What has chiropractic done for you lately?

What has chiropractic done for you lately?

One third of American adults were prescribed an opioid drug in 2015. Strangely, an overdose of an opioid drug is the leading cause of death in that very same year for Americans under 50. Back pain is a major reason for those prescriptions and drug addictions.

Back pain? I wonder if there was a profession out there, hiding secretly, that could help back pain without drugs? I wouldn’t know from watching the news, but I’m pretty sure my profession, chiropractic, could fill this need. The fake medical news that is controlled by the companies that make the opioids are not going to allow that kind of story on the air.

You with your hand up in the back, what is your question? Don’t chiropractors kill all their patients? When you break down the statistics, the chances of you dying from a chiropractor are much less likely than while sitting on the toilet in an airplane that gets blown out of the sky by lightning and as you are falling to earth while sitting on the bowl, along come terrorists from the same flight sitting on the other bowls from the other restrooms that are shooting at you, but you die first from a bird strike as an engine falls on your head. The autopsy shows that the in flight meal poisoned you to death anyway.

I guess I’m being a little sarcastic because it’s hard to stomach all the lying that goes on in the media, not just about our world and daily lives, but about my profession. The number one cause of death right now is opioid addiction and chiropractors can often prevent the need for those medications and what I’m witnessing is mass hysteria. Government organizations are looking into this misery. So far they haven’t figured out how to solve it. It’s like watching Elmer Fudd look for the wabbit. The authorities created this mess and if you are waiting for them to tell you to go to a chiropractor, you may be waiting in vain. But you won’t have to wait long for an old news story to recirculate; the one based on a much older study from the 1950’s that got it all wrong when they stated Chiropractors cause strokes. Just about every few months, a lazy grad student decides to get an easy thesis done by reviewing that study. It is called meta analysis and it now gets labeled as a new study even though nothing new was done whatsoever, but it makes the news whenever a student submits it.

You don’t need to be a grad student to apply common sense. People have strokes. There are just as many strokes reported waiting in an MD’s reception area as in a Chiropractors. They stroke out before they are even seen. That is because they were already having the stroke. They were not feeling well. That is why they went to the doctor in the first place. Statistics demonstrate that if they went to get their hair cut that day, they would have had the stroke. On the other hand, it would take almost an impossible amount of force from the chiropractor to tear a vertebral artery. I’ve done dissections and those arteries are incredibly hard to tear apart.

So what does this mean? People are dying at epidemic levels from drug addiction because they started out with a back pain that more likely than not could have been successfully treated by a Chiropractor. You are not going to see shows on T.V. about Chiropractic like you do about medical doctors, the guys that brought you the opioid epidemic. The only show you ever saw about a Chiropractor was on Two and Half Men where the Chiropractor was a bumbling idiot/moron. Don’t let the media turn you into one of those. There is a different way, there is a better way and it’s called Chiropractic.

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