Evolution and Revolutionary Health Break Through with Chiropractic Care

Our anatomy was forged during a savage period. If you observe an angry animal, it has its frontal muscles contracted. This learned posture is hard wired into our nervous systems and has been handed down to us via evolution. Fast forward to the future, which is actually now and that effects us negatively in a few ways. Muscles on the anterior surface, our front side are flexors except for our quadriceps muscles and that is most likely because when we were fish our fins helped us wade up onto the beach. Those muscles wound up on our front side, but are neurologically innervated by nerves that come from the area of our spinal cords that would be where the back muscles get their electricity from.

The point is, our front muscles around the neck region when contracted pull our heads forward. We have a disease of modern man called forward head tilt and it causes a great deal of mechanical and neurological health issues. The neck is meant to have a C curve in it that faces the back, but most humans heads are bent forward putting pressure on the spinal cord or as I like to refer to it, the Brain Cord. The cord gets stretched and it is intended to kind of float in the spinal canal created by spinal bones. This stretching and pressure decreases our actual life force. You don’t have to be a neuro scientist to realize this is going to affect every aspect of your health and longevity.

Said a different way, look at that frightened animal all curled up and ready to pounce, when your head is constantly in the forward position, your nervous and endocrine systems are behaving like that animal, very stressed. The most safest and effective way to treat this condition, this situation, is with Chiropractic care.

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