The common sense corner that nobody wants to step into.

The common sense corner that nobody wants to step into.

If we were to chart a line of the human genome along the x axis it would appear as a straight flat line from left to right. That means that our biome has been basically stable for a very long time.

When a gene mutates we don’t become chimps or dogs, we just get a tumor or something. If we superimpose a line over that human genome line that represents chronic illness, around 50 years ago it took a sharp turn as in almost straight up. Yet we are told by the experts in White Lab Coats that it is our genes that are responsible for us being sick. However, we are the genetic superstars on the planet. We are the culmination of billions of years of evolution, we are the top of the food chain, but modern medicine wants you to believe that it is because you have bad luck and got lousy genes is why you are so sick.

They don’t want to admit that you are sick because of life style choices. If they did and you were not a lazy slug and changed some of those choices, they would make a lot less money off of you.

Genes express what we have. Humans can’t express a lion’s function. Our genes are always going to express human structure and function. Genes are your recipe book. The recipe contains the list of ingredients. Some of these ingredients you can make and some are essential, which means you need to get them from somewhere because you can’t make them.

You require certain ingredients but can’t make it. If your body can make it, don’t take it. In other words, a lot of guys take testosterone and I wonder if they know that it shrinks their testicles?

Chiropractors don’t try and regulate you from the outside in. It’s too complicated and we’re too stupid. Humans have survived for millennia. We used to be our own master chef. Now, we have an entire health care system based on the idea that you are not good enough. You have some kind of defect. Something so messed up that you need to buy a drug to make yourself better.

Medicine assumes that you have a genetic defect, however, most of us are genetically perfect. We have a perfect ability to self regulate. Well we used to. Modern life is not compatible for this anymore. We were the top chef and we had a perfect kitchen. Our cellular organelles could make what we needed to be healthy. Today, our pantry is depleted of the key ingredients and loaded with donuts.

Health and sickness are states of cell structure and function determined by genetic expression. The science of what determines our state of genetic expression is epigenetics. Genes don’t normally change, but they do change our function. Genes have everything to make us new, to renew our worn out cells, but they don’t have the ingredients. Ingredients are supplied by the shopper; that would be you I’m talking to now. We no longer live the way our genes developed from. We don’t breast feed our babies. We don’t have pure water. We don’t eat well; we just take drugs to counter how bad we feel from our crappy choices. Long ago, we perfected how to get our ingredients. We all need the same ingredients, but if you live at the North Pole, you got your essential fats from eating a big smelly fish of some kind, which is quite different than what a sub Saharan resident would eat, but they knew to eat what was in their environment to supply them the vital nutrients they required.

For example, all humans need vitamin C. We do not have the gene to make it like most animals. Back in the 1700’s the British figured this out when their sailors were dying of scurvy. So they gave them citrus fruits and hence their sailors nickname; Limeys. Give a rat with scurvy a store bought vitamin C supplement today and it will die of scurvy because ascorbic acid is not vitamin C even though the manufactures are allowed to sell it as vitamin C. Sadly for the rats , they don’t know how to read the false label. Vitamin C is composed of about 9 main compounds called bioflavonoids. Ascorbic acid is 1 of them and it is an antioxidant that protects the fruit from going bad like when you peel an apple and it turns brown from the air exposure. The ascorbic acid protects it from rotting faster than it would without it, but it is the other 8/9th’s of the compound that work the magic. You are more than an apple and would normally desire the other 8/9’s of the vitamin C molecule except the news has told you that it doesn’t do anything; the news that is owned by the pharmaceutical industry that requires you to be very sick.

I don’t want to offend anyone. I want to offend everyone, because if I don’t, you’re going to get sicker. Is it pathology, some nasty germ that is causing your chronic illness or are you adapting to suicidal choices?

The biggest variable to whether you’ll be sick or not are the choices you make. Your knowledge counts. What you believe determines what you will do. Our self control and knowledge makes our choices that will determine whether we are sick or healthy.

Chiropractic is the only healing profession that is founded upon the biological laws of life. All humans have the same recipes and ingredients list. The body is self healing and regulating. Our brains are the master chef. The cause of chronic illness is not defective genes it is the 3 T’s. Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts. It is some kind of stressor from the outside, not a missing gene on your inside unless of course it is a genetic disease, which statistically speaking are rare or used to be before our lifestyle became so incompatible with life.

One reason why people are sick is because M.D.’s are always measuring your physiology. Afterwards, you need a drug. A better way to look at this is we are sick because of stressors in our nervous system. Our food effects our nerves just like our thoughts. We are not living right for our species type. Suicidal shoppers are not observed in other species. My dog knows to eat meat. She does not want a donut even when hungry. O.K. dogs are removed from their nature as well these days because I have seen dogs that will eat anything. But cats are still very in touch with what they need to eat. Those dumb animals are better shoppers than us.

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