Confessions of a Chiropractor that shouldn’t have to use such a cheesy title to get you to help yourself.

Confessions of a Chiropractor that shouldn’t have to use such a cheesy title to get you to help yourself.

I have many friends over the decades that have said to me that they are going to a physical therapist for a neck and back injury sustained in an automobile accident.  When questioned, they were not happy at all with the results.  Some friends were in their 2nd year of treatment and were wondering when they were going to get better.  I used to suggest to them that they were receiving the wrong treatment all along and that they needed to see me, the executioner, I mean Chiropractor.  But they were sure I was the executioner and would kill them so they continued with the P.T. that was not affording any benefit.  It didn’t take more than 20 years before I realized that I was never going to change their minds.  Now when friends ask me about their chronic neck pain that persists after months to years of physical therapy I recommend heroin.  I hear it is very economical.  Just kidding, but I would probably tell them the new news, which is the same as the old news that I would mention 35 years ago.

Let’s go over the new old news so that you may not have to suffer needlessly.  Chiropractic provides a more effective, cost efficient option for whiplash injuries than any other method known to medical science.  The treatments produce increased function and relief in fewer visits and less time.  If you look at the footnote, it is from 2011.  But I used to quote a Workers Comp study from 1987 that said basically the same thing.

Keep in mind that even though your insurance company will insist that you could not be hurt in that minor collision, a car going as slow as 5 miles per is enough to cause you misery for the rest of your life.  Whiplash can occur other ways as well; for example sports injuries, work injuries, anything that can snap your neck forward and backwards.

Not only can these injuries hurt your neck and shoulders, but they create a myriad of problems that your doctor will not understand, but will understand it as a deficiency of heroin and that you must have some pills.  You can develop just about any problem imaginable because 20% of your brain is going through your neck and most illness is now understood to be brain based.  That doesn’t mean the old,  “it’s all in your head.”  Although it is all in your head because it is the brains function to coordinate the activity of all our other systems.

If you are not digesting your food properly because of corrupted nerve information going to your brain via the nerves wrapped around your spinal joints, you are going to get sick.  Your doctor giving you a purple pill for your tummy ache is not fixing the problem and he is not doing you any favors since that pill will ensure that you remain sick since you do require Hydrochloric Acid to digest your food.  Undigested food causes joint pain from inflammatory substances created by the undigested proteins.  It causes autoimmune disorders which are now at epidemic levels.  I only mentioned the digestive system.  We have a lot of systems and they can all go wrong because your nervous system/ your spine, is not working right.

Since we are in the neighborhood, psychological problems are also created because of unrelenting pain patterns.  The opioid epidemic is so bad that starting in 2018 hospitals have to have chiropractors on board to treat pain patients.  Perhaps now you will no longer be forced to take a chemical solution for a physical and mechanical problem; a chemical solution that has killed more Americans this past year or two than the entire Vietnam War.  If that statistic doesn’t bother you, then I’ll try it another way.  Your car will not move.  You put gasoline in the tank and it will still not move.  You add oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, but it is still not moving.  Then you look down and see that the tires are bent so that they are facing each other.  Putting more gas in the tank is not the solution.  People know to take their car to a body shop and straighten out the frame.  Sadly, they don’t know to take their body to a chiropractor.

Said a slightly different way, Whiplash injuries that are not addressed properly by receiving chiropractic care can result in chronic pain, but creates bad physical and mental health as well.

I am actually going to put the Footnote down for this one since most likely if people didn’t believe me for over 30 years, they might tend to doubt me now.

Journal of Whiplash and Related Disorders.  December 2011.  “Manipulative Treatment vs. Conventional Physiotherapy Treament in Whiplash Injry:  A randomized Controlled Trial.”

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