We can age less with a little help from 9th grade Chemistry.

We can age less with a little help from 9th grade Chemistry.

O.K. they didn’t teach this in 9th grade, but a few concepts from back then can be applied to the accumulated minerals theory of aging.

Two pretty common discussed methods for longevity these days are to turn on a family of survival genes known as Sirtuins. Red wine is supposed to help that, but the amount of resveratrol in the wine needed to make that happen could make you an alcoholic and you could die from liver cirrhosis before seeing the benefit of living longer.

You can deprive yourself of food. Eat very little and go hungry all day. This doubled the health and lifespan of laboratory animals. I’ve seen the way you eat so this would probably work for you as well. Kidding, chances are I have not seen you eat, but chances also are that this works for humans.

A newer theory on how this works is that chelators that cleave minerals halt the accumulation of minerals. Scientists feel that this may be what reverses biological aging. We have known that the telomeres, the little caps like you have on the end of your shoe laces, but only these caps are on our DNA break down with age and let our DNA go to pieces by getting shorter. Chelation keeps the minerals away by lengthening the telomeres. Supposedly, keeping the minerals away activates survival genes. It explains calorie restriction because most likely you are not taking in as many minerals. But we need minerals to live longer and be healthy is what I have heard all my life?

There are many theories about what is making us age, the mitochondrial theory, the antioxidant theory, the wear-and-tear theory, the hormonal theory, but whatever is making us old is not happening when we are growing.

The over mineralization theory of aging suggests that while we are busy growing we can’t get enough minerals because they are being used up rapidly since for one, our bones are getting bigger. Copper is needed to make connective tissue. Iron is in millions of red blood cells. By the time we are 18 we usually have stopped growing. They say men die sooner because women are spared the consequences of over mineralization by donating calcium to their babies and dumping iron once a month with their period. By the age of 40, men can have four times the amount of calcium and twice as much iron stored in their bodies compared to women. Men experience almost double the rate of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Women that underwent a hysterectomy at an early age suffer the same rate of disease as males. Additionally, as women become menopausal, the cessation of estrogen from their ovaries may be what is creating calcium deposits to their arteries from their bones, which create osteoporosis. There seems to be evidence that women that give birth later in life, after 40 live longer because they are donating these minerals.

A population study has been cited as well. Men on Crete live a number of years longer than men in The Netherlands. The iron storage number for men on Crete was of 69.8 A healthy range is 20-70. The Dutch men had a value of 134.2. Humans seem to calcify and rust as they get older. People that consume diets high in dairy products and red meat age faster from the calcium and iron. So the new theory goes that lengthening our telomeres alone will not make us live longer. Telomeres are an age marker, but not what are going to determine alone how long we go.

It is the loose metals that are not attached to binding proteins that seem to be the problem. These loose metals just like in our chemistry class, increased oxidation. We don’t want to be oxidized. (rust) Is it the starving that makes us live longer or the iron, calcium, and copper that is not consumed? In labs, they can accelerate brain aging with certain sugars, but when also put on calorie restriction, they attribute these smart rats staying smart because they were limiting the amount of iron accumulation up there.

We do know for certain, you don’t want calcium in your coronary arteries. I was quite happy when they did the CAT Scan of my arteries which is how they measure coronary calcium, to learn that I had zero. I attribute that to a few dietary behaviors that chelate my minerals. I have always cautioned patients not to take a cheap source of calcium such as Tums since it will do damage to you even if your doctor and television set recommends it.

Kidney stones are a sign of aging and they correlate with high coronary artery scores. Most post menopausal women are told to take calcium, but that calcium is winding up in arteries instead of bones. Estrogen is what keeps Calcium in bones where it belongs. The wrong kind of estrogen, the kind often used in replacement therapy creates many problems. It turns out that resveratrol has the ability to act like natural estrogen and can restore bone volume.

Resveratrol accomplishes this indirectly by controlling iron. It also prevents age-related bone loss without activation of estrogen-sensitive tissues. It also works for men. Other natural anti-calcifying agents are vitamin D, vitamin K and IP6. I use real vitamin C bioflavonoids to process iron.

To make this more complicated or easier to understand, metals influence genes and they can turn them on or off, which is called gene expression or gene silencing. Resveratrol’s life-prolonging effects are attributed to the Sirtuin genes. Resveratrol activates the Sirtuin 1 gene by chelating copper. Said a much easier way, we need minerals, but we need quality minerals that are going to be able to be chelated. So we need more than just minerals, we need all the co factors, nutrients that would allow us to keep these metals from becoming dangerous to our health. So you could eat iron filed down from your bicycle or you could eat iron from Spinach that was grown in soil, whose roots had access to its biome, the bacteria it needs to convert that raw iron into organic iron.

We need to have our minerals in a balanced ratio like our zinc to copper. When we have our metal metabolism functioning optimally we can reduce the incidence of many of the chronic diseases that are now becoming very stylish. We have seen aging studies where the culprit was more copper than zinc. Copper:Zinc ratios can produce inflammation which is now the theory of everything disease related. People have undergone chelation therapy to reduce their mineral overloads. Some studies have shown the same benefit by just getting your zinc in order. Which means chelating out copper and that can be done with resveratrol. Those red wine drinkers in Europe don’t have the same health issues we have and maybe it is because they eat much less than we do. Maybe because they are drunk all the time and not hungry?

Obesity seems to lower zinc levels. Lower zinc levels effect SOD, Super Oxide Dismutase and important anti aging enzyme. Even yeast cells live longer with active copper iron transport brought on by calorie restriction. A calorie-restricted diet can decrease the amount of copper bound to its carrier protein ceruloplasmin. It is the accumulation of copper over a lifetime that causes our cells to become prematurely old. If you look at most vitamin formulas they contain copper. We also get a lot of copper from our water coming out of copper pipes. According to Dr. Joel Wallach, the reason why we have aneurysms is because we didn’t have enough copper.

Yes, this stuff is not easy. Finding the right balance in life, for just about everything is a never ending battle. Speaking about battles, our minds are under attack since we live longer. Accumulation of the metals cadmium, lead, copper, iron and aluminum are attributed to the onset of age-related dementia and memory loss. Natural chelators such as resveratrol (grapes/wine), quercetin (apple peel, onions), catechin (tea), and IP6 (bran) might want to be considered.

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