Fee Schedule for Mobile Chiropractic on Demand Services

There is no charge to speak with Dr. Malakoff. Call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation.

Fees are based upon, time of day, time spent traveling, mileage (10 mile radius from where I am, no additional charge), weekends, holidays, and difficulty of case.

Please do not quote me on these price quotes. Every house call is a different situation.

Fees have fluctuated from $100 to $400 depending upon the situation and services provided.

Once I’m there, it is $50 for additional family members that desire just a basic, uncomplicated chiropractic adjustment.  Complications include
diseases, infirmaries, etc.  This fee is for what I call true wellness care.

Some people contract with me for weekly or monthly visits and I provide a discount for that kind of arrangement.  Family plans are also discounted.

Some patient’s desire wellness coaching/functional wellness care and that is $150 an hour.  Most of that time is spent on nutritional analysis to try and discover the root cause of your condition/s and counseling to help you overcome them.

Important:  I have had people change their mind after I have driven 45 minutes to their house so a non refundable $100 deposit is expected at the time we agree on an appointment.  Credit cards and pay pal are easy ways to make a deposit over the phone or internet.  This ensures that I will be there.  If for some act of god that I’m not, it is refundable.  Cash discounts are available.

All fees are due at time of service.  Insurance is not accepted, however, a bill can be provided for your insurance carrier for you to try and obtain reimbursement.




Emergency call:

(310) 663-9975