Why the insane exponential increase in Auto Immune Disease Part 5

Why the insane exponential increase in Auto Immune Disease Part 5

Once we have food particles that are not properly broken down by our digestive system the load placed on the immune system causes it to breakdown and it starts over working, which means it is eating at us instead of our enemies.  The immune system is constantly on and becomes confused.  It doesn’t know you from an Atom particle of poison, which of course is the opposite of it’s original design.

We become sensitive to the same particles coming through our leaky guts.  Our immune system begins to resent those same proteins coming through from the foods that we eat everyday.  The immune system is driven berserk and now when it sees that same protein structure anywhere in the body, it attacks them.  This is autoimmune disease.   By only eating the same thing repeatedly the immune system becomes hypersensitized.  The food that we eat is making us sick.   The body reacts to this with inflammatory responses.  Irritation causes inflammation 100% of the time.  The inflammatory response against certain proteins  becomes something that the immune system is now on the lookout for everywhere in the body.

The best hospitals in the world are treating ulcerative colitis, which is what you get after awhile of having less serious diseases like Crohn’s or Celiacs the wrong way.  They tell the patients to eat whatever you want, that it doesn’t matter, but you will need to take a drug to slow down your immune system, which eventually greatly slows you down.   By the way, after Ulcerative Colitis it advances to colon cancer.

All these different autoimmune diseases need to be looked at by what a normal gut should look like.  It should have not only a biome, millions of bacteria, but it should have a virome, certain viruses, and a myco-biome which is comprised of funguses.  Not that all these things are good for you, but they are there.  It’s when they get out of balance that they become a problem.   We have trillions of different organisms in our body that make us function as a human.  In fact, we have 10 times more foreign cells in us than we have human cells.

The brain has something similar to the intestinal wall called the blood brain barrier.  It too can become inflamed and we now have not only leaky gut, but we have a syndrome called leaky brain.  Things are getting in there that shouldn’t.  The psychiatrists put more things in there that are not really all that good for us or our poor brains.  Prevention or if that is too late, then healing is a better way to go.  The medical profession is not going to go there with you.

The immune system is trying to clean up our bodies.  It has become to sensitive to our own tissues and we develop an autoimmune system disease.  It is considered to be over active, but in reality it is worn out and can’t think straight.  Not eating those offenders is a good way to start with regard to prevention.  These proteins can wind up in any part of your body and depending on which part is affected, you will get a name of a disease, but no matter how many different names they can come up with, it is all being caused by the same thing, the owner and what he decides to provide as fuel to his body.  When the immune system has had all that it can stand and lashes out, the doctors will describe that as an episode.  It certainly is.  MS, Lupus, Hashimotos, Alzheimer’s, all of these different autoimmune disorders all have this underlying process.

Gluten is famous for creating havoc in our guts.  But it is not just any ordinary Gluten it is the genetically modified gluten.  The glyphosate which is a very strong poison that will kill the plant cells that it touches  is genetically a part of the foods we eat.  They have spliced genes into the food so that it won’t die from the glyphosate, but it does kill the bacteria that keeps us alive.  Wheat is now more dense and shorter and they made it more reactive.  Food is not what it used to be.  Most people think that it is something in the air that is causing their allergies, but it can be something in our guts, mainly the parts of it that have been destroyed by the food we eat.  Some people can eat a peanut without dying or breathe in the air without crying.  While you are told on commercials that the source is out there, you might want to think about looking inward.  A leaky gut is not only one of the primary reasons for autoimmune disease, but also allergies.  If you have allergies that is your wakeup call that your gut is not working right.  You need some help.  There are serious consequences from ignoring it.

Eating fermented food is a great way to build up a healthy biome.  They are loaded with helpful bacteria.  Probiotics such as Kefir and Greek Yogurt are also helpful.  If you have parasites, you have to get rid of them as a first step to getting over your autoimmune diseases.

Anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, etc. needs to be looked at a different way as in what is going on up stream.  Heavy metal toxicity, Lyme’s leaky gut, parasites, are usually what is helping these ailments to manifest itself.  High doses of flush free Niacin has been able to change people’s serious mental health issues.  Really high means up to 8500 mg.  50 mg of a flush Niacin can make you feel like your face is on fire and flush free niacin still gives you a little flush.

Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem because everyone is told that the sun will kill you.  People have recovered from severe depression in under 6 days with high dose Vitamin D.  The ultimate irony in the age of technology is that these simple natural substances work better than medicine.

Again, Gluten sensitivity alone can trigger autoimmune disease.  You might want to test  your blood for this.  The tTG-IgA is one marker.  DGP-IgG and EMA  IgA tests can be helpful.  Genetic markers such as the HLA-DQ2 or DQ8 is used for the Celiac gene.  HLA 27 is good for diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Brain fog, bloating after a meal, fatigue after a meal are signs of digestive problems.  Pre and pro biotics are important to rebuilding your gut.  Fiber is very critical.  Animal products don’t contain fiber.  Cookies, white rice ,have no fiber.  There is only so much real estate in the digestive track.  So it is good to kill off the bad bacteria and just the squatting bacteria before trying to build up your good bacteria.  Fasting starves the bad bacteria.  The key to successfully treating the almost impossible to get rid of SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is fasting and eating a broth such as bone broth.  If you have histamine issues, then fermented foods might not be good for you.


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