Should we blame all our problems on Lucy?

Should we blame all our problems on Lucy?

3.2 million years ago Lucy was the first hominid to stand up. This in turn caused her brain to become triple in size. This happened because we had to make a new super computer to fight earth’s gravity. Our posture developed the evolution of the human super brain. Our posture literally made us human.

If Lucy was to see kids today, bent over, playing games on their phones she would probably wonder why she bothered to stand up in the first place. Postural distortion patterns steal your health and your dignity although, I wonder how much dignity is left after pokemon go?

A chiropractor’s adjustment facilitates 3.2 million years of evolution. That is going to be a tough one to explain and I hope you are sure that you want to know all that.

People with a flexor dominated posture (bent forward) will experience a 1.14 percent increase in early mortality. 64% will have much better odds of a heart attack, depression. Forward posture restricts lung capacity and according to all medical textbooks, that alone creates the number one cause of all disease, which is hypoxia. Having less oxygen makes all our membranes fragile and when they start breaking down away you go and not to a nice place. They have discovered you have a better chance of dementia just because of forward leaning posture, which happens to be an epidemic in our society. Almost everything we do has us leaning forward. We are bent over all day on computers. You probably didn’t know that your device can create digital dementia. Your phone winds up definitely being smarter than you. Do you have digital dementia? If you sit 8 hours a day you have a better chance of getting it.

The Millennial generation is the first generation attached to their devices. They get their occipital lobe, the lobe for visual stimulation thousands of times more stimulated than their frontal lobes, those lobes of good ole thought. Yes, that can create a whopping imbalance. Well at least our kids are not getting sicker from all this. That is sarcasm at its highest level.

We use objects to define our identity, it is called objective referral. Self referral is where we identify with our inner self, the essence of our soul. We should have an internal state of joy that is not dependent upon whether we remembered to ask our doctors for some drugs to calm us. Chiropractors work with the energy that runs our bodies not chemicals to fool our physiology that is reacting to all the crazy things we do to ourselves.

In western medicine the disease model is you either have too much or too little. Your thyroid is either hyperthyroid or hypothyroid. If you work too much, you are a workaholic. If too little you are lazy. Too much sex, you’re a nymphomaniac. Too little you’re frigid. Everything is either too much or too little. Somewhere in the middle is considered just right, healthy. Just like Goldilocks.

Let’s view this with a different model. Water. Stick your hands in ice and steam and tell me it is the same thing. Medicine would say it is the same because after all, it is just H2O. They are interested in the chemical makeup. They are not capable of understanding the energy force that drives our nervous system. They certainly are not going to think of the force of gravity and how the special gravity receptor nerves in our spines, the nerves that were needed in order for Lucy to stand up, well they are just not going to appreciate what any of that has to do with health. I think that is one reason why we are now the sickest generation in human history. While doctors try and keep you from having too much or too little, while they play Goldilocks with chemicals and your health, chiropractors maintain your nervous system from running to hot or cold by adjusting that energy level at its root source, the brain, via the nerves in the spine that the brain is dependent upon for optimal function.

The digital age brought us some really great stuff, but it also gave us digital dementia. Just having a better posture can combat some of the effects of this digital dementia lifestyle disease that we are giving ourselves.

Postural distortions when recorded with sophisticated equipment blur our cortical maps. Our brains work in such a way that the more precise the input of information the better the output will be. We used to hear it more simply a few decades ago as garbage in garbage out, but we know a lot more now.

When a chiropractor adjusts your spine it inhibits the flexor muscles, which are located on the front surface of our bodies. When those muscles contract away, we get pulled over into bad postural positions. Our entire society is geared to forward leaning posture and you need back muscles to combat it.

Brain based postural correction is the way of the future in healthcare. When I was a kid this was the extent of what parents, doctors, and scientists understood about posture. Stand up straight. O.K. keep moving, nothing to see here, well, except that to a chiropractor, inclination of the head and shoulders, protrusion of the shoulders, indicate higher levels of sadness and depression.

Reduced walking speed, arm swing, and vertical head movements are also associated with depression and sadness. Just breathing better can help that. But when our ribs are not moving correctly we are not getting our full tidal volume of oxygen. The number one cause of all disease in humans is hypoxia, not enough oxygen. The number one cause of hypoxia in humans is faulty chest wall mechanics according to medical journals. Nowhere in those journals did it say that chiropractors fix the number one cause of all disease every day in their practice.

Posture affects all human function, both consciously and subconsciously. From breathing to thinking, your posture matters. Patients with fibromyalgia present with flexor dominant posture. That would lead to less oxygen and is one reason for why they are fatigued. By the way, they also call it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They used to think it was a form of Epstein Barr virus. They thought a lot of things, but they never thought of bringing chiropractors into the conversation.

What else is forward leaning posture good for? Heart attacks. The Archives of Internal Medicine 2006 mentioned that connection.

A fall in a person 60 and over is their leading cause of death. Proper posture prevents injurious falls in the elderly. The neurology for that is complex and I’ll spare you for now.

Not just old people are leaning over. A child’s backpack should not exceed 10% of their body weight.

Good posture decreases cortisol which is the stress chemical that causes all kinds of disease when it hangs around to long.

Tech Neck is a modern day health epidemic affecting millions of people. Step away from your phone and pick up your head. There, I just saved you a lot of misery. A slouched posture for just 5 minutes can increase spinal cord transmission errors.

Lots of kids seem to have those inhalers these days for asthma. Better posture can open airways as well.

Inefficient posture can lead to pathologic dysfunction. Advanced stages of postural dysfunction are correlated with structural deviations impeding efficient air exchange. This elicits a sympathetic response and that can cause the creation of nociceptive chemicals, the things that increase pain. That is also known as stress.

Can’t get pregnant? Posture affects hormonal production. Homeostasis and autonomic regulation are intimately connected with posture. Gee, I wonder if headaches have anything to do with posture? Kidding, forward head posture is directly related to frequency of tension headaches.

85% of Americans report taking a break at work due to pain and discomfort resulting in an average of 15 minutes to 2 hours of time lost each day from pain.

When dating you might want to consider that 93% of communication is non-verbal, so maybe it wasn’t that bad joke you told. Your posture may be betraying you.

I can’t promise you’ll have a better dating experience, but you will be a lot healthier with regular chiropractic care.

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