How to find a Chiropractor near me, which means you.

How to find a Chiropractor near me, which means you.

According to Google, people type in quite often, “Chiropractor near me.”  While I normally write articles on subjects that I find interesting because they are about the cutting edge science of the day,  I’m going to go with the crowd for once.  Simultaneously, I’m also for once going to shamelessly plug myself like I’ve never plugged before.  Alright, maybe we’ll have a little fun here as well.

I’ve been watching lot of political hearings in congress lately and I think it has worn off on me.  Mr. Chairman, you asked how to find a chiropractor near you and that is all dependent upon what the definition of you is?  Are you closer to you than say an office that is not near you?  Could a chiropractor that is in your house be any closer to you?  Even as an astute observer of political hearings, I can proudly say, there is a definite answer for that last question and I’m going to boldly proclaim it.  No, there cannot be a chiropractor nearer to you than one that is already in your living room.  And that chiropractor would be me.  But don’t worry, I will not just magically appear in your living room, I’ll wait until you invite me in.

I understand that most of my patients are at work from 9 to 5,  so lately, I also seem to be in your office space as well.  And yes, thank you for the parking validation.

While I have observed an incredible uptick in chiropractors that make house calls on the internet, I’ve discovered from patients that call me afterwards, that the one’s that they called first are not really too serious about coming to you as they advertise that they will.  I do not have an office to keep me from you and that makes you the focus of my attention.

O.K. you’re time is valuable.  If you take one look at my website,, you’ll see that I’m not joking around when it comes to treating you in the privacy of your own home.  I also watch a lot of commercials so excuse me when I kind of steal one, “You’ll like the way you are going to feel.”  By the way, as you can see from the website, I haven’t been to the men’s warehouse.  I usually arrive in hospital scrubs.  I do that to clear up the confusion as to who it is knocking at your door.





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