"For 14 Years people in Los Angeles have been extremely satisfied with the results and convenience of top quality, expert chiropractic care that is truly delivered to your location."

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A Chiropractor Who's Open on Saturday

There is no charge to speak with me. If you live in Los Angeles, call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation.

About Dr. Greg Malakoff

B.S.: State University of N.Y.

Doctorate: New York Chiropractic College

Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurological Board (DACNB)

Quality home care since 1998.

28+ years of clinical experience.

Yes I’m open every Saturday unless I’m out of town, which happens rarely.  If you go to the main page of my website you’ll see that I’m well trained and qualified with decades of experience.  At the moment I have over one hundred and twenty 5 star positive reviews on Google and Yelp although Yelp does not display all of them until you dig deeper.  I’m open 24/7 because I enjoy what I do and I’m also an insomniac.  I’m the first  chiropractor in Los Angeles that specialized in house calls only.  While Google shows me at an office, I no longer work there.  It is now my friend’s office and on rare occasions I may see a patient there because it may be half way between someone that is too far south from my home.  This means that I’m not encumbered with patients at my office and will see you only after I’m finished there.  When you call there is a good probability that you are my priority.  If not I let you know with good accuracy when I can get to you. Chances are if you call me I’ll be at your home as soon as possible.  Most patients appreciate not having to leave their home.  

Searches may list many people for this particular query but they are not open on a Saturday and the few that are close by around 1 PM.  There are some chiropractors that claim to make house calls and then charge $1,000 in order to trick you to come into their office.  I’m pretty much, what you see is what you get.  You get a real chiropractic adjustment often at the time you want it, but I can’t always promise my availability.  I do promise to try my hardest to get you into today’s schedule no matter how busy I may be.

I’m available 24/7, so you don’t have to bother looking for exact hours. Just give me a call and you can book an appointment.  If you get my voicemail, you would be better off texting me at the same number.  My priority is to deliver quality care to you as quickly as possible and to get you back up on your feet, and if possible, get glowing feedback.  Keep in mind not everyone is the same and you may not get the results that you might have read about in the reviews section.

In case you’re reading this on a Saturday, I’ll do what I can to book you the same day. There is NO additional charge for booking on a weekend, BUT if you are calling to book on the same day for an urgent case (where you get priority) the price can be higher depending upon circumstances.  I’ll put your chiropractic home visit before others when possible.

Serving Los Angeles County

I serve most of Los Angeles. If you are not sure, call me. Often I may be in your area treating a patient by coincidence and I’m open late every day! Call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation.

Schedule a Saturday Appointment at Your Home or Office

I know most people are busy working away their weeks, much like myself, so I understand that you might only be able to take the time to take care of yourself on a weekend. I also understand you have other things to do, so you’ll find my schedule very convenient considering that I see people on the weekend, 24 hours a day.


Saturdays are often the best days to book because that’s when people are most flexible. You’re not going to have to try to fit into the rush of people who call in after work or during a lunch break. I’m flexible pretty much of the day as I’m open all day Saturday.  We work around your schedule and most often can get to your door at a time convenient for you. If you’re worried about it being more expensive, the price difference is not much.  You should also consider what that kind of convenience is worth to you.  Booking ahead of time can reduce the fee. My fees are easily seen under the pricing tab at the top.
Are you losing time during a busy work day? Are you going to have time for an appointment during the work week? Saturdays are becoming the time for people to get spinal health addressed. As always, I recommend going to the chiropractor BEFORE you damage your back more than it already is.  Patients typically ignore their spine until it becomes an emergency.  I’d prefer that people prevent what I treat, but let’s face it, pain is a great motivator for people to call me.
Most people do more walking on Saturdays than they do any other day of the week because they are typically walking up and down aisles in stores. Believe it or not, that is often what people report to me as the cause of their back pain.  I can come to your home so you can time it so I get there right after you finish your grocery shopping or whatever you like to, or have to, do on Saturdays.


If you’re looking for a discount, you can book multiple Saturdays visits either weekly or bi-weekly. This would be something we would discuss after your first appointment. Depending on the severity of your situation you may need medical attention to treat any underlying causes. Most of the time that’s not the case. Most people who can wait until Saturday to call me don’t have any permanent damage done. It just feels like it.
In most cases, people recover a large percentage after the first visit and then with each recurring visit are able to gain more permanent freedom from pain as well as improved functionality. After all, this pain you are in wasn’t done in one weekend. It’s very likely it’s been building up over time and you just happened to tip the scale on a certain day, maybe even a Saturday, and now you need a chiropractor who is open for emergency mobile visits (aka me).
In any case, to sum it up, I’m open Saturdays because people need me to be open Saturdays. It’s a great time to work as people are less stressed and less short on time. I can take my time with people and their neuro-musculo-skeletal complaints and not have to worry about getting your back fixed before your lunch break is over.