To all you headbangers, it’s not all that it is cracked up to be or is it?

To all you headbangers, it’s not all that it is cracked up to be or is it?

I admit, it’s a cheesy way to get into a discussion about concussion, but at least you are here now. 90 to 95 G’s of force is defined as a concussion. The average hit in football creates about 103 G’s of force in its victim, the football player. So that is at least a few dozen concussions per game.

Auto insurance companies estimate that an average amount of force in a car accident is 4-10 Gs. Falling back into an easy chair can create 10Gs. I never saw a patient because they plopped into their favorite chair. Many people are getting concussions after a motor vehicle accident. They present with all kinds of neurological symptoms such as, confusion, vertigo, memory loss, headaches, decreased cognitive function, lack of coordination, pupil dilation, nausea, blurred vision, bruising, emotional outbursts, slurred speech, and disrupted sleep patterns. So somebody is lying, either tens of thousands of patients have secretly gotten together to conspire against the insurance companies, or… well why would an insurance company lie about this? It’s quite straight forward, you can’t have a concussion until 90 Gs of force and a typical car accident produces around 10 Gs. Let me try it this way. People are most definitely getting concussions no matter if the insurance companies say that is not possible.

Sadly, most concussions are going undiagnosed because for some reason, doctors are treating based upon the amount of property damage. Low damage means a low amount of G force and therefore you are faking it. But you’re not. Unless of course you are, but most people are not fooling around when it comes to their brains.

2nd concussion syndrome is when the brain swells rapidly, and catastrophically, after a person suffers a second concussion before symptoms from an earlier one have subsided. This second blow may occur minutes, days or weeks after an initial concussion and even the mildest grade of concussion can lead to SIS, second impact syndrome. We see this more in athletes than drivers or passengers.

Now let’s discuss what happens when your doctor doesn’t realize you have a concussion. With a concussion you are more likely to have a false diagnosis of autoimmune disease. That is no fun because you’re going to get a whole lot of nasty medication for treatment of that disease that you may not have.

Who would think that it would lead to a 3.7 times increase of also getting an anterior cruciate ligament knee tear? Concussions are associated with an increase in athletes that throw things having to have Tommy John elbow surgeries. But then again, maybe that quarterback is getting tackled a lot, but I’m not sure how that applies to a pitcher unless he is getting beamed by the batter? Literature says that you could be more prone to fascial adhesions, but again if you are in a car wreck; that is going to happen even if you didn’t have a concussion. On the other hand, it would be expected for different systems in the body to break down because of decreased brain function.

Whether or not 10 Gs or 90 Gs hurt you, it should not be about measuring the amount of head trauma possibly sustained, it should be about how to function at your highest level. MTBI, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury the new hip way of saying concussion decreases grades in school. Left undiagnosed and treated correctly, MTBI may affect your future earnings potential.

Let’s just say I agreed with the insurance companies and couldn’t believe that someone could have all these neurological problems from a 10G force car accident. Something is going on.

As a chiropractor I understand what that going on is all about. A subluxation is spinal joints that are not functioning correctly and are creating nerve interference in the brain, especially the spinal joints in the neck. Subluxations were not recognized by many medical authorities until lately and often are the cause of brain dysfunction that sure looks like a concussion, but of course the experts say that you can’t have one. A subclinical concussion is probably a term that no one is going to accept except the patients that honest to goodness have it. Chiropractors are interested in what is decreasing your performance not in giving you the proper name for the condition with no treatment or hope for it. Most people will not meet the concussion protocol. So we get concussion roulette. The protocols are meaningless when you are the one suffering with all the neurological symptoms listed above. You just want to be able to function again.

Keep in mind that there is no baseline normal for your brain. We can’t compare brains like that yet. The good news for you if you were not diagnosed with a concussion but really have one, you most certainly have a subluxation and that is something chiropractors fix, you don’t have to learn to live with it.

One surprising fact I stumbled upon while reading about this is that 6 out of 10 concussions are in women’s sports. The girls are playing harder than the boys. This means, they have a greater chance of getting the wrong treatment because nobody is considering that they got hit all that hard in the first place.

As I’ve ridiculed medicine before on this subject, in spite of what an M.D. believes, the science of the day shows that chiropractors can get into your head without having to open it up. Also consider that it takes at least 17 years for a new thought to become accepted in medicine. And chiropractors are not considered anything to do with medicine so you have a poor probability of getting well. If you belong to an HMO, your probability just got lower. If you have Obama Care in California, you have no chance of seeing a chiropractor. Fortunately for you, the average chiropractor charges less than your co-pay. Unfortunately, most of our patients come into our offices broke because they just spent a few hundred thousand dollars over a few years to find out, that they are not getting any better.

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