What has Chiropractic Done For Me Lately?

After 120 years of adjustments being delivered, it has been reported by thousands of patients that have received frequent adjustments that they have noticed that their overall health improved and so have their babies and children if they were wise enough to have them adjusted as well.

For decades the AMA warned America that it was not possible to achieve better health by having some crazy person crack and break your back.  Turns out if you listened to them, you made a very bad choice.

The science of today proves what chiropractors have said since 1895, which is the spine directly impacts brain function.  That would seem to make sense since the spinal cord is 20% of the central nervous system, the brain being the other 80%.

Optimal health is all about the brain.  The brain functions as a consequence of input/stimulus.  Our evolution as humans is deeply dependent upon gravity.  We are aware of light and sound as forms of energy but it is not always light out or a concert is playing.  The one constant stimulus on earth is gravity and our nervous systems developed over eons and were able to harness the power of gravity that most of us take for granted since we don’t float away when we get out of bed.

Our eyeballs have special receptors to convert light energy into images of our world and that is known as a retina.  Our ears do the same with sound energy.  Our muscles and joints are innervated by special receptor nerves as well and they are for a few things, but for this discussion, one of those many things is to convert gravity.  Convert it into what?  Electrical signals to power up our brains.  These nerves in medical text books are called 1a’s or 1b’s or Spindle cells and Golgi Tendons.  In some textbooks they were also referred to as gravity receptors.

There is an enormous amount of these special nerves in spinal joints and when chiropractors adjust those joints miraculous events happen because the brain is being strongly stimulated.  It is also why people that exercise are usually healthier, because those nerves are being stimulated as well.  When spinal joints are not functioning properly, the brain loses a significant source of power.  You can exercise all you want, eat all the natural food you can fit in your stomach, but if your spine is not working right, your brain is not working right and you will not benefit maximally from all those good things you have incorporated into your lifestyle.

Chiropractors work with the power that runs our bodies and heals our bodies.  I’m so often dismayed that people would choose to take a drug that they saw on television that lists hundreds of dangerous side effects.  The side effect of chiropractic is improved health.



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