Can you really trust your health to the bought and paid for media?

Whatever you can say bad about the New York Times with regard to their political positions, I can only say that their health stories are even more repulsive.  Gee that’s strong language.  Not really when you consider how much harm they are causing.

On May 9, 2011 they released a story that convinced people that eating raw, locally grown; honey is not helpful for reducing allergies and asthma.  This news was based upon research done by the University of Connecticut in 2002 which was published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in 2002. 

If anybody has ever looked at a medical journal, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are more advertisements for drugs than there is research.  Let’s not forget that these trade magazines get paid by the pharmaceutical industry and often it appears that their research is sponsored by the drug companies and their scientists are basically paid to come up with a favorable outcome for the drug (that they are selling) that will appear alongside the research article.  The New England Journal of Medicine, the most trusted of all journals, was found guilty of this practice.  Of course it still continues because everyone forgot about this scandal about two minutes after it happened.

It turns out other studies about the effectiveness of honey for allergies and asthma that are much more recent than what the New York Times worked hard to dig up from long ago, prove that raw honey is a very viable method that produces great results with no side effects.  Like most media, they are paid by pharmaceutical companies to confuse you about health. 

I’ve used raw honey since a kid and it works miraculously against allergies that I have.  So much so, that I didn’t need to take it for many years.  When my allergies returned last year, I took a few teaspoons and since my immune system was already so attenuated to it, the allergies disappeared within hours while everyone around me is still suffering with it.  As a doctor I try and get people to use it.  The one’s that do find it works very well, but most people are not willing to try it.  I think that is due to the propaganda they have been exposed to all their life, that only a drug could possibly work. 

The concerted effort by the media and in this case, the New York Times, to prevent the public from knowing the truth about health is one of the biggest reasons for our continued declining health. 

On a slightly different subject but I will connect it at the end, 30 years ago 1 in 10,000 kids had autism.  Now it is considered to be 1 in 10.  Genetics and evolution do not work that quick.  There is only one reason for this kind of exponential increase.  Our entire way of life has changed.  From industrialized farming, to industrialized selling of vaccines, and every other aspect of our daily living, our immune systems have been devastated or at least under attack.

Most of our natural immunity is via our Iga system which is related to mucous membranes.  We contact foreign substances through our mouth, nose, ears, lungs, etc.  Injecting toxins into our blood stream provides short term results.  For example, 70% of the kids who suffered from a Chicken Pox outbreak in Maryland years ago were immunized.

I could recite stuff like this for years; however, the media will have no part of it.  They support the idea of throwing people in jail for not wanting to inject known toxins into their kids on an ever increasing treatment schedule frequency.

It seems, any rational explanation for our incredibly declining health is mocked and ridiculed by the media.  Can you trust our news sources when they are receiving most of their income from the people who make products that are very damaging to our health?

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