This could be the big one/this is the big one.

This could be the big one/this is the big one.

The next couple of blogs are notes that I took from an actual 9 Episode 20 hour program on Genetically Modified Food.  If you think this is going to be boring you are going to be surprised.  Well, it was very exciting information for me and I already know this stuff, so I thought.  I learned a lot that I was not aware of and I think you may too.  Here is how it all got started.

After the collapse of the food bowl into the dust bowl in the 1930’s we had a great famine.  The dust bowl occurred partially because farming was no longer using the methods of composting set down for generations.  After WWII we had no more ships and tanks to pour petroleum into so they started pouring it on our crops and it was very successful since petroleum fertilizers contained a lot of nitrogen derivatives necessary for plants to grow.  Instead of fixing our soil management, they figured out a way to grow food with just NPK fertilizers.  There have been numerous articles written on the dangers of NPK fertilizer, but in a nutshell, if a mineral is not in the soil, the plant can’t make it.  We need dozens of minerals to function but NPK only provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.  They figured out that they can make a nice looking tomato with just those 3 ingredients so why bother investing in anything more into the soil.

Using only three nutrients to grow crops at the expense of all the other nutrients is a major reason for our incredibly poor health today. Not only has our immune systems been weakened by this, but so are our crops.  They have become prone to insects, fungi, and viruses, hence the need for more herbicides. They never asked why are our crops failing, they just took the wrong path because it was profitable.  The chemical companies from WWII that made our weapons were glad to solve this problem of weak plant immune systems by producing herbicides and insecticides.

By 1970 this was the main method for farming.  Along came Vietnam and the chemical industry figured out how to deforest a country with agent Orange.  Monsanto profited well by killing plants in Vietnam.  When the war ended, they needed to figure out what to do with their chemicals.  Luckily for Monsanto, they realized that there was one human quality that was consistent throughout the entire world, nobody liked to weed.  And that is the short version of how we got to this health destroying chemical based food system that we have today.  This set the stage for the GMO industry.  Instead of war on enemies we have a war on humans with our food system.

A change in the genetics of our crops has led to epidemics of obesity, collapsing metabolism, failing immune systems, increased auto immune diseases, cancer, etc.  These people are actually feeling the war against their food.  We are a nation obsessed with killing germs.  Whether it is on the counter or on our kid’s hands, we are wiping out our biodiversity, our biome, which is all the different bacteria that makes us human.  For every human cell, we have thousands of bacterial cells to help support us.  They are what digest our food.  Our medical system and our farming system use this same concept of killing all bacteria.  They are wiping out our plants abilities to be healthy, which affects the end consumer, you.  We literally have a war on plants.  Nature’s purpose may seem contrary to ours, but if nature wants bugs and doesn’t get them, something surprising is going to happen.  Nature’s purpose was probably not to grow 1 million acres of corn next to each other.

The chemicals that were developed in the 50’s and 60’s created weeds that were resistant to them.  So in the 70’s Monsanto made a group of toxins called organophosphates, the agent orange that we saw wipe out jungles.  They saw how toxic it was to our soldiers so they played around with it and came up with glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Round Up, the most successful herbicide the industry has ever known.  Glyphosate has at its core, glycine, one of the essential amino acids out of the 26 that are found in all life.  Only 26 building blocks are necessary to build a 70 trillion cell organism, us.  They have used a key ingredient for life and made a powerful toxin that is water soluble.  Most toxins in nature are fat soluble.  We store a lot of the bad stuff we consume in our fat tissue.  The bad guys can get sequestered in fat.  That is good because it is not circulating in your blood.  Well, now it is because it is water soluble.  It can go everywhere such as the water table and eventually to your brain.  But before it goes there, it gets into the ecosystem by going up into the clouds and then raining down, raining down on everything including you, so visiting Whole Foods may not be all that it is cracked up to be.

Organophosphates were discovered by a Japanese scientist in the late 50’s and he shelved it because he knew it was bad stuff.  Monsanto bought the pattern at bargain basement prices.  It was originally patented to be an antibiotic, not a weed killer.  Immediately this makes them liars since they claim it has no human biologic toxicity.  The way it kills everything is it has the ability to block the plant’s shikimate enzyme pathway that creates the aromatic ring seen in lower life forms biological compounds.  One thing it stops making is tryptophan.  You may remember that tryptophan is vital for children and if they don’t have it they die even though the FDA banned it because a batch was contaminated.  This enzyme pathway affects us because even though humans don’t have it, the virus, fungi, plants need it for all kinds of functions.  That pathway produces aromas and colors, which is how plants reproduce.   The color of a bird helps it attract a mate.  99% of all nature that depends upon colors and aromas and they are dependent upon the amino acid tyrosine.  Tyrosine is disturbed by Glyphosate.  This is one way it kills the weeds from reproducing.  Of course it is affecting the entire food chain.  Glyphosate also sucks all the minerals to itself which means the produce doesn’t get any and therefore we do not even get the basics like Calcium.  That means Grandma ate a whole lot better than we did.  The plants also die from malnutrition created by the Glyphosate.

Glyphosate came off patent in 2007 and most of it is made in China now.  They say it only blocks the enzyme pathways of bacteria and plants so it does not harm humans.  Humans don’t have the shikimate enzyme pathway.  That is their selling point.  However, the pathway that is blocked by Glyphosate makes our essential amino acids.  Essential means we can’t make them, so we have to eat them, but they are not being made for us to eat.  The majority of our building blocks we can make, but not all of them and we are not getting them because Monsanto is selling a product that destroys our food chain and biome.  Four of our essential building blocks are destroyed by Monsanto products.  Monsanto says it doesn’t block anything but the pathways in plants, not humans, but humans rely on those plants for their sustenance.  We are terribly compromised by our farming systems.

Some scientists think this will be the end of human existence, but our politicians take Monsanto’s word for it.  After all, why would they lie?  Said slightly differently, politicians like donations from Monsanto. Monsanto justifies this by stating that we have to feed 7 billion people or they will starve to death.  Tens of thousands of people are dying every day in Sub Saharan Africa from starvation, so we are not feeding the world.  We can take GMO’s off the market and have the same results we have today, which is a lot of people starving because of politics, bad food distribution systems, not because of quantities of food. There were billions of people on earth in 1995 when GMO’s came out.  We had enough food then to feed people.  We were feeding the world 20 years ago and we can feed the world now without GMOs.


Part 2 coming up in a few days.


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