Christmas Season is Heart Attack Season, but it doesn’t have to be.

Christmas Season is Heart Attack Season, but it doesn’t have to be.

While heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, it is particularly busy on Christmas day.  More people die of a heart attack on Christmas than any other day.  Then comes the day after Christmas and then New Years.  Well December is a stressful time of the year.  Made worse by what we started eating around Halloween, continued on Thanksgiving, and then that fateful day usually has a good sized meal as well.  If you survive that, then that is when Flu season is in swing.

More salt on a weakened circulatory system is certainly a culprit.  Getting less sleep and exercise could be an issue.  But considering that more heart attacks occur on a Monday than any other day, I’m going to guess that stress really does kill.

Most heart attacks occur between 4-10 AM.  That is when blood platelets are stickier.  An increase in adrenaline can create rupture of plaques in coronary arteries.  A nightmare could cause the adrenaline increase.

Heart attacks are associated more with men, but half of the women that have had a heart attack will die by the end of the first year following the attack.  Many heart attack survivors find out for the first time that they have coronary artery disease after their heart attack.  They had no symptoms prior to the event.

High blood pressure is a common feature to insure damaged arteries.  The constant harder pounding than usual weakens the artery, which now has to get reenforced with cholesterol plaques.  Those plaques are actually saving our lives, well until they break off.

We all know to avoid bad foods, to get more sleep and exercise so why is a chiropractor talking about heart disease?  Because modern research demonstrates that a chiropractic adjustment to the upper neck lowered blood pressure greater than the use of two blood pressure lowering medications combined.  Keep in mind that these people in the study did not have neck pain.  I bet you didn’t realize that I just told you that the best reason to go to a chiropractor is not because you are in pain.  But now how much would you pay?  Well, a chiropractic adjustment lowers the stress hormone Cortisol.  When they say stress kills, it is actually the Cortisol.  If having constant high levels of cortisol doesn’t kill you, it will definitely make you very unhealthy since you can’t digest your food when it is raging through your arteries.

A good friend of mine has recently suffered a heart attack.  Like most Americans he was shocked and had no idea it was coming.  He is now in the care of medical doctors that prescribed him statins without the antidote to that devastating drug, Co-Enzyme Q10.  Worse, the typical treatment by the medical profession does not recognize any of the real factors that are behind the number one killer disease.  The C-reactive protein blood test is still considered experimental by insurance companies but that test is going to tell you a lot more about your health than a cholesterol test.  Homocysteine is almost never ordered in a typical blood panel but that is what is causing your arteries to be damaged by the cholesterol.

I’ve taken post graduate nutrition courses for over 34 years.  This stuff is not simple.  Most people think that they are just going to take a pill and watch the number one killing disease magically disappear.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s going to take a whole lot of pills in the form of nutritional supplements to get you healthy.  The sad reality for Americans is that even if your doctor knew this stuff, believed in nutritional therapies, he does not have the time to help you.  Typically, you are going to get one or many more of his pills and they all cause big problems.

You might want to consider a few general tips from the way German doctors treat heart disease.

Vitamin B Complex helps fight the homocysteine damage.  But you need real vitamin C not the crap sold at Walmart combined with the Vitamin B to really change the condition of your arteries.  You need high quality Omega 3’s.  Tumeric.  Selenium.  You need all kinds of things, but that is not a bad place to start.  If your doctor says this is harmful to you, you might want to consider just how much harm medicine does to us when it is the number 3 killer.  It is officially called Iatrogenic disease, but they say it in Latin because they don’t want to say death due to medicine.  Hey, I just said that heart disease was the number one killer, but much of that disease is created with the approval of modern medicine.  So maybe death due to medicine is at least the number two killer.  It kind of hurts my feelings and simultaneously insults me that people think that I’m going to kill them.




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