Chiropractic and True Corporate Wellness

I see a lot of companies providing Corporate Wellness programs to corporations these days.  Why not, some corporations are willing to pay for it.  I question whether taking someone’s blood pressure and telling them to lose weight is all that effective.  Shouldn’t people know by now that being overweight is not healthy?  Shouldn’t they know their blood pressure since you can go into any CVS for free and take it?

I would almost feel bad about myself not having fancy brochures, a smiling pretty staff to hand out those brochures, and a $10 scale and $20 dollar blood pressure cuff, but I actually perform a treatment that is proven scientifically to provide real wellness benefits that are immediately absorbed into your DNA.

Yes you guessed right, it’s called Chiropractic.  While your DNA might not notice anything tangible at that moment, your brain will because some of the side effects of a good chiropractic adjustment is endorphin release.  Endorphins are hormones that resemble opiates and provide that runners high that runners get after running a few hours.  I think they get depressed later not because of the decrease in hormone, but because they realized they just spent a couple of hours running in circles or worse going nowhere on a treadmill.

With work comp studies proving that Chiropractic reduces on the job injuries, lowers absenteeism, and results in more productivity at employee’s work stations I am somewhat surprised that companies would prefer to have a 45 minute Yoga class occurring at their place of business than a 5 minute chiropractic adjustment.  I love Yoga and I’ve written a brilliant article if I say so myself on why it has such incredible neurological benefits and it is because they are accomplishing stimulation of the largest nerves in the body, the same one’s that chiropractors utilize in creating incredible results.  But if I was an employer I don’t think my blood pressure would remain stabilized watching my employees on a yoga mat for 45 minutes.

Safety is always a consideration and a chiropractic adjustment is the safest treatment known to medical science.  However, it’s more than just safe; science is only now discovering how the chiropractic adjustment affects every aspect of human health, whether it is our endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, etc.  A study I read just recently demonstrated how adjusting the spine affects the nerves that go to the hypothalamus, which exhibits control over the pituitary gland, which in turn is the master control of your hormones.  No big deal you say, but they also discovered that people that utilize chiropractic have an easier time of losing weight when their endocrine system is functioning maximally.  So now that a corporate wellness expert has told you that you need to lose weight, here is a way to incorporate that advice into results.

Some people tell me that they went to a chiropractor and didn’t think it was so great. When I question them further, I realize they did not receive chiropractic treatment, sometimes, because the person wasn’t a chiropractor and other times because some Chiropractic colleges are not teaching their students how to be a chiropractor.  So they wind up doing treatments that are not as effective.

Medicines complaint regarding Chiropractic was that it was more of an art than a science.  It does not take any skill whatsoever to write out a prescription.  Chiropractic is indeed an art and we are not all created equal in that department.  I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, but I do practice the art of Chiropractic.


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