Hello world!

This is my very first blog and please excuse me if I put this in the wrong place.  If I have, please feel free to tell me where to go without too much foul language.

I am a chiropractor and I have been meaning to comment on the the ever present Sally Fields Boniva commercial for awhile.  Poor Sally is perplexed as to why anybody would want to take a pill once a week to be healthy when they could take her pill only once a month.  Why exercise and eat right when all you need to do is take a pill once a month?  Can the drug companies billions of dollars of marketing research really have discovered that this is what it boils down to, that Americans will take any kind of poison they are told to, as long as they only have to take it once a month?

I’m going to segue for a minute to a competitor’s product that I know much more about, Fosamax.  It is a poison that kills special bone cells called osteoclasts.  The reason why this drug sells so well is because doctors can show their patients bigger bones on x-ray.  The bigger bones are a result from the poisoned and dead osteoclasts.  Bones are alive and are constantly remodeled by these special cells.  If you were constantly building your bicep muscle the bone would have to get stronger to be able to withstand the increased force created by your new proud and shiny muscles.  When these cells are poisoned by Fosamax they cannot perform their remodeling job and the bone now appears larger on x-ray because a lot of dead junk is now left laying on top of the bone, the osteoclasts cannot remove it because at the risk of sounding redundant, the drug killed them, they’re dead, they no longer can work.  The bone is actually weaker with this debris and your doctor is taught by drug reps to brag about this accomplishment.  The poor victim started taking this medication because they wanted stronger bones and has unfortunately wound up with many, correct that, very many serious and sometimes devastating side effects besides weaker bones.  I’ve never had one patient on Fosamax not complain that it was killing them and they didn’t even know how right they were.

Of course, Sally can provide similar lousy non-benefits with much less effort.  You only have to take her stuff once a month.  I wish I could say that the general consuming public is slowly realizing that health is not created from pharmaceuticals with dozens of dangerous side effects, but I’d be lying.  Drug sales are driving our economy.  I guess you could look at it as, they’re depending on your sense of patriotism, but it is not your duty to get sick.  There is a different way, there is a better way, it’s called Chiropractic.

Thanks for letting me rant.

 Dr. Gregory S. Malakoff, chiropractor

PS  I wrote this on 1/10/11.  Last night, on 1/12/11 I saw the commercial for a class action lawsuit against Fosamax for the first time.  I’m just saying…..

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