A few hundred years ago, Americans had a 4 to 1 ratio of Omega 6’s to 3’s.  Now with our modern western diet and sedentary lifestyle, our ratios are approximately 25 to 1.  The higher number is the bad fats.  Said in another way, that is very not good for you.  That is a major contribution towards our current chronic life style diseases, which is the major category for death.  Why would the numbers 25 to 1 causes so much destruction?

That total imbalance between good fats and bad fats makes us hyper pro inflammatory.  The best blood test you can take that would indicate how healthy you are is the C reactive protein, or CRP.  Doctors and hospitals will not order that test because the insurance companies insist that it is an experimental test and will not cover it, even though it has been around as an accurate test for over 50 years.  But if you pay for the test you can find out just how well your body is doing in fighting the inflammation that you create when you eat fake food, which most of our foods in supermarkets are.

Cheaply processed fish oil also has too many 6’s in it.  Beware when you buy 500 gallons of fish oil at Costco for $10.  The label says Fish oil, but it may only contain 300 mg of omega 3’s and the rest of it is the unfiltered out 6’s.  The diet of man 200 years ago was not Taco Bell and KFC.  They didn’t need the extra omega 3 concentrations.   While real fish have 3’s and 6’s in nature, and our ancestors used to benefit from just eating the whole fish, our modern lifestyle requires that we supplement with as much omega 3’s as possible.

Right now in Japan at Sushi counters they are running Geiger counters over the fish because of the radiation from the damaged  Fukishima nuclear plant.  Look at the labels.  The certifications from MSC means it is from sustainable fishing grounds.  GOED , global organization for EPA and DHA created strict requirements for fish oil.   NSF is another certification.   Rancid, oxidized fish oil is fat soluble, which means you cannot urinate out all of the toxins.  They stay in you.  DPA is known as the missing Omega.  EPA and DHA are the next best thing.  We don’t want to club a baby seal to get the DPA.  Is prescription fish oil better?  In a big word, no.

You can Google Omega Quant.  It is a self test to figure out how much fish oil you need.  But eating rancid poorly produced fish oil will create more harm than good.

One cause of all the extra Autoimmune disease we now see is this bad ratio mentioned above.  Autoimmune disease is treated by suppressing the symptoms.  If you don’t get to the root cause of it, it will only get worse.  I mention it all the time, but a leaky gut is letting in proteins that cause your immune system to over react.   The foods we eat are contaminated with many strong toxins and they destroy the bacteria in our gut that would prevent those proteins from entering into a place that they are not supposed to.  Once in our blood stream away goes your immune system until it breaks down and attacks you.

Mold make mycotoxins that are making us very sick and it is partly an epidemic due to the way we build houses.  Glutathione helps detoxify.  The sickest people often do not have adequate methylation pathways.  Your doctor is most likely not going to suggest any of this.  We need simple B complex to help our methylation pathways.  But Glutathione is a super nutrient for getting complex biological systems to work.

Nitric oxide seems to be helpful for diabetes.  It is a very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  It can reverse arterial plaque, can heal heart muscle, and dilates arteries.  It can heal the endothelial wall which is a lining of the blood vessels.  It can absorb plague and put it  back into lymphatic system.  It is not just a vasodilator.  How do I get my Nitric Oxide?  I eat beets.

Arginine is a mechanism to activate the nitric oxide.  However, it can trigger too much of the Nitric Oxide and that can create free radicals and that creates inflammation and damage.  Less Arginine and a little of citrulline would be preferable.  You can purchase delicious Citrulline at no additional charge when you buy a Watermelon.  Nitric Oxide increases energy by increasing oxygenation. It increases lymphatic contractions.  That gets the bad stuff out.  Viagra sucks all the Nitric Oxide out of your body and delivers it to the penis.  As if men were not dumb enough already?  Nitric Oxide is the grandchild to nitroglycerine.  But Nitroglycerine depletes your all around levels of Nitric Oxide.  Transfused blood requires Nitric Oxide to remain stable.  So eat your beets.

2 grams of Arginine, 1 gram of citrulline, Lots of Beets.  Take B12 and antioxidants to counter act free radicals.  If arginine is not buffered properly, it can cause herpes outbreaks.  Again, our soils are so depleted we need to supplement.

Mitochondrial dysfunction can be detected with the simple blood tests CRP and A1C.  They test for chronic inflammation and chronic glycation (eating too much sugar).  If these are elevated you are headed towards all kinds of chronic diseases.

One last scattered thought on this subject.  We have trillions of cells in our microbiome.  There DNA is mixing with ours.  They communicate with our brain and our brain will respond to what they are saying.  Our micro biomes are all different.  They are under constant attack from our environment and what we eat.  It seems as if our government’s recommendations are hell bent on destroying what makes us healthy.  We cannot be healthy without our bacteria/microbiome.    A compromised gut/microbiome makes us immuno compromised.  We should build up our guts if being healthy is a concern of yours.  We have millions of different strains of bacteria fighting hard for us.  If we by a probiotic it usually contains about 7 strains.  That means you are favoring those 7 and crowding out the others.  You want to take as many different strains as possible and an easy way to do that is to eat fermented foods.


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