Chiropractic, Brain Benefits, vs. asking your doctor for poison. I know, it is a difficult decision to make.

Researches have discovered that a chiropractic adjustment to the spine changes brain function by almost 20%.  The area of the brain most notably affected is the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for a variety of complex behaviors, including planning, and greatly contributes to personality development.

Researcher Heidi Haavik noted in the Journal of Neural Plasticity that the prefrontal cortex is like the conductor of the brain.  This could explain all the stories about how people’s lives were miraculously changed by going to a chiropractor.  We have observed for decades improvements in sensorimotor function relevant to fall prevention, better joint position sense in the upper and lower limbs, improved muscle strength in the lower limbs, better control of pelvic floor muscles and now the science of the day can explain why that happens.

However, we are seeing explanations for why higher brain function is happening as well.  The adjustment has an impact on behavior, decision making, memory, attention, intelligence, processing of pain, the emotional response to pain, autonomic function, motor control of eye movements and spatial awareness.

I don’t remember getting all those benefits at my annual checkup with my medical doctor.  All that for a typical fee of $40 or less and even better news, you don’t have to have a low back pain to get this big positive effect on the brain.  A better functioning brain, one that is working differently to improve conduction of its activities has a better effect on the entire body.  This is one reason why smart people go to the chiropractor when their low back is not hurting them.  I make fun of this low back thing because the AMA and insurance companies have told the public that that is all we are good for.  You may want to differ with them.  It is in your better self interest, but I don’t like to be a bully, if you want, you can ask your doctor for that poison you saw on T.V. that took a minute at the end of the commercial to explain to you all the horrible things that will occur if you take that stuff.

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