The Science of Death and Destruction. Part 4

The Science of Death and Destruction.  Part 4

Cells have a preferred fat and it happens to be body fat.  Short-chain saturated fatty acids get into the mitochondria with the most ease so of course they are preferred.  It is typically eight carbon molecules long.  You kind of know this if you ever put gasoline in your car that required a high octane fuel.  Octane’s whether for your car’s engine or your body’s engine are very desirable fuels because their structure allows them to enter cells more readily and burn better.

When the body is storing fat it modifies the fat so that they can be later released easily in that octane form.  One of the best fats is olive oil which is a mono saturated fat with a double bond in the middle of its 16 long carbon chain.  It is easy for our body to split that in half and we wind up with that high octane fuel.  This is nature’s design, for our own body fat to be the most pristine fuel.  This formula for good fuel is very specific in its proportions and we mess that up when we eat poisonous vegetable oil.

We have 7 to 10 times higher polyunsaturated fat accumulations in our tissue than we did in the 1940s.  That fat builds up in the body like a toxin and makes it difficult to burn the good fat.  These fats are like a toxic waste dump and our bodies do not know how to get rid of it.  The reason why we get hungry even though we have thousands of extra calories is because these bad fats block the energy that is required by the mitochondria so they are in a constant state of being not satiated.  Even a lean person with 10 to 12% body fat has hundreds of thousands of calories of energy stored in their fat.  What can you do with 100,000 cal of energy you ask?  You could run from Los Angeles to San Francisco for starters.

When Ancel Keys started his nationwide experiment on all of us, by telling us to abandon the way we have eaten throughout our evolution, it was the beginning of tens of millions of death sentences being handed out.  This happened by profoundly altering the biochemistry of our cells.  We used to start burning off fat a few hours after we ate our breakfast.  That doesn’t happen anymore as you can see.  When our bodies can’t burn fat we become sugar addicts.  The fat is locked up in the fat closet because of high levels of insulin from sugar.  We then require more cortisol to help the liver get us some more energy.  Hence the advent of energy drinks that are also incredibly horrible for us.  Once consumed, the caffeine may coax your liver into letting out some fats.  However, if those fats are vegetable oil your mitochondria are not going to accept them because if they do they’ll die.  So our mitochondria are starving for energy and we’re starving to eat some sugar that is not good for us.

You do not have to depend on willpower, you can leverage your hormones to lose weight.  Just by starting with a high-fat breakfast, which is insulin neutral, you’re going to have a better chance at losing weight.  The typical breakfast of coffee with sugar and donuts spikes your insulin, which eventually makes your blood sugar levels plummet, and not only do you get fat, you get brain fog along with your diabetes.  This will create an energy roller coaster that lasts all day.  You are going to get hungry, you’ll binge, you’ll get drowsy and stupid, and then you’ll get hungry and binge again.  You’d be much better off starting your day with bacon and eggs and butter, the things that for the past 50 years your doctors and government told you would give you a heart attack.

Cortisol is present in in higher amounts in the morning because a long time ago we didn’t have a pop tart or an eggo to stick in a toaster, we had to go out and gather food and that required energy.  That is a purpose of cortisol the stress hormone.  While having cortisol all day is not good for you because it’s very stressful, it is very good fuel in the morning when it’s naturally there to help you burn your stored fat.  You will burn that fat if you don’t eat carbohydrates and vegetable oil.  A good rule of thumb is if what you’re eating came out of a box or wrapper it probably has vegetable oil in it.

There’s a big distinction between burning fat and burning body fat.  What you want is to burn body fat.  If you are just burning fat you maybe burning the fat that you just ate.  That is not going to help you lose weight.  If you can’t burn body fat you are going to be hungry again.  Ketones are not quite octane.  However, they are the fuel mitochondria love.  Octane’s and ketones are your body’s best fuel.  They help your mitochondria operate very efficiently and when they do, less inflammation is created.  Remember, inflammation is the root, common denominator of most disease.  It takes a lot of executive planning to live healthy in a world that doesn’t want you to be healthy.

Cancer is now considered a metabolic disease not a genetic disease.  Once you understand what the metabolic problem is at the cell level, cancer becomes a manageable disease.  Cancer cells require fuels to grow.  Glucose and glutamine are fuels that are fermented by ancient metabolic pathways.  They get reactivated in a cancer cell.  If you take away the fermentable fuels the tumors disappear.  They die because their respiration is affected.  Most oncologists are looking at gene mutation,s which are downstream effects of the damage to the respiratory processes.

In 1953 when DNA was discovered it was so phenomenal that every other aspect of science took a backseat to it.  It used to be that physics was the premier field of science.  Biology was an obscure field.  It was hard to quantitate things in biology.  Biochemistry was moving in that direction, but biology remained a wishy-washy field.  It was looked down upon.  Discovery of DNA as the genetic material moved the field of biology into a molecular realm.  This brought the science closer to what was accomplished in physics, things could be measured.  The field exploded and ran off in the direction of chasing genes.  Today, it is still popular and the scientists want to monitor and mark your gene mutations from your tumor.  These mutations are mostly irrelevant, yet we spend billions of dollars on studying them.


The tumor cells are growing because they are fermenting and you take away the fuel, which is sugar they stop growing.  There is no scientific reason to use all these expensive toxic chemicals to fight cancer when you can simply stop eating sugar and carbohydrates.  Doctors should be using medicines that lower blood sugar and block glutamate as the treatment for cancer.  This would be a better way to stop cancer without harming the rest of the cells in the body.  This would also save hundreds of billions of dollars and nobody in the cancer industry wants that.  They may say that they want to target the cell, but there therapies damaged the physiology of the cell.  The majority of cancer therapies today will cause significant adverse effects.  Cancer patients fear the treatment as much as they fear the disease and they should.  A very healthy person given these treatments will become very sick.  People that are misdiagnosed with having cancer were given these treatments and became very sick or died.  In the future it will be determined that the way we treated cancer was absolutely barbaric and should have had nothing to do with modern medicine.

We need to see cancer as a metabolic disease.  The cells are proliferating because they cannot respirate.  They turn on their ancient metabolic pathways, which helps them divide more.  The goal should be to stop the proliferation by starving them of the two fuels they use to proliferate.  If you give the body non-fermentable fuels nothing will be harmed.

Stay tuned for part 5.


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