The Big One Part Two

The Big One Part Two

Our farm bill pays farmers not to grow food and that kind of politics is a major problem for why there might not be enough food.  These policies create scarcities to increase prices.  In 1945 Americans were growing 45% of their food in Victory Gardens.  Stacking people on top of each other in little areas of land, called urban life was a reason for outsourcing our food that we use to grow ourselves.  With these cities, we artificially built civilization differently than how we existed previously, although there were a few cities in ancient times like Rome.  Romans couldn’t grow food in their backyards either, but they maintained the ancient traditions between man and his land that he grew food on.

While some of this is complex and confusing there is one thing I’m certain about.  The Romans didn’t use Round Up.  99% of Round Up when sprayed on its target misses its target and it winds up in our water table as wash off, it never reaches the weed it was intended to kill.  We started drinking Round Up by the 1990’s.  Because Round Up killed everything it touched, farmers didn’t use it as much as Monsanto wanted them to.  So they now called their weed killer a desiccant or drying agent and it was used by Wheat Farmers because Wheat has to be dry for a couple of days before it can be harvested.  If it gets wet while waiting the farmer has to wait another 3 days before he can cut it.  If it snows early the wheat farmer is in a very dangerous situation.  They can lose their entire crop.  So Monsanto sold farmers on drying their crops early with Round Up.  If your farm was in the south instead of up north, you could now kill your wheat early and grow two crops. This was around 1992 which is still pre GMO.  This was the first time a Glyphosate was used to speed up crop production.  Up until then, nobody thought about killing their crop with poison in order to harvest it sooner.

We can buy ripe avocados and other produce all year round because we are short cutting nature.  Fruit from Chile in our winter time would normally be rotten by the time it got to the states.  So it is picked prematurely and ripened with ethylene gas that is in the transport cases.  It arrives ripe but not rotten.  That is the opposite of wheat where they kill it prematurely and don’t let it ripen naturally.  Nature designs all produce to be optimally full of nutrients through its normal process of staying in the soil and having its root system suck up all the nutrients possible.  We don’t get those nutrients anymore.  We now have gluten allergies because the GMO changes the ratios of what was once what nature intended us to eat.  Farming has added Glyphosate that synergistically effected gluten and made us sensitive to it.  Gluten has always been in our diet but we are now sensitive to it because the ratio of it in our food has gone out of balance.  In the 1990’s we all of a sudden started seeing celiac disease become very popular.  This is an autoimmune reaction to the new GMO gluten.  That was 1990, now we have 18 million people with this disease.

Glyphosate attacks the cell membranes in the intestine and up regulates the receptors for gliadin which is a gluten breakdown product that causes the gluten sensitivity.  We have created an abnormal crop with high gluten to fiber ratios and simultaneously we had a toxin that was synergistic with the gluten and it’s by products to create a lot of suffering.

90% of the food at grocery stories contains corn or soy that is genetically modified.  These are not great foods to start with.  American corn is injected with Bt that is an insecticide that they shove into the kernel inside the seed, so that if an insect tries to eat it, it’s stomach explodes.

But how could that do anything to your stomach? ( sarcasm alert)  The presidents counsel on cancer stated that 41% of us are going to get cancer in our lifetime due to these environmental poisons.

We eat animals that eat this stuff and are raised so horrendously that they need to be given antibiotics constantly to survive their environment.  It’s a good idea not to eat animals that were fed poison, but our government thinks it’s a better idea that you don’t know.  Engineered food makes us addicted to it.  The food industry wants profits at your expense of bad health.

At least we have a lot of expensive drugs that we can buy when we eat ourselves into disease.  Big Pharma and Agra own our politicians.  They own the FDA and EPA and they get laws passed that make it hard for us to not eat their poison.  95% of Americans will test positive for Glyphosate in their urine.

What is the big deal if we eat an apple or potato that won’t brown if you slice it open and expose it to air?  To get the apple or potato to do that they use double stranded RNA.  RNA is usually a single strand, but somehow they got it to fold back on itself.  It turns out that kind of RNA can bind itself with our DNA.  That means certain gene sequences can be altered or silenced creating havoc with your health.  Is it worth it?  Ask your doctor, he’ll say yes it is because he has no idea what you are asking him since there are thousands of commercials asking you to ask your doctor.  He can’t keep up.

Golden Rice is genetically modified to create beta carotene.  It was designed to give starving people vitamin A.  Vitamin A deficiencies cause serious diseases such as blindness.  Beta carotene does not convert to vitamin A without fat and most starving people don’t have any extra fat.  More importantly, they are altering the DNA which has the unintended consequence of changing other genes that control other pathways and toxins are created that can cause as much harm as the vitamin A deficiency.   You might have to eat 22 bowls of this new rice a day to get the necessary amount of vitamin A.  But for 5 cents a year you could give a mega dose of vitamin A to these poor people avoiding destroying their genes.

There are just two things that a molecular biologist does not understand, molecules and biology.  Promotion of GMO’s is proportional to suppression of evidence against them.  If a scientist speaks out against GMO technology they are destroyed.

Since glyphosphate is everywhere, just not eating non GMO food is not going to help all that much.  GMO’s are what are causing the increase in infertility, allergies, fatigue, autoimmune diseases.  The dollars that you spend on drugs to combat these problems could buy you healthy food and have a lot left over.  Medical expenses are one thing, but how do you put a price tag on the loss of quality of life.

Part 3 to be out soon.

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