The Good News:  This is the last of the series on GMO’s.

The Good News:  This is the last of the series on GMO’s.

GMO corn is also called B2 corn.  When inorganic corn is planted they are also treated with fungicides and insecticides.  This is what led to the death of honey bees, aka  Bee Colony Collapse.  Over 95 million acres are for corn in the U.S.  All but less that one half of a percent of those acres are treated with the bee killing insecticides.  The whole point of the GMO corn was so that they wouldn’t have to be sprayed.  Two main groups of insects are targeted with BT.

Moths that start out as caterpillars that eat the corn stalks and the other are beetles.  BT targets both of these pests.  All the other spraying is for everything else.  This has only been done since the early 2000’s which is when the colony collapse disorders were noticed.  The colonies are dying in the spring when they should be doing their best.  Not like in colder months where they may abandon their colony.  Spring is when a lot of spraying occurs.  Our main food sources of nuts, berries, vegetables, require honey bees.  Without honey bees there is no significant other way to pollinate these plants.

These pesticides affect nicotinic receptors which are key to acetylcholine a primary neurotransmitter in mammals.  They are water soluble so they can move from the soil up into the plant.  Most of these chemicals do not go to the plant.  They do not bind to soil very well so they go where the water goes.  Humans are about 70% water.  Water does not stay in the field where the rain happens to fall.  It makes management of these poisons very difficult.  Nicotinoids have been found very far away from where they have been sprayed.  They are small molecules, which is why they are water soluble and filtering them is not easy.  It is the dust from the nicotinoids that they feel is killing the bees.

Some of these pesticides have no demonstrable benefit, but if a farmer wanted to buy regular seeds that were not modified against the nicotinoids he cannot find them.  A large scale corn producer can’t buy these types of seeds.  Every kernel has nicotinoids on them.  They are all soaked in it.  These materials are not a prerequisite for growing a crop.  We do not need these pesticides to grow corn and soy beans.

Our animals are so sick that they can’t even be used to make sausage casings because their intestines are so damaged from all the contaminated food they are fed.  The casings have to be imported from countries like New Zealand that don’t farm the way we do.  And this unrelated tidbit is one reason for the tremendous uptick in autoimmune disease.  The grains are given a chemical that punches wholes in insect’s stomachs to kill them.  That chemical gets eaten by our animals.  We eat animals that cause permeability in our guts.  These proteins break free of where they are supposed to be and our digestive systems re uptake them and our body now sees this as a foreign invader and we get this skewed immune response that later gets diagnosed as autoimmune disease.  Our digestive system affects every aspect of our health.  It is being destroyed by the agricultural industry, which ironically, controls what we eat and used to be able to digest.

The incidence of diabetes in the U.S. skyrocketed around 1996 when the crops were drastically changed with reference to how they are grown.   So have many other diseases like Alzheimer’s, Autism, etc.  Many of the chronic diseases that we are now seeing epidemics of started to spike up around 1996.  Poor nutrition is the cause of 95% of our chronic disease situation.  We’re exposed to too many toxins.  We’ve had a chronic disease explosion over the last 20 years.  1996 is the year that GMO crops gained widespread acceptance.   The people that have been put in charge of our health have strong ties to Monsanto and other biotech industries.  Every branch of our government is corrupted with regards to our food supply and its safety.

The industry states that there is no difference between GMO food and regular food and past a law that it could not be studied, but the food is patented so obviously there is a difference.  We should know whether we are being forced into this experiment.  Corporations own our decision making process.  Academic institutions have been bought by biotech companies.  They control our press.  They control our lives.

Let’s try this again.  Why is disease exploding?  Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, sedentary life style?  All 3.  4% of the entire U.S. population had a chronic disease in the 1960’s.  Now 46% of the population of just our kids have chronic diseases that you would expect in an old person.  There is something in our environment that is causing this.  This next tidbit seems to want to be placed here.   Strawberries are the most toxic fruit to buy.  You really need to get organic Strawberries.

Genetic Roulette:

Americans get sicker than Europeans and other modern western countries.  Since the 90’s, Americans suffering with at least 3 chronic illnesses has doubled.  What we are seeing today is not normal.  The incidence of Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Arthritis, Asthma, Allergies, Autoimmune Disease, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s, Cirrhosis, Diabetes, Dyspepsia, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Gastritis,  Gastroesophageal Reflux,Heart Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Liver Disease, Nephritis, Obesity, Pancreatitis, Parkinson’s, and Pneumonia, have increased dramatically.  What has changed is our food supply and it being genetically manipulated. Most people are not aware that most of the food they are eating is genetically modified and the manufacturers do not want us to know this.  They have gone science fiction and created new species that are not part of the evolutionary process.  Hundreds of thousands of genes can be affected when they are working on changing a few genes.  The entire gene sequence that they created is foreign and does not exist anywhere in nature.

When our immune system looks at this bizarre genetic sequence it doesn’t recognize it.  It is foreign to our immune system so it attacks.  It is attacking what we have eaten.  That is why we see such an increase in autoimmune disease.  Many of the diseases that we deal with have a common denominator, inflammation.  This inflammation is being created by the GMOs.

In 1996 when GMO corn and soy were introduced into the American diet, all those diseases previously listed started to spike up.  Our government agencies know this, but work for the manufacturers and are not concerned with our health.   Michael Taylor the former attorney and vice president of Monsanto was in charge of food safety at the FDA when all these poisons were purposely ignored and forced upon the country.  They have required zero regulation.  Other leading GMO advocates were Thomas Vilsack, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under Obama.  Roger Beachy, Director of the USDA NIFA in 2009.   Ann Veneman, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 2001, Margaret Miller, FDA Branch Chief the person for evaluating rBGH was a Monsanto scientist that developed bovine growth hormone, Linda Fisher, EPA deputy administrator, 2001.  She was the VP of government and public affairs of Monsanto.  These heads have all worked for Monsanto or other branches of the Biotech Industry.

New unique products were never required to be tested before going into the market place.  Our government was aware of animal studies that showed that GMO consumption in these animals created infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis, insulin regulation, cell signaling, and protein formation, and changes in the liver, kidney, spleen, and gastrointestinal system.

This is tobacco science.  The industry supplies its own research and the government accepts it without looking at it.  They have bad science down to a science.  They are playing roulette with the code for life of the entire planet.  While the EPA stated that Bt toxin only destroys insects it was later discovered that it also destroys human cells.

Long after we stop eating GMO’s we will have genetically active mutant organisms in our bodies communicating with our own genetic code.  That corn chip you ate a year ago may have turned the normal healthy gut bacteria into pesticide producing bacteria.  93% of the pregnant women in Canada tested positive for the Bt toxin in their blood as well as in the blood of 80% of their unborn fetuses.

Kids are very susceptible to leaky gut syndrome, which is the poisons damaging the junctions between our intestinal cells.  Food leaks out into the blood stream that creates an antibody response to those foods and they develop food allergies.  Once intestinal permeability rises, larger pieces of food leak out that should have been fully digested.  This is one of the factors that is creating food allergies to foods that we were never allergic to.  30-40 years ago people were not allergic to anything.  Food has become harmful.  How can kids now be allergic to every food group?  However, they seem to get better when they stop eating GMO food.

Glyphosate is not only poison, but it prevents us from getting whatever nutrition is left in the plant.  It creates mineral deficiencies and minerals are key to our cells performing vital biochemical activities.  Glyphosates create birth defects.

There is an epidemic of reproductive disorders in our countries livestock.  They have discovered a new mystery organism causing some of this.  It is not a Bacterium, mycoplasma, virus, viroid, or a phage.  They don’t know what it is, but it is found where ever Round Up has been sprayed.

Children are more susceptible to damage from GMO’s because they have a higher metabolic rate.  Children are more sensitive to small amounts of toxins than are adults, probably due to less body weight.  They are not developed fully and do not have enzyme pathways and full gut bacteria yet.   When pregnant women conceive while eating GMO’s they are passing on new genes to all future generations.  Most infant formulas are made with GMO crops.

It is not about feeding the world, it is about chemical companies selling chemicals.  When the chemicals fail to produce results or make things worse, they add more chemicals as the solution which will soon fail.  People in cities are polluted with these chemicals that are being sprayed continuously hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Not just from eating the food products but from them being so pervasive in the atmosphere and water.

The goal of Monsanto is to replace all natural seed to have all global agriculture using their seeds and pesticides.  Monsanto has a stranglehold on universities.  If a professor says something that is not part of Monsanto’s message they pressure the Dean to get that professor back in line.  Millions of dollars are at risk and could be lost to the school if they don’t cooperate with Monsanto.  Most faculties know not to do any negative research on GMOs.

Monsanto threatened the State of Vermont and said it would sue the state over their legislature‘s labeling bill.  They block research on GMO safety.  Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta will not give their seeds away for research.  If you could do the research, it would never get disseminated.  Scientists against GMO have been physically attacked by paid mobs.

Offspring of female rats fed GM soy died within three weeks.  Irina Ermakova was publically attacked for this research and ordered to stop.  Professor G.E. Seralini, PhD found that rats fed Roundup Ready corn for 24 months suffered from massive tumors, premature deaths, and severe organ damage.  His research was suppressed everywhere but Russia.

Rats that were placed on GMO Soy diets for 8  months developed much pathology, but when put back on real food, the pathologies reversed themselves.  We’re told that was a coincidence.  Many doctors treating our diseased population say that they treat their many problems by getting them off all GMO food.

There are 9 Genetically Modified Foods.  Soy, Corn, Cottonseed, Canola, Sugar Beets, Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese) Zucchini, Yellow Crookneck Squash, and Alfalfa.   The derivatives are in over 70% of the food available in a supermarket.   Animals when given a choice between real food and GMO food don’t touch the GMO food and eat the good stuff.  Chickens were smart enough to not eat it when given a choice.  When the feeders were flipped around, they simply went to the feeder with the non GMO food.

Something is very wrong in the world these days when a chicken is smarter than we are.



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