At Your Back and Call: Open 24/7

Concierge Chiropractic

There is no charge to speak with Dr. Malakoff. If you live in Los Angeles, call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation.

Concierge Chiropractic Care 24/7. I come to you.

I offer you the best of both worlds.  Unlike typical Concierge practices, no annual retainer fee is required for my mobile services.

However, you still get the personal private care that is the foundation of Concierge medicine.  Corporations and small businesses contract with me for what is considered a Concierge service, but that is not necessary if you are seeking a house call/home visit in the Los Angeles region.  

There is no limit on procedures once I’m at your home or business.  I bring more standard physiotherapy modalities to your home than many offices utilize.  Of course chiropractic is the main treatment and gets the best results.

For corporations or individuals that desire to have a full Concierge relationship, comprehensive indemnity forms relieve the corporation of all liability.  My Malpractice Insurance protects everyone.  More importantly, after 40 years in practice, no one has ever required the insurance.

Movie Studio Calls: since production costs can skyrocket quickly with an active set held up because an actor is unable to perform, these types of calls get first priority.  Additionally, because of extensive training, I can perform the type of chiropractic care that most chiropractors are no longer delivering.

Music Venue Calls: At crunch time often musicians and crews are not ready to perform at their best and require on-site treatment. Currently, I’m treating the performers at the Whisky-A-Go-Go on their busiest night which typically  has over 50 artists.

Corporate Call: The Modern Corporate world is discovering that having an on-site mobile chiropractor visit once a month, lowers absenteeism and increases productivity.

House Calls/Home visits: These days it is not just celebrities that want to avoid the public waiting room of a doctor’s office. There is nobody ahead of you at your house, so you are not waiting. I come to you 24/7.


Hours are by appointment only, and will take place at your home or office. I’m available weekends as well as traditional business hours, so please just call to schedule an appointment if you are looking for same day Concierge Chiropractic care.  Fees vary depending on time spent traveling and providing care.


There is a 24 hour cancellation policy in constant effect.  There can be a $50 to $100 cancellation fee depending upon circumstances if less than 24 hour notice is given. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Dr. Greg Malakoff, Mobile Chiropractor | 310-663-9975