A different way to think about stress and how it damages us.

A different way to think about stress and how it damages us.

What I thought may be interesting to you was a cat’s response to fear/stress.  They hunch up.  That is because their brain like our brain when it realizes something is stressful,  is connected to the spine.  Tens of thousands of nerve cables are leaving and going to the brain.  Some of those wires transmit digital signals, which is all a nerve impulse is to a section of the spinal cord that is in control of flexor alpha motor neurons which is really good for say when you touch a hot stove.  Your flexor muscle, in this case, the bicep pulls your arm back.  When you are busy being human, you are thinking about a lot of stressful things.  I can tell what you are thinking is stressful because you are somewhat hunched over in a flexed position.  Your shoulders are rounding in.  We have a whole part of our brain to just keep our shoulders back, but that part of our brains has been compromised long ago.

Our brains developed that region to keep our shoulders back because it is important to breathe.  We need a full capacity of oxygen to not get a disease.  Said a different way, the number one cause of all disease according to the real doctors is a lack of oxygen.  The number one cause of a lack of oxygen in humans is faulty chest wall mechanics also according to the real doctors, the M.D.’s.  While we get most of our oxygen from our diaphragm pulling down and sucking oxygen into our lungs, we get a little extra oxygen from our upper ribs moving correctly.  If your shoulders are slumped forward you are not getting that extra bit.  If your ribs are not moving correctly, if the vertebrae that they are attached to are not moving correctly, you are slowly choking to death.  You won’t notice it, but your cells do.

Their membranes become fragile.  A fragile membrane can cause nerves to fire when they normally wouldn’t and that can make you more sensitive to pain.  You will seek the help of a real doctor and he may give you opioids.  If you are like Tom Petty you will die from that advice.  Last year, there were about 60,000 Tom Petty’s, which is more dead than all of our soldiers in the Vietnam war.  Most likely all of them did not try a chiropractor for their pain management.  Chiropractors fix the number one cause of all disease every day in their office by correcting the faulty chest wall mechanics that is stopping you from maximized functional breathing.

Meanwhile, back at the posture ranch, a person that has proper brain function is in more of an extension posture.  That helps stimulate parasympathetic reflexes.  That is in slang terms known as the laid back person.  When that phrase was coined, they were not thinking about back posture and that the person may have been less hunched over.  What does everyone with a cell phone do for hours?  They are hunched over it.  Possibly why we see kids with diseases that we used to see only in adults.  But if you are hunched over you are stressing out your nervous system.  That means you are producing cortisol.  That means you are not digesting your food.  You go to the real doctor and he gives you an antacid.  You will now never digest your food again.  Undigested proteins causes the immune system to over react.  Undigested proteins cause allergies and pain.  You have pain.  You go back to your real doctor.  Refer back to my comments about Tom Petty.

While you are at the real doctor he will most likely prescribe you some statin medication.  That will stop you from making cholesterol.  Without cholesterol your endocrine system cannot function.  Every hormone is made from it.  That means you cannot function.  The idea of not functioning pains you.  Refer back to Tom Petty.  Without hormones you may decide that you need to go to a fertility clinic.  They will try and fool your body into getting pregnant.  This may cost a half a million dollars with only a 16% success rate.  This may cause you emotional pain.  You will visit a psychiatrist.  Refer back to Tom Petty.

Meanwhile let’s see what is happening over at the crazy chiropractors office.  The spinal joint mechanoreceptor nerves, the most powerful nerves in your body, fire up the hypothalamus.  The paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus is triggered to release hormones that effect the pituitary.  The posterior and anterior pituitary are stimulated via the hypothalamus when a chiropractic adjustment is correctly delivered.  So, the endocrine system is dependent upon a central integrative state, or said a different way, the basal firing rate.  Going to a chiropractor will improve your central integrative state, which is the state you want maximized if you want to get the most out of living.

If you are in pain or chronic pain you are producing inflammatory chemicals such as cytokines and these chemicals can cross the blood brain barrier.  They inflame your brain, which inflames you or at least makes you angry.  This impacts your hypothalamus, the part of your brain that can convert thoughts into chemicals.  When I see a rigid person, where their muscles are not what muscles should be, I know a lot more is going on than just tight muscles.  However, if you go to a real doctor with tight muscles, you will get cyclobenzaprine and you will also get incredible lapses of reason.

Well how can this have anything to do with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome AKA Fibromyalgia?  That was a rhetorical question.  Of course being under constant stress is going to wear out your adrenal glands and then you are going to be prone to complex syndromes that the real doctors are not sure what you have, but they at least have a name for it.  What they don’t have is the ability to tell you to bring down your systemic inflammation.  Ironically, stress produces cortisol and that is the drug that can reduce inflammation.  Cortisone cream works great on poison ivy.  But the anti-inflammatory affect is about 1% of the bodies overall response to cortisol.  The majority of the hormone is damaging when it is constantly at high levels in our blood.

But I’m healthy you say.  You go to the gym 5 times a week or even a day.  I see in patients that over train a curious thing.  They are producing a type of cytokine IL 6.  That inhibits the hypothalamus at it’s paraventricular nucleus.  That creates a decrease in corticotropin releasing hormone.  That decreases your adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) which is produced in the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. The function of ACTH is to regulate levels of the steroid hormone cortisol, which is released from the adrenal gland.  The funny thing about all that is, at this point, your adrenal glands are not responding to stress because you have overdone it.  When I give patients adrenal nutrient support it doesn’t help, but it would help if they would have told me that they are training for a marathon.

Keep in mind that a hypervigilant immune system releases pro inflammatory cytokines.  They in turn release inflammatory mediators from the white blood cells.  This results in pain transmission.  Pain transmission is what started this whole talk with the hunched over cat responding to stress.  Stress or pain, your nervous system breaks it down to the common denominator of these chemical pathways.  I hope all this information has not increased your pain levels.  It pains me to tell you that Chiropractic is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  Kidding, that didn’t hurt me at all.

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