If you knew this, you’d be a lot healthier.

So many of my friends wonder why I go to a chiropractor every week even though I am not having any back pain.  Whenever I explain it simply it makes no sense, so maybe a scientific journal can be of some assistance.

From the “Journal of Neurophysiology” In this study Drs. Heidi Haavik and Bernadette Murphy clearly show that a cervical spinal adjustment performed on patients without pain, influences the cortical brain and can create neuroplastic changes in the brain tissue.

There are counselors and emotional modification programs that cannot create neuroplastic changes in the brain over months and months of therapy like one single chiropractic adjustment can.  Am I saying stop going to your therapist, no, because I don’t have time for a big conversation, I’m just saying that my treatment in under a minute has more impact on your brain than a 45 minute hour of talking.

The subjects receiving adjustments did not have neck pain but had confirmed vertebral subluxation.  Subluxation creates abnormal brain physiology without causing any known symptoms? The adjustment they received had a direct influence on sensory input and resulted in attenuated brain cortical evoked responses. This means it changed their brain for the better!

It was noted that “enhanced active inhibition” of the sympathetic nervous system tone occurred in all post-adjustment measurements!  It clearly wasn’t a placebo effect or just “laying on of hands”.

One group was set up for an adjustment but the high velocity low amplitude thrust was not made and this group had NO cortical neuroplastic change. You might want to keep that in mind if you are going to a chiropractor that does not have the skills to adjust your neck correctly or uses a machine that cannot accomplish the same thing that chiropractors have done since 1895.  New is not always better.

The bottom line here is that the vertebral subluxation leads to a bombardment to the Central Nervous System from input signals coming from the joints and surrounding muscles. A chiropractic adjustment reduces excessive signals and improves altered input into the CNS, resulting in better adaptation to any internal or external input the brain perceives.

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