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Does a Chiropractor Injure the Back or Neck

Does a Chiropractor Injure the Back of the Neck

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We already discussed the probability of getting hurt at the chiropractor.  Getting injured is a more serious problem.  What is the difference?  Hurt is a momentary discomfort, to experiencing some pain.  Injured relates to long term consequences.  The probability of that happening is almost statistically irrelevant.  But why take my word for it.  Let’s see what the experts have to say on the subject.

My malpractice insurance company is the largest one used by most chiropractors.  My malpractice insurance comes to about $1200 a year.  My orthopedic surgeon counterpart pays about $100,000 a year if not more.  The insurance companies most definitely know who is hurting who and they obviously know that there are very little claims against chiropractors.  Just the nature of what Orthopedics do, implies a lot of risk and things cannot wind up going the way it was intended.

In my 34 years of practice, the worst things that have happened to a patient is they got a headache afterwards or a pain in a rib and that is usually because they didn’t follow the instructions of continuing to breath normal.  Some of my patients have required back surgery, but we knew that was a high probability of occurring because of the bad MRI results.

Considering that hundreds of millions of chiropractic adjustments have been performed and are being performed around the world on a daily basis with such an infinitesimal amount of bad outcomes, Chiropractic is considered the safest and most effective form of health care known to medical science.

People take an aspirin without questioning the procedure, yet it kills approximately 10,000 people a year.  Tylenol is the brand that most doctors recommend because it is safe and is only the number one reason for liver disease.  The benefit of a chiropractic adjustment is tremendous and when compared against any known risks,  it would be almost nonsensical to deprive yourself of the chance to get well because of concern over the chiropractor injuring you.

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