What even many chiropractors don’t understand about Chiropractic?

What even many chiropractors don’t understand about Chiropractic?

If you have ever looked at my webpage, you would see that I am very guilty of the above. I advertise my skills for emergency/urgent care. I do that because people are less motivated to argue with me. Yes, I am lazy, but eventually I figure I’ll get around to telling the truth when patients are in the mood to hear it.

There are plenty of other professions that offer pain relief, however, none of them offer healing and balancing of the brain. By the way, you get all that whether you ask me the right questions or not.

Chiropractic is not a luxury, it is a necessity, but why you ask. More than 2 billion people today are suffering from brain based health challenges. Imbalances between our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are the cause of all disease. The brain goes out of balance, the body shifts with a disease. Our brain and body was never designed to be trapped in a sympathetic nervous system syndrome that is equivalent to being chased by a T-Rex 24/7. NIH now states that 90% of illness is caused by stress.

When we are in survival mode we are disconnected from the ability to heal, learn, grow, love, or just flourish. Survival mode was designed into our genes from caveman days. The adrenaline/cortisol helps the body to survive by increasing heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, respiration, perspiration, pupils dilate, (that gives us the ability to see clearer as we run away from the monster and it is important to see clearly when you are running for your life). This is a normal response, but the stress is supposed to stop when the external events stop.

Constant chronic low levels of stress never allow the sympathetic nervous system to regain balance. Our brain and nervous system marinates in cortisol. It is extremely harmful. Prolonged stress without the appropriate relaxation response causes a weakening of the heart, shrinkage of the brain, and inflammation which prevents formation of new supporting nerve cells. All sickness, disease, and behavioral problems begin with brain imbalance as a result of chronic stress.

Sadly, when I ask a patient where in their body do they currently hold and carry their stress they can give me a detailed answer within a second. When I ask hat tools have you used to reduce the stress that you feel there are two categories of answers. One category will say that they go to Pilates, yoga, work out in gym, meditate, etc. A much bigger category says I drink too much, smoke too much, and eat too much to modulate stress.

Speaking about categories, which are useful in making this useful, there are four dysfunctions of the brain and I see them all. Over the years, I have found it useful not to stereotype these patients to their face. For some reason it doesn’t go well. But they all are going to fall into one of these four groups as a result of their unbalanced nervous system.

Under Aroused – They typically display, poor concentration, low energy, constipation, limited attention span, irritability and depression. They tend to have mushy muscle tone.

Over Aroused – Present with cold hands and feet, tight muscles, anxiety, restless sleep, racing mind, irritable bowel, teeth grinding, high blood pressure, accelerated aging. They have a different posture from the group above. A rigid spine, tight muscles, anterior forward head posture, the skull is out front in the attack mode. 90% of people are in this category.

Unstable Mode- they bounce back and forth between the two above. Can be over or under aroused. Some symptoms could be headaches, seizures, hot flashes, food sensitivities, eating disorders, bipolar personality, mood swings.

Exhausted Mode and this is the worst place to be, the most damaging. It can come from any of the three if they are there long enough. The exhausted brain is where all of our serious diseases come from.

If you know what you are looking for you can see distortions in the face and spine. I change the frequency, duration and intensity of their adjustment based upon what type of brain dysfunction that they have.

Proper chiropractic adjusting creates a functional reorganization in the brain resulting in all cells having a better chance at being healthy. It interrupts the current inappropriate neurological patterns. It improves brain function, risk evaluation, language skills, motor skills, motivation, thinking, memory, and quality of life, while reducing stress inflammation, muscle tone and pain. It reboots, defrags, synchronizes, harmonizes and maximizes brain function. The miracles that we are known for is the result of the adjustment that reestablishes normal brain balance and function.

The brain is the control system of the body and spine is the control system of the brain. Once you achieve this balance, this homeostasis, you’ll enjoy new states of self regulation, relaxation, allowing you to think more clearly, perform more successfully, and experience a higher degree of hope and happiness. Isn’t that what we all want? This would sound like snake oil to the average person and the reason we have so much sickness is because people think it sounds like snake oil. Sure there are other causes of disease, but your brain and your DNA is capable of repair. You all heard stories of a terminally ill patient spontaneously going into remission. Something changed in their environment and your brain’s environment only understands physical, chemical, and emotional stress. If we caught a bug and if it was truly the culprit we would all be dead from it. That bugs chemical toxins interacts with our DNA, our immune system, under coordination from the central nervous system, to be conquered. If there is no communication between our brain and other systems, we get sick. The nervous system is designed for one thing, communication. Chiropractic is designed for one thing, to maximize brain communication.

We are going to have stress for the rest of our lives. Stress doesn’t make us sick, but the way we react to it does. Chiropractic neutralizes it better than any other method.

Symptoms are misleading and dangerous. Healthy people feel great, but feeling great does not indicate that we are healthy. Feeling better is just the first step on the ladder of health and wellness. Feeling good does not determine function. If I smash your finger with a hammer you feel bad, but it is not affecting your overall health. How you feel is not a gauge you can count on, just ask all the heart attack victims in the emergency room. They were feeling good, until they weren’t.

I was going to write that I hate hitting you over the head with this, but I’m actually enjoying it and I’m saying this in a slightly different way so this will have been a meaningful learning experience for you. In case you are not realizing that the stress you are feeling in that certain part of your body is doing something to your health, here are some symptoms of stress. Anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, colds, flu, accelerated aging, allergies, chronic fatigue, infertility, impotence, asthma, hormonal issues, skin conditions, hair loss, muscle spasms, diabetes. It’s not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it. Stress can’t be eliminated, but it can be managed and neutralized. So even though I’m listed as an emergency spine care specialist, I’m really a wellness coach. That is where the big savings comes in for patients.

What do I see when analyzing a patients stress levels? Common physical stresses that people experience everyday are poor posture, prolonged sitting, sports injuries, car accidents, being overweight, sleeping on a poor mattress or poor position, inappropriate footwear, improper lifting, standing on one leg or the other, lack of exercise, tech neck from cell phones or computer screens are a few. I don’t actually see the accidents, but people love to tell me about them and that is where I discover that they were not treated correctly for those injuries.

If you are still reading then you probably would like to know some chemical common stressors: Food additives, dyes, caffeine, cosmetics, air and water pollution, prescription or street drugs, nicotine, 2nd hand smoke, alcohol, cleaning supplies, poor nutrition, and electromagnetic frequencies.

Maybe the worst form of stress is us. We are our thoughts and we have tens of thousands of not optimal thoughts a day. The most common stress is emotional stress: Anxiety, worry, fear, depression, feeling of being out of control, financial stress, deadlines, peer pressure, family issues, addictions, work stress, frustration, and disappointments. A chiropractor can’t make those things go away for you, but we do neutralize the stress response. A chiropractic adjustment stops the spilling of cortisol. It stimulates the parasympathetic healing and relaxation nervous system. Wellness Coaching because pain hurts, but STRESS kills.

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