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Does a Chiropractor Hurt the Back

Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Hurt

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So often prospective patients ask me, will the chiropractor hurt me.  I usually look like a starving a kid that was handed a plastic banana, but once I recover, I try and use a form of logic called reason.

Lately, there seems to be more chiropractors on the street than there used to be video stores in the 80’s.  It seems to me that they wouldn’t all be so busy if they were doing a lousy job.  Chiropractors are known for helping backs, not hurting them.  Maybe one out of every few million chiropractic adjustments, someone will report soreness.  That is normal.  For some people it is like doing a new exercise for the first time.  Most people realize when they workout that just because they got a little sore, doesn’t meant that they want to stop physical activity that is vital for their health.

Much rarer is the story about someone that went to the chiropractor with a hurt back and got much more hurt.  What that is usually about is they had a bad disc for many years, which is the reason they went to the chiropractor, they were hoping for a quick easy fix.  Sometimes the damage that they present with is going to require surgery.  They go to the chiropractor because they are more afraid of the surgeon.  Often we provide them with a reprieve from the executioner. (The Surgeon).  Sometimes, nothing is going to help.  The adjustment  may even aggravate the condition more.  The benefits vs. the worst case scenario is discussed first.  The patient elects to try the chiropractic adjustment because they understand that they are going to most likely need the surgery anyway, and hope that the treatment might change that fate.

Without a doubt, chiropractic is the safest, most powerful healing art known to medical science at this time.  What most people don’t realize is that while chiropractors have been allocated to the back and neck, they are really brain doctors and it is our brains that make us healthy.  20% of the central nervous system is running through your spine.  If it was running through your nose, we would be playing with that, but it comes out of your skull and travels down your neck.

So for the people that want to know if the chiropractor hurts your neck, the answer above applies here as well.  Only the neck is much more important than your back because there are 200 times more special powerful nerve receptors in your neck than anywhere else.  Those nerve receptors power your brain.  If your neck is not working right, every aspect of your health is compromised.  So many people are afraid of getting their neck adjusted and it saddens me that this is what is preventing them from getting well.  I’m worn out from explaining the safety of neck adjustments so if this is a concern please hit this link to a much more thorough explanation for the whole story.

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