic of lack of it.  We are walking around methyl depleted.  We cannot adapt to life without this basic chemical reaction.

The solution to world poverty is tied into the health care crisis.  But we don’t have health care, we have sickness care.  Our farming practices are affecting the globe and in a very bad way.  It is making our planet worse.

Bio accumulation occurs from eating an animal that was commercially raised.  We are eating all the pesticides it has eaten over its life time.  It concentrates in its muscles and fat, tissues.  You are better off eating the broccoli and cauliflower that was sprayed.  Eating up the food chain requires buying organic.  Before WWII all farming was organic.  After WWII there was extra petroleum and that industry got into the fertilizer business and their products became readily available to farmers.  Around 1980 consumers started wanting to opt out of commercial industrialized food.  They wanted to eat organic again.  They were willing to compensate farmers more fairly for healthier food.  It became attractive so Commercial Agra business has gobbled up a large portion of this industry.  The authenticity of organic food is in question.  Can you produce true organic Milk on a 10,000 cow factory farm?  Can you produce organic eggs in a hen house with 100,000 birds that never go outside?  There are laws that state these animals must be allowed access to the outdoors.  Food factories get around that by making a small patio in the back of the 100,000 bird hen-house that allows a few of the first that are lucky enough to be stationed near the patio to see some sunlight.  The factory says that is in compliance with the law.  Very evil people are finding ways around the minimal amount of laws that we have to protect us.

40 years ago the age group that makes up the millennial generation now did not have 50% of themselves on numerous medications like we see today.

We don’t trust the Chinese to feed our dogs, but we trust them to supply organic food for our children.  We have had an exponential increase in food imports from countries that have endemic levels of commercial fraud.  The FDA does not do their job that they were mandated to do.  Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act in 1990.  They created the advisory panel, The National Organics Standards Board.  They designed it so that Agribusiness could not dominate this panel; in theory.  They have been infiltrated by corporate shrills.  This advisory board has been stacked with corporate farming friendly representatives.  The Foxes are in the hen-house.

There have never been any increased yields which was the big corporations selling point.  The answer to our bad health is to ask the question, who is producing all these bad chemicals and who is approving them.  90% of kids have multiple allergies because the baby formula contains GMO.  90% of the foods we buy have various dangerous chemicals or food that is dangerous.  There are now fertility clinics everywhere.  Much of our food contains endocrine disruptors and you need a proper functioning endocrine system to keep the species going.   A generation before Big Agra there was no such thing.

Monsanto does not release their seeds for research to be done on them.  We not only get produce that is sprayed with all this stuff, but we are feeding what we are eating very poisonous food.  One reason for E. Coli outbreaks is not because of broccoli that was downstream from the waste of the cows, but that the cows don’t get fed what they were intended to eat, grass.  The food we give them causes an imbalance in their guts and the E. Coli problem surfaces.

The color of the meat is different for animals that were fed GMO foods.  Nobody is doing any research about what happens when you mix Glyphosate with aluminum, toxic cleaning products, with other pesticide residues, and all the other toxic chemicals that we are coming into contact with, breathing, drinking, etc. All these things are dangerous by themselves and that is how they are studied, by themselves.  But we humans are not experiencing the poisons by themselves, we are getting hit with hundreds of different combinations that are impossible to do a double blind study on not just because of the complexity, but it would not be ethical to experiment on humans.  We are consuming too many dangerous chemicals that are meant to kill life on a daily basis.

GMO 2.0  Bill Gates, Dupont, Monsanto and others own a seed bank that is heavily protected.  Their goal is to make all farmers buy their seeds from them.  Their aim was to control the entire food supply for the world.  Now that people are getting wise to them they are coming up with a new strategy.  They are going to use some legal semantics to get their GMO’s sold without having to say they are GMO’s.  They have the power to make new rules that will allow gene silencing with RNA as an organic product.  An example is the Arctic Apple which the FDA and USDA, have allowed for sale as organic.  We are not even allowed to know where these apples are being sold.  The RNA gene silencing makes the apple unable to turn brown when sliced open.  It rots, but it looks good.  They accomplish this by suppressing the gene that would allow the apple to turn brown. They silence the gene with RNA interference.  As the old commercial would say, it is not nice to fool Mother Nature.  These mechanisms in genes developed over thousands of years for a reason.  All the laws that have been written about GMO have to do with inserting a gene from another plant species.  They can get away with this new technique because they are manipulating the gene, turning it off or through gene sequencing, editing, or engineering they are making food products with many unknown unintended consequences.

Hundreds of mutations can occur because of this new technology.

Humans require plant genes to function.  Our DNA may change because of this technology and we will all be hybrids.  The packaging for the Arctic Apple does not tell you that it is genetically engineered.  Del Monte was approved to make a new Pineapple so that it doesn’t turn yellow.  It will turn pink.  Potatoes and Wheat are coming down the highway.  Children are 20 times more susceptible to these chemicals than adults.  They are also in our cookware, packaging of foods, etc.  The government is ignoring that our children are being harmed.

90% of our society suffers multiple bouts of stress.  It takes 24 hours to digest one meal and we are eating 3-5 meals a day.  When under stress, our digestive systems slow down or stops.  Proteins putrefy, fats turn rancid, and carbohydrates ferment with this extra time they are in our digestive systems.  Besides making us sick, we are utilizing all our energy stores to try and digest all this food that has killed off our bacteria that helps us digest food.  A number one complaint in doctor’s offices is fatigue.  Having undigested food in your system for over a week is going to create disease and it can make you tired.

Corporations have forced us to become hypervigilant.  It shouldn’t have to be this hard.  But we have to worry what is in the food, what is it being cooked in.  Is it being cooked in aluminum?  Washed in bad water?  Just knowing this can create incredible amounts of stress.  This all adds up.  Our corporations are malevolent by nature.  The cure for this according to the corporations is to put your kids on prescription drugs.  Who knows if we can even find a safe place?  The earth is sick.  Our water, air, food supply is contaminated.  We are connected to the earth.  As we continue to poison the earth, we poison ourselves.

Most patients don’t even want to know why they are sick.  We are sick because we are taking in tens of thousands of chemicals every day from our food, beverages, snacks, cookware, air, vaccines, water, etc.  We are weakened further by parasites, stress, and heavy metal toxicity.  We can only process a certain amount of toxins.  After our natural elimination routes get blocked or overwhelmed, these poisons accumulate in our tissues.  Not only are all these things constipating, the BT toxin actually burns holes through our intestines and these toxins can further invade deeper into our bodies.  Don’t forget that we don’t exercise enough so that means we don’t sweat out the toxins, or breathe them out.  We don’t drink enough pure clean water so our urination pathways are not working right either.  Most women do not have normal menstrual cycles anymore and that too is an elimination route.  We become totally overburdened.

At this point our bodies dump all these toxins into one area and attempts to wall it off.  Now it becomes anyone’s guess.  If it got dumped into your pancreas your insulin cells become damaged and you become type 1 diabetic.  Most of the diabetes for awhile was type 2, created by just eating too many carbohydrates, which of course was highly recommended by our government.  Now, we are seeing more type 1 diabetes which is the more severe form.  We are seeing type 2 which is the type that you are not born with morph into type 1.  If the body dumps the toxins in the arteries you get heart disease.  Arthritis, the toxins are going to your joints.  Medicine looks at all these different diseases as if they are all different diseases.  They have no interest whatsoever if seeing the common denominator.

Obama signed into law the Monsanto protection law.  We’ve been poisoned for profit and our highest levels of government are supporting our demise.  1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, partly due to constant exposure to toxic chemicals.  The world renowned biochemist, George Carlin said it best. “The owners of the country don’t want an educated populace capable of critical thought, sitting around the kitchen table realizing how badly they are getting screwed.”  There is a huge media blackout keeping us in the dark.  The media is as corrupt as the chemical corporations seem to own them.  There is a demand for food that is not poison and they don’t report on the subject.  If they do, it is to tell us how stupid we are for not wanting to be poisoned.

When you buy junk food you are supporting people that have no regard for humanity.  We are addicted to these foods and we are supporting our own destruction.

We do not need Fluoride.  It is poisonous waste that would cost millions of dollars to discard so they figured out a way to make you pay for it.  Your teeth do not need fluoride to place calcium in them.  If they did, we wouldn’t have teeth because this only started in the early 60’s.  Glyphosate affects the tight junctions in the cells of the mouth as well.  Gum disease is epidemic in America.  It is over 80% and in some cases in Americans over the age of 35 it approaches 85% have some stage of periodontal disease.  This is one of the biggest sources for chronic low grade inflammation.  This inflammation has been linked to everything from Alzheimer’s disease to colon rectal cancer.  Triclosan was banned by the FDA or was it.  It is a pesticide.  It does not degrade.  It has lowered the ability for antibiotics to work.  We now have Triclosan resistant bacteria in our mouths.  It is the active ingredient in antibacterial soaps, liquid soaps, etc.  It is destroying our biome and that does not consider what it does when mixed with all these other chemicals we are contaminated with.  I think it is an ingredient in Colgate toothpaste.

Eric Clapton said that sugar was more addictive than heroin or cocaine.  Our nation is addicted to sugar.  Our pharmacies have two whole isles dedicated to sugar products.  The methadone of sugar are the new sugar alcohol molecules.  Xylitol, Erythritol, Sorbitol, Maltitol.  These things have been embraced by natural practitioners because they think it doesn’t affect sugar metabolism pathways.  The way it is created is by using many chemicals to form it.  It is not absorbed or metabolized by the human body.  It creates a lot of gastric issues, a lot of flatulence.  That is a sign that your body is rebelling from what you are putting in there.

Plaque is an unhealthy expression of the normal human oral biome.  Our biome is about balance.  The nuclear scorched earth policy of killing every microbe is causing much of our suffering.  Triclosan was sold because it kills germs on contact.  Commercials convinced us to kill germs 24 hours a day.  We need most of those things we were killing to survive.  Listerine had high alcohol levels.  When it was found to cause oral cancers they changed the formula to try and get the alcohol level down.  This was around the 1980’s.  At the time it was a bombshell.  There have probably been thousands of these bombs since and now all we do is yawn at best.  Eventually, companies added Triclosan and chlorhexidine and other agents to kill germs.  Since then we discovered that these germs keep us alive.  We are made of these germs.  The war on germs is a war on ourselves.  The same bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease, streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis that normally live in our mouth are not pathogenic when they are in a balanced state with each other.  They can be not only benign but beneficial.  When they get disturbed, they get very angry.  I guess you would to if you were constantly trying to be killed.  It is not a good idea to sterilize the mouth.  If we were able to do that, ecological Armageddon would have been unleashed.  The bacteria keep us alive.  Because Glyphosate increases the gap junctions between cells, they become leaky and real pathogens are able to get into the circulatory system.  Cells need to have tight junctions.  It is what makes them function together as a community.

It is like creating lots of holes in a fabric and the fabric can literally fall apart.  Modern Monsanto Scientists have convinced our government officials in charge of protecting us that it was a good idea to kill all the things that would keep us alive and healthy.  So we are seeing one of many health epidemics.  The one we’ve been discussing here is how our oral cavity is destroyed and at the other end of that is our gut and we can tell from the drug commercials on television that everyone’s gut is bothering them.

Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, gluten intolerance, ulcerative colitis, etc.  Your doctor has been trained to say it’s just autoimmune disease as if that is going to help you.  They’ll pretend that all this just came from nothing.  In fact even though it is at epidemic levels, they’ll act like you are the only one that has it.  It just flew in from space and they have no idea what is going on.  If you decide to look at this toxic foundation that is all around us, you’ll understand your problem better than the doctor that you asked.  Autoimmune disease is your body not recognizing itself.  Not surprising since we are not made of anything human these days.  Drill, fill, Bill is the way most Dentists have been trained.  They don’t seem to be aware of the connection between our mouth and our health.  Most doctors go to medical school because they are interested in the human body, but are not aware that a person comes inside.  Fluoride tooth paste and triclosan created a multibillion dollar market place for antacids.  It gets nastier.

Sulfate is one sulfur molecule and 4 oxygen atoms.  We need sulfate.  Sulfate gets stolen from one place in your body to take care of another.  We would die without it.  Insufficient sulfate damages our arteries.  Can create muscle weakness.  Statins affect the sulfate pathways.

The muscle weakness can mimic ALS.  Some people have a higher genetic predisposition for their muscles to donate sulphate molecules.  High Fructose Corn Syrup creates too much fructose in people and the liver which would normally turn it into fat can’t because the Statins are interfering with its biology.  The fat would normally get shipped out inside LDL particles.  When the liver is interfered with by the statin drug it can no longer do that because it no longer has the cholesterol molecule that it needs to get rid of the extra fat created by the extra sugar.  So the liver takes a pass on the fructose and it winds up somewhere else.  Muscle cells take up the fructose.  Glucose is what our brains need, but fructose has toxic capabilities in our bodies.  Fructose is 10 times stronger than glucose.  It creates diabetes.  The liver would normally get rid of it because it is not good for us but it no longer can because of the statins.  So the muscles do it and they get damaged by the fructose.  Good for a chiropractor, bad for you.  Statins have been shown to cause diabetes.  Muscle cells are deficient in sulfate which stops them from properly utilizing the fructose.  The muscles don’t have sulfate and it is transported by cholesterol.  Statins are used to lower cholesterol.  When you examine the actual plaque itself, which is the stuff they are giving you statins for, the plaque is actually taking in cholesterol from the LDL, the body is bury this in macrophages waiting for a sulfate molecule to come along.  The superoxides are not being created either and they produce sulfate so we get heart disease. The platelets in the plaque take the cholesterol from the macrophages that combine it with sulfate and make cholesterol sulfate.  It is a great molecule for us.  The heart needs it.  The heart is deficient in cholesterol and sulfate.  So in real life, it is the exact opposite of what the American Heart Association and all the other experts are saying.

We do not have an excess of cholesterol, heart disease is actually a deficiency.  So as they continue to treat us the wrong way for heart disease, the rate of incidence of this number one killer of Americans continues to increase.  To this day, most doctors are telling us that cholesterol is bad.  The brain is 2% of the bodies mass but consumes 20% of our oxygen and cholesterol.  The brain doesn’t get it and by wild coincidence we see an increase in Alzheimer’s like never before.  The Statins also block the vital Co Enzyme Q10 pathways.  In summary the cholesterol in heart disease is a deficiency rather than an excess.   Excess LDL is an indication of impairment of the production of Cholesterol Sulfate.  The plaque is there to help produce cholesterol sulfate that the heart desperately needs.  When the plaque is interfered with like it is with Statin drugs you wind up with heart failure, arrhythmias that are the result of insufficient cholesterol and sulfate in the heart.  They always talk about the plaque blocking the artery.  But what is causing the heart attack is the thrombosis from the blood clot.  This is a consequence of the blood being unstable.  The plaque doesn’t really interfere with the flow of blood in the artery.  Additionally the body has the ability to make bypass arteries.   The heart can compensate for a lot of the problems that doctors try and treat with Statins, but it is the Statins that are making everyone worse.  Not that it is good to have the plaque, but you are better off having the plaque than disrupting it and winding up with heart failure.  The alternative is to get more sulphate.  While Statins disrupt sulfate production so does Glyphosate.  Round Up started around 1974.  We have seen large spikes in obesity and diabetes at that time, which is associated with heart disease.

While tons of money is wasted on looking for the genes that cause autism they don’t consider that these chemicals are causing the genes to not function properly.  The American health model is built on destroying life from every possible angle.  90% of the cells in our body are foreign, they are not us; they are microbes.  We kill these microbes in the soil, in our livestock, in us.  We then are forced to take drugs that further weaken us.  It is a perfect system if you are a corporation positioned to profit from all the suffering it causes.  These microbes that everyone wants to kill perform vital functions for our bodies.  We evolved because of these microbes.  They are vital for our existence.  The mitochondria that we all learn about as the engines that provide our cells with the energy they need to perform all their functions is actually a bacterium that we absorbed somewhere back when we were just amoebas.

Sunlight helps us get sulphate.  The sunscreen industry has profited highly and while we use more of it, we have much more cancer.  It interrupts sulfate pathways and vitamin D.  The pineal gland is also an important helper of sulphate and sunglasses sit over the pineal gland.  The industry tells you how dangerous sun is.  Kind of counter intuitive since the planet developed life because of the sun and it has always been vital to all aspects of life on the planet.  Sunscreen interferes with our skins ability to produce sulphate.  Kind of similar to the super poison Glyphosate.  Our pigment is there to protect us and the industry says the opposite.  For added value the Aluminum in the sunscreen is disruptive to sulphate synthesis.

In spite of all this, pesticide use continues to climb.  By 2050 our country will be crippled by everyone having to take care of this generation that is being tormented by all of the above.


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