Diet and Exercise vs. Longevity Part 7

Diet and Exercise vs. Longevity  Part 7

A traditional diet is not too popular today in our culture.    As we get older we don’t pay attention to our lifestyle, we don’t eat properly to sustain our microbiome, and we blame our poor health on aging.  Our lifestyle is the major cause of change to our microbiome.  They say you are what you eat and even if you eat good food if you don’t have good bacteria in your gut the good food will not be digested badly.

Lactose intolerance can be cured by consuming yogurts and other high probiotic food.  This is accomplished by the microbiota sharing their DNA to make the enzyme to break down the lactose.  A few generations ago there were no such thing as unhealthy foods.  There were no corporations profiting off our bad health that their products created.  They have discovered a way to make the food acceptable to our taste buds, while it could be questionable to whether it is even food.  We no longer get the medicine from our food that used to be in it.  We’re getting something that has been modified in order to taste good.  We think that we can just eat food and process it and everything will be fine.  We’re worried about calories, but not the quality of the calories.  Food is information, not just calories.

The microbiota controls the amount of ATP, which is the energy from the mitochondria and that is going to control how much energy we have.  A huge complaint in a doctors office is fatigue.  But this is a two-way street.  Our mitochondria can communicate to our microbiota that they are running low on energy.  Sometimes that can be misinterpreted and the result is that we are always hungry.  The microbiota are told that we need more energy and they signal our brain to make us eat more when we don’t really need to.  So it is important to have a good balance of microbiota that are all communicating correctly.  Most probiotic supplements only have a few strains of bacteria, which only helps those few strains, while weakening all the other strains.

Mitochondria do more than just take food in and make energy.  They also produce hormones like pregnenolone.  That is the mother of all hormones because it is the precursor to the formation of most hormones.  Ribosomes manufacture proteins but Mitochondria are responsible for folding and creating the final proteins.  If they are always in energy production mode instead of repairing in maintenance mode they go into autophagy.  Autophagy is defined as a normal physiological process in the body that involves the destruction of damaged cells in order to improve new cell formation and maintain healthy function.  If we are always in autophagy then we do not repair and we age.

It would be wise to examine how our ancestors lived.  They had interaction with dirt and the dirt provided them with much microbiota.  Children today are not allowed to get their hands dirty.  Back then there was a lack of sterilization.  They ate a large diverse amount of food, not the same thing every day.  They did not restrict their choice of foods, they were not on a fancy diet.  So in other words to be healthy we need to go back to basics.

Our survivability over eons of time can be attributed to that our bodies somehow understood what we were putting in our mouth would be good for us.  This eventually got translated into recipes that were handed down through the generations.  My ancestors from Eastern Europe ate differently than say Asian people or South American people.  Each culture ate what was in proximity to them and they managed to thrive.  Today, most of our food comes from a commercial farm hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Today we get into a certain groove of eating and we limit our choices, which causes imbalances and leads to significant disease.  A macronutrient is defined as a substance required in relatively large amounts for the normal growth and development of an organism.  Macronutrients for animals typically include fat, carbohydrate, and protein.

It is very trendy in the Western world to go on to a certain diet for example, the paleo diet, the South Beach diet etc.   This eliminates whole categories of foods that we need.  Humans perpetuated through the course of evolution because we were omnivores, we ate everything.  Eating a restricted diet creates nutritional deficiencies.  Tribes in Tanzania Africa are close to eating the way our ancient ancestors did.  They can eat hundreds of different foods in a year.  The average American is consuming about 15 different foods.  This limits our health by limiting our microbiota.  This is not about good versus bad but imbalance.  Imbalance leads to disease.

Inflammatory cytokines were measured over 3 to 4 hours after eating just meat.  Inflammatory cytokine is defined as a cellular protein acting as a signaling molecule in order to modulate the immune function toward an inflammatory state.  They increased after eating just meat.  The same people given the same meal but only with an additional avocado were measured and they had less of a spike in inflammatory cytokines.  The point of that is we don’t have to be vegetarians, but we should want to eat everything.  Eat the rainbow, which means when I go shopping for produce I look forward to buying every different color there is.

An endotoxin is defined as a toxin produced by certain Graham -negative bacteria that is released when the bacterial cells are disrupted.  When we eat too much meat the saturated fat gets incorporated into our microbiota and it produces endotoxins.  This endotoxin is far more toxic than would be produced from oils that were made from seeds.  Being out of balance is causing normal healthy bacteria to produce toxins.  The average plate in America is mostly meat with maybe one little piece of parsley as decoration.

Research has shown that even foods that are known to raise blood sugar don’t have the same standardized response for all people.  We categorize everything that is not meat or fat as carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are now a dirty word and sometimes I’m guilty of that myself.  But vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits are carbohydrates that do us good.  Celery is not in the same category as French fries.  Our microbiota require healthy carbohydrates as their meal.

Fiber is an important fermentation substrate for the 30 trillion microbes that live in our large intestine.  The fuel to rebuild the cells of the intestines is called butyric acid or butyrate.  The bacteria in our gut eats up vegetable fiber and the exhaust of that is butyric acid.  The short-chain fatty acids are the fermentation byproducts of dietary polysaccharides that humans can’t digest.  This is produced by our gut microbiota.  The ones that predominate are acetate, propionate and butyrate.  Butyrate is the most studied.  It is the primary fuel source for the intestinal cell.  It accounts for about 95% of the energy used by the colon cell.  Butyrate is involved in inflammation.  It helps to down regulate inflammation.  It helps our immune function.  Butyrate can regulate gene expression, specifically through histones.  Histones are defined as any of a group of five small basic proteins, occurring in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells, that organize DNA strands into nucleosomes by forming molecular complexes around which the DNA winds.

Every different vegetable feeds the different bacteria in our gut so it is wise to eat a different vegetable with every meal.  Fiber is technically a carbohydrate, but we absorb it as fat.  So by eating a high fiber meal you’re really eating a high-fat meal without adding any fat to it.  Our microbiota churn out short-chain fatty acids from the fiber.  Fiber does not get absorbed in the small intestine, but later on in the large intestine as fat.  We need fat to survive.  This is a source of good fat.  Sugar is what makes us fat.  But we are meant to eat fruit which is sugar.  However, we would eat one or maybe two oranges and be full.  We would not eat 12 oranges, which is what orange juice is and that is too much sugar.  Eating unripe fruit all year-round is not what nature had intended for us.

Societies where people live long healthy lives without medical intervention do not have processed foods and do not eat the quantities of sugars that Western society consumes.  They do not consume added sugar.  They are more active than we are.  The carbohydrates that they do consume are qualitatively different and they contain a lot more fiber.

Researchers speculate that our ancient ancestors consumed 150 g rams of fiber per day.  The average American today consumes about 15 g of fiber.  The carbohydrates that we consume today are not of the quality that we consumed throughout most of our evolution.  As consumers we are told by our government that the boogie man was fat and that helped to create the Alzheimer’s epidemic we see now along with an increase in cardiovascular disease that it was meant to prevent.  Now carbohydrates will be the boogie man and in a way that is correct because the carbohydrates that we consume are killing us.  But we need to eat good carbohydrates to be healthy.  To be healthy we need to eat a wide variety of everything.  Everything that has not been contaminated that is.

Healthy fat is vital to our well-being.  Our brains can convert the fat from avocados eggs, etc.  into ketone bodies.  A ketone body is defined as an energy substrate produced by the liver from fatty acids during periods of low food intake, low carbohydrate diets, or prolonged intense exercise.  Ketones are a super fuel for the brain.  They also protect our brain and mitochondria.  They also stimulate neurotrophic growth factors, which are like fertilizer for our brain.

Indigenous people living around the world have good fats as a common denominator.  They may be from different sources, but all these different populations intuitively knew to consume healthy fats.  What is a healthy fat can be quite confusing if you keep up with health articles.  Many primitive cultures lived long healthy lives eating the saturated fat/oil of pigs.  Just about anyone in America would say that is blasphemy.  What is real blasphemy is that our last few generations are being poisoned by our food supply.  Those little red heart logos on the back of a box of junk being sold by the food industry is quite deceptive.  There is nothing healthy in most of their boxes.  We receive an incredible amount of lies because of their profit motive.

The average medical doctor receives one hour of training in nutrition in school before they go on to practice and ignore it completely.  If you would ask them about eating healthy they might say it’s not a bad idea, but would then tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do with disease.  Again, food speaks to our genes which make us.  We can reclaim our vitality and the probability of doing that increases if you think about food instead of modern medicine.

Many patients who have started eating better have noticed they don’t have to take as much medication.  Their spending habits change from going to the pharmacy to get relief to buying better food.  What is on the end of the fork should be our primary concern.  Is it organic?  Is it clean?  Even food that is packaged with all the bells and whistles like it is grass fed and free range, needs to be examined further.  How is it processed?  Even healthy meat can be impregnated with starches so as it goes through the cooking process it retains more water so that the bite is juicier, so that it weighs more and they charge by the pound.  The high pressure used to insert the starches disrupts the amino acid structures of the proteins of the meat.  In our commercialized foods, vegetables undergo chlorine wash during the first step into marketing it to you.  Then they go through ammonia baths.  This is to kill off microbes and we already discussed how we need those microbes.  They can get milled down.  All the things they do to our vegetables and other foods damages the molecular structure of the proteins which makes it less healthy for us.

The end…..until next weeks installment on longevity.  We have a ways to go yet.


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