But What Is It Good For?

For the people that like proof.

*Chiropractic helps reverse neuro-degeneration. (Diseases like alzheimer’s, dementia, parkinson’s, MS, etc) (Lipton 1994 & 2011 Research)

*Chiropractic helps you express your DNA and can actually help change bad gene expression into good gene expression. (called epigenetics…Francis 2011 Research)

*Chiropractic can slow the aging of every organ in your body. (lengthens telomeres…Blackburn 2009 Research)

*Chiropractic improves brain activity and function. (2007 Neurophysiology Research)

*Chiropractic improves immune function. (2004 & 20011 Research)

Chiropractic was never intended to be just for neck and back pain relief.  I’ve been going all my life because I somehow knew the results of these studies listed above before the research was in.  Lucky guess perhaps?

“Buying an iphone just for the calculator is like using Chiropractic care just for pain!”  I borrowed this from Dan Sullivan.

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