The Big One Part Four

The Big One Part Four

On a chemical level, Glyphosate is very similar to VX Nerve Gas which was used to kill people during war.  Glyphosate is nerve gas for plants.  You spray it and the plant starts dying immediately.  It is dead in 6 hours.  It’s gone in another 12, it just wilts away into oblivion.  If you are eating GMO’s you are eating Glyphosate resistant plants.  The plant is engineered to be resistant to it, but you are not.  Are we sure the EPA is correct by stating that it is safe for human consumption?

In California there was a lawsuit against Monsanto with 1100 people that contracted Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma from Glyphosate.  In the discovery process, it was discovered that Monsanto was paying the editor of a major science journal to censor all studies that were not in favor of Monsanto’s Round Up, Glyphosate.  They know that Monsanto is causing these illnesses and they get away with covering it up.  Just like big tobacco, Monsanto has divisions employed to deny the science against them.  There job is to create doubt and confusion, to infiltrate and corrupt the government regulators.  All this is done to prove that their poison is safe.

People might say this is crazy, but I guess that they have forgotten that the AMA used to run full page advertisements endorsing tobacco not all that long ago.  Monsanto is a giant factory of lies.  They will counter that everyone else is unscientific, but it is they that are practicing a fictitious form of science.  The European Union will not let these foods contaminated with Glyphosate in, so they get dumped on us.  They are too dangerous for Europeans, but great stuff for us.  In the U.S. there is no official limit to how much mercury can be in food.  In the E.U., Canada, and Japan, there are very strict limits.

Glyphosate is a small molecule.  It permeates everything.  A person that drank a beer from GMO barley will have Glyphosate in their urine.  It should have been destroyed in metabolism but it is in the urine because it is small enough to sneak by.  Hundreds of millions of tons of Glyphosate are sprayed by farmers every year.  This will effect generations if we were to stop now.

It is a strong chelator, which means it takes minerals where they are needed and puts them where they are not needed.  This results in micro diasters.  If it wasn’t being made by Monsanto, any scientist would say that this is a weapon of mass destruction.  This is something that a terrorist organization would want.  This will cause wide spread infertility, cancer, etc.  What is ISIS going to do to America?  Who cares, Monsanto has already done it.  Glyphosate is a weapon of mass destruction, it kills life indiscriminately.

Monsanto claims if we don’t kill more people with their poisons, then hundreds of thousands of people will starve to death.  We never had a yield problem; we have always had a distribution problem.   Tens of thousands of farmers in India have committed suicide because of Monsanto’s false promise of bigger crop yields.  What they got for more money than they could afford were crop failures.  The failures occur a few years after the Glyphosate has wiped out the microbes in the soil that the crops require to grow and live.  Sometimes the farmers commit suicide by drinking Glyphosate.

For me, what is worse than death is chronic illness, the kind created by these methods of insanity.  We have a chronicity of illness that most doctors can’t diagnose and just prescribe medications to manage a patient’s deterioration.  Supposedly, Monsanto is owned by world pharmaceutical industries and what better way to sell drugs than to get people to eat themselves into a disease state.  This money making system preys upon human suffering, disease, and death.  We are a means of production to these companies.  They don’t care about the world, they care about profits.

The crops are openly pollinated so we are going to see a lot of unintended consequences.  Oil spills will eventually go away because the microbes in the ocean eat the oil.  With GMO’s we have a self replicating destructive mechanism.  We have plants that can cross contaminate other vital plants.  Imagine Thalidomide on steroids. The wind didn’t spread Thalidomide.

Another form of our destruction is with new RNA techniques. RNA fragments are used to cause infertility in insects.  These RNA fragments can combine with our DNA.  For a clinic that charges $500,000 dollars to get you pregnant this is a good thing.

The technology to create corn that will create mass depopulation of our planet exists.  It’s almost as if nature knows that the only way to survive is to kill us off.  Well maybe it could just kill our scientists that think this is going well.  Some worse things are happening in the lab and the USDA approves everything that Monsanto wants.  There is no resistance from the USDA or EPA, they work for Monsanto.

In 1990 the EPA regulated bio sludge which was all the human waste from cities, concentrated and freeze dried and then spread not only on our food supply but play grounds where children played in it.  The EPA stands for the environmental pollution agency.  The EPA works in collusion with the worst polluters.  They have legalized the mass contamination of our world, yet they will arrest you if you try and collect rain water.   The EPA has abandoned science long ago.  EPA employees are thinking about how they can make industry happy so that they can leave the EPA and get a better job with the industry they are supposed to be protecting us from.

Chances are, they’ll deny that.  This is called the revolving door and it is very well known or also known as regulatory capture.  Industry infiltrates the regulatory agencies.  It promises these people money after they leave.  If you work at the EPA or USDA, your job is to appease the industries you are supposed to be monitoring.  It is a complete con performed under the banner of science.  People will believe anything if you say the word science.  The public welfare is entrusted to these corrupt agencies.  Our tax dollars pay for them to help make us sick.  If you don’t believe there is a swamp in D.C. then you have not been paying attention.

Government should never fund science and most of it is funded by our politicians that always have their hand out for donations from the people trying to kill us.  A scientist must find the result that they are being funded for by the government.  If a scientist does not go along, they get fired, defunded, and academically and financially destroyed.  They are black listed for life.  We now have a science tyranny and if you blow the whistle, it has been documented that government agents will come to your house in the middle of the night.  This leads to the following two thoughts.

The Truth is only a problem for those that oppose it.

At the highest levels of power, war is always being waged.


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