Chiropractor Near Me – Open Today

The Nearest Chiropractor!

There is no charge to speak with Dr. Malakoff. Call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation.

Many patients tell me that they found me by searching for a “chiropractor near me.”  Even though I might not show up on the map, I’m the nearest chiropractor (even if you live right next to one) because I make house calls, even on Saturday and Sunday.

When you call, my priority is to deliver the best possible chiropractic experience directly to your door, today.

Many people who are in need of an adjustment or an emergency adjustment don’t want to travel far. The nearer the better. This is why I developed myself as a mobile chiropractor so I can treat you where you are without you having to stand or sit or lie down in an emergency room or doctors office. It doesn’t even matter if you are at home or work. We can schedule an appointment and I’ll be there on time and ready to get you functioning at your highest level.


Chiropractor at My Place of Work / Corporate Wellness

With regard to corporate wellness and work health, there are two methods of payment I offer, to get me near you, at your office.  Some companies elect to use the no cost to the employer arrangement, where the employee pays for the service, and that can be less than their insurance co-pay for a doctor’s visit, if I have a minimum of 15 workers that desire an adjustment while at work.  Some companies decide to contract with me directly and treat their workers for a very valuable perk.

My website,, demonstrates that I’m totally focused on treating you in the privacy of your own home or office.  This concept is also known as Chiropractic on Demand.

Open Now

It is demanding, because I am open now.  I am open now because I am technically; always open as in 24/7.  Or said another way, I am open on Saturdays and Sundays because many patients don’t have time during the week.  Whether it is an emergency or just a tune up, I try hard to be available for you.  I do sleep here and there, but I check my messages often. So you can schedule a visit today!

The benefits of having me near you whether at home or in your office are what people are now demanding.  The convenience cannot be beat.  The traffic in Los Angeles alone makes this a very logical choice.  If you have not seen the home page to my website you should.  It displays a small slide show so you will have a better idea of what having me near you at your home or office will be like.  Years ago, this type of service was unheard of.  The future has arrived and hopefully it will be me, knocking at your door.

No need to even wait until the next day. Even if it’s late, you can call today.

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